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Mr. R. G. Drake 

To the Seniors: 

As members of the class of 1970, you have received a diploma from one of the most respected high 
schools in this area. Leaving Princess Anne will thrust you into an uncertain, competitive, and 
bewildering adult world. We sincerely hope your achievements at this school liave helped prepare you 
for a successful future. Best wishes to each of you. 


a±±umz± j2Q±ition 

Coming to Princess Anne High School from Blair Junior 
High School, Mr. Drake was quickly accepted by our student 
body. He received his B.S. and Master of Education degrees 
from the College of William and Mary. 

His primary responsibility is that of administration, but as 
Athletic Director, he has been the coordinator of all athletic 
events. In addition to his keen interest in sports, Mr Drake 
enjoys fishing as a hobby. 

Well known to the student body is the "Drake Transportation Special, 
more commonly known as an International Scout Jeep. 

Although this administrative work keeps him busy, he always has time for a word with the students. 


Mr. A. R. Butler, IV 

Mr. Peter Sachon 

Our assistant principals enjoy their hobbies at every oppor- 
tunity. Mr. Sachon enjoys a low handicap at the nearby 
Country Club, and Mr. Butler raises and races horses. 

Mr. Sachon received his B. A. degree from Catholic Uni- 
versity and his M.Ed, from the College of William and Mary. 
His primary responsibility is enforcing discipline and school 

Mr. Butler received his B. S. degree in Business Adminis- 
tration and Distributive Education from Virginia Poly technical 
Institute and his M. A. in Secondary School Administration 
from the University of Virginia. He is assistant principal in 
charge of instruction. 

Precise putting practice by Mr. Sachon 

Harness racing is a favorite hobby of Mr. Butler. 


Mrs. Kathleen Boyd 

Mrs. Helen Braun 

Mrs. Mary Commander 

Mrs. Kathleen Boyd 
Mary Washington B.A. 
University of Virginia M.Ed. 
J 1th and 12th Grade 

Mrs. Helen Braun 

General Beadle College B.S. 

East Carolina M.A. 

8th and 9th Grade 

Mrs. Mary Commander 
William and Mary B.S. 
9th Grade 

Mrs. Clelia Freeman 
Radford College B.S. 
William and Mary M.Ed. 
Guidance Director 
12th Grade 

Mrs. Anne Owens 
Madison College B.S. 
William and Mary M.Ed. 
10 th Grade 

Mr. Gerald Sandler 
Old Dominion College B.S. 
University of North Carolina M.Ed. 
11th Grade 

Mrs. Anne Owens 

Mr. Gerald Sandler 

The Guidance Department was able to assist students this 
year in the selection of colleges by providing written materials 
for them and by sponsoring a college night. Princess Anne 
High School and another local high school were chosen as the 
locations for College Night during which hundreds of college 
representatives from Eastern United States provided a wide 
selection for all students. College board exams, required for 
college entrance, were supervised by the counseling depart- 
ment. Underclassmen were administered tests to determine 
scholastic capabilities, the results of which were recorded by 
the counselors. 

Smiling, the counselors appear to have their problems solved at this 


Mrs. Mary Ann Alcorn 

North Carolina State University B.A. 

English 9 

Miss Sylvia Capps 

Hampton Institute B.S., M.A. 

English 8. 9 

Mr. Frank Collier 
Edinburgh University M.A. 
English 10, 12 

Mrs. Mary Ann Alcorn 

Miss Sylvia Capps 

Mr. Frank Collier 

Mrs. Sara Culbert 

Mrs. Olga Gay 

Miss Hattie Goodman 

Mrs. Sara Culbert 
William and Mary B.A. 
English 8, 9 

Mrs. Olga Gay 
University of Georgia B.S. 
English 10, 11 

Miss Hattie Goodman 
Saint Augustine's College B.A. 
Hampton Institute M.A. 
English 11. 12 

Mrs. Phyllis Heberling 

Mrs. Christine Joyner 

Mr. Steve tail 

Mr. William Moosha 

Miss Susan Pedigo 

Mrs. Lucy Sawyer 

Mrs. Phyllis Heberling 
American University B.A. 
English 9, Speech I, II 

Mrs. Christine Joyner 
East Carolina B.A. 
English 9, 11 

Mr. Steve tail 

University of North Carolina B.A. 
English 10, Journalism I, II 

Mr. William Moosha 

Atlantic Christian B.A. 

English 12. Advanced Composition 

Miss Susan Pedigo 
Mary Washington College B.A. 
University of Virginia M.A. 
English 10, Drama I. II 

Mrs. Lucy Sawyer 
William and Mary B.A. 
English 11 

Mrs. Dorothy Sefert 
Bowling Green State B.S. 
English 9 

Mrs. Liirlene Trett 
Park College B.A. 
English 10 

Mrs. Helen Waid 
Old Dominion B.S. 
English 10 

Mrs. Dorothy Sefert 

Mrs. Lurlene Trett 

Mrs. Helen Waid 

Mrs. Gertrude Ward 
Old Dominion B.A. 
English 12 

Mrs. Jane Webster 
Seton Hill College B.A. 
University of .\orth Carolina M.A. T. 
English 12 

Mr. Harold Wheeler 
University of North Carolina B.A. 
Department Head 
English 11 

Mrs. Gertrude Ward 

Mrs. Jane Webster 

Mr. Larry Williams 
East Carolina B.S. 
English 9 

Mr Harold Wheeler 

Highlight of the English curriculum was the presentation of 
the Shakespearean Festival by the National Shakespearean 
Corporation. Three plays, "The Tempest," "Macbeth," and 
"School For Wives" served to enlighten the students' under- 
standing of drama and appreciation for fine arts. Also, the 
Virginia Beach Little Theatre presented excerpts from famous 
literary works to the English classes. 

The Nebraska Series was introduced to superior English 
classes in an attempt to aid the student gain a deeper 
understanding of literature. 

Mr. Larrv Williams 

Mrs. Josephine Zepka 
Clarion State College B.S. 

Mrs. Josephine Zepka 


Arnolphe and Agnes perform in "The School for Wives' 

Miss A nne Bennett 
Converse College B.A. 

Mrs. Shirley Boyd 
Aquinas College B.A. 
Universite ' De Laval M.A. 

Mr. John Cauthen 
University of South Carolina B.A. 
^ William and Mary M.Ed. 

Miss Anne Bennett 

Mrs. Shirley Boyd 

Mr. John Cauthen 

Mrs. Linda Colestock 

Mr. Frank Peele 

Miss Jewel Whitlock 

Mrs. Linda Colestock 
Gettysburg College B.A. 

Mr. Frank Peele 

Frederick College B.A. 

Universidad International Mexico M.A. 


Miss Jewel Whitlock 

Mary Washington College B.A. 

University of Virginia M.Ed. 

Department Chairman 


Miss Bennett listens as Joyce Cyrus repeals a phrase. 


Mr. Cauthen 's language lab students find 

Mrs. Boyd and students Don Enroughty and Jeanette Constantine enjoy a Parisian sidewalk cafe in French class. 

caj-E jound in ^J^xincs:±± 


PI A fspaHq: 

Variety has been the key word associated with the Foreign 
Language Department. Extensive programs in Spanish, French, 
German and Latin were offered to provide a basic background 
for each student. Most effective was the laboratory system 
which allowed the student to hear the foreign language spoken 
by the natives of the particular country. 

Bulletin boards and the practicing of foreign customs served 
to transform the classroom atmosphere into one modeled after 
that of the country. 

difficulty in interpreting native speakers. 


Mr. Cox explains the use of the voting maciiine to Nancy Appel. 

As an amateur photographer, Mr. Carrow takes time out to advise 
Randy Cooley and Robert Rice. 

Mr. Donald Carrow 

Mr E. E. Cox 

Miss Rebecca Debnam 

Mr. William Eley 

Mr. Donald Carrow 

East Carolina College B.S.. M.A. 


Mr. E. E. Cox 
William and Mary B.A. 
University of Virginia M.A. 
Department Chairman 

Miss Rebecca Debnam 
Longwood College B.S. 

Mr. William Eley 
East Carolina College B.S. 
University of Virginia M.Ed. 
History. Government 

Mr. Hope James 

Old Dominion College B.A. 


Miss Carol Martin 
Longwood College B.S. 

Mr. Hope James 

Miss Carol Martin 


Mr. Howard McKenzie 
Guilford College B. A. 
University of Miami M. A. 

Mrs. Roxanna Palmer 
Chowan College A. A. 
Old Dominion College B.S. 
International Relations. 

Mr. Donald Pursell 
Randolph Macon College B.A. 

Mrs. Ann Rowan 
University of Florida B.A 

Mr. George Versprille 
Sanford University B.S. 
History, Geography 

Miss Betty Wiley 
University of Georgia B.S. 

Mr. Howard McKenzie 

Mrs. Roxanna Palmer 

Mr. Donald Pursell 

Mrs. Ann Rowan 

Mr. George Versprille 

Miss Betty Wiley 

Debates, discussions, lectures, and guest speakers 
brought the student closer with world situations and prob- 
lems in the Social Studies Department. Audio-visual aids 
and updated films assisted the student in understanding the 
practices of our society, both in the past and present. Mock 
elections were conducted to introduce the students to 
modern voting procedures and a voting machine at the 
school gave students practical knowledge. Field trips were 
taken to Washington D. C. and Williamsburg to add variety, 
understanding and enrichment to the classes. 

Mrs. Dorothy Wolfred 
Old Dominion College B.S. 
University of Virginia M.Ed. 
History. Sociology 

Mrs. Dorothy Wolfred 

Miss Debnam explains the geographical and political boundaries on the 
African Continent to Gail Andrews. 


Mrs. Horteme Eason Suzanne Zimmerman uses technical equipment. 

Mrs. Kathleen Edmondson 
Madison College B.S. 
Department Chairmen 
Typing I, Shorthand I. 
Secretarial Occupations 

Mrs. Luella Jones 

Northwestern State of Louisiana B.S. 
Bookkeeping 1, General Business, 
Business Economics 

Mrs. Mildred Lee 
Ohio University B.S. 
Typing I. II. Business Law 

Mrs. Kathleen Edmondson Mrs. Luella Jones Mrs. Mildred Lee 


ing the dictaphones are exposed to realistic office 


New to the business curriculum this year has been data 
processing, a course offered to upperclassmen interested in 
computer programming. With the newest and most efficient 
equipment, students have been prepared to meet the modern 
business world. 

Semester courses in typing and notehand were offered to 
the college-bound students. Advanced courses in typing, short- 
hand, business law and bookkeeping interested the student 
planning a business career. 

Students gained experience by assisting teachers and by 
working in the office, and the IBM room. Job opportunities 
have been filled by students participating in the Vocational 
Office Training Program. 

Curt Sanders, Joyce Jones, and Carol Allen learn data processing. 

Pushed for time, Libbie Hartman types diligently. 

Mrs. Louise McAfee 
Old Dominion College B.S. 
Typing I, Bookkeeping I, 
Data Processing 

Miss Alice Saunders 

Virginia Commonwealth University B.S. 

VOT, Secretarial Occupations 

Mrs. Donna Spence 

Old Dominion College B.S. 

General Business, Typing I 

Mrs. Louise McAfee 

Miss Alice Saunders 

Mrs Donna Spence 


Mrs. Elizabeth Anderson 
Ball State University B.S. 
General Mathematics I 

Miss Margaret Bailey 
Elon College B. A. 
Department Chairman 
Mathematics III, Algebra I 

Miss Pamela Boyd 

Sweet Briar College B.A. 

General Mathematics II, Geometry 

Mrs. Elizabeth Anderson Miss Margaret Bailey Miss Pamela Boyd 

Mrs. Anne Chastain 
Vanderbilt University B.A. 
Geometry, Algebra I 
General Mathematics I 

Mrs. Nancy Davidson 
Madison College B.S. 
Algebra II, General Mathematics III 

Mrs. Lynne Edwards 

Mary Washington College B.S. 

Geometry, General Mathematics III 

Mrs. Anne Chastain Mrs. Nancy Davidson Mrs. Lynne Edwards 

Using the slide rule is a common practice among the math students as evidenced Mrs. Chastain gives a geometric explanation to her class, 

by Bob Hollcy. 


Mrs. Patricia Ewell 
Westhampton College B.S. 
General Mathematics I, Algebra I 

Mrs. Dorothy Jones 
Meredith College B. A. 
Mathematics III, Geometry 

Mrs. Carrie Knack 
Cornell University B.A. 
Mathematics Analysis, Algebra II 

Mrs. Patricia Ewell 

Mrs. Dorothy Jones 

Mrs. Carrie Knack 

According to this picture. Miss Bailey spends much time checking 

This year the overhead projectors were placed in nearly all 
math classrooms. This aid was noticeably beneficial to the 
students. New textbooks also were introduced this year. 

For the first time, Algebra III, Trigonometry and Analytic 
Geometry were combined in a unique course entitled Math 
Analysis. The Algebra II students gained a deeper concept of 
higher mathematics as trigonometry principles were added to 
this course. 

Demonstrating the use of the overhead projector is Mrs. Jones. 

Mrs. Sara Lane 
Eton College B.A. 
General Mathematics II 

Mr. E. F. Stanley 

Old Dominion College B.A. 

Algebra II 

Mathematics Analysis 

Mr. Philip Williams 

Atlantic Christian College B.S. 

Algebra I, Consumer Mathematics 

Mrs. Sara Lane 

Mr. E. F. Stanley 

Mr. Philip Williams 


Mrs. Donna Billmaier 
Universtiy of Toledo B.S. 
Life Science 

Mr. James Bocock 

Old Dominion College B.S. 


Miss Lemira Guffy 

University of North Carolina B.A. 

Life Science 

Mr. J. A. Linn 

William and Mary B.S., M. T.S. 
Department Chairman 

Mrs. Mary Ellen MacLean 
Mount Holyoke College B.A. 
Chemistry, Physical Science 

Mrs. Mary Phillips 

Mary Washington College B.A. 


Mr. J. A. Linn Mrs. Mary Ellen MacLean Mrs. Mary Phillips 

"Let me hold your hand!' 


Mr. James Somers 

East Carolina Univ. B.A., M.Ed. 


Mr. James Somers 

Mr. Theodore Stohr 

Central Washington State B.S. 

Biology, Physical Science 

"Be reasonable . . . do it my way. 

Mr. Theodore Stohr 

In the Science Department the well-rounded curriculum 
offers a variety of interest in many areas. One's interest in 
living things could attribute to one's choosing Life Science or 
Biology. One's curiosity of laboratory work could lead to his 
selecting Introductory Physical Science as a course of study. 

For the college bound students, studies in Chemistry reveal 
the findings of answers to problems of chemical equations in 
analyzing the composition of everyday material When select- 
ing physics as a subject, one deals with the fundamental 
principals of matter and energy in connection with its effect in 
mechanics, heat, light, sound and electricity. 

Mrs. Mabel Taylor 
Madison College B.S. 

Mrs. Mabel Taylor 

"I find that hard to believe. 



Mr. John Grady, Sr. 

Mrs. Doris French 

Mr. John Grady, Sr. 
East Carolina B.S., M.A. 
Department Chairman 
Physical Education 

Mrs. Doris French 
Radford B.S. 
Department Chairman 
Physical Education 

From his high 

Mr. Leo Anthony 

Miss Sharon Burkhart 

Mr. Joshua Darden, Jr. 

Mr. Leo Anthony 

Old Dominion College B.S. 

Physical Education 

Miss Sharon Burkhart 
Old Dominion College B.S. 
Physical Education 

Mr. Joshua Darden, Jr. 
Norfolk State College B.S. 
Physical Education 

Mr. Arnold Davis 
William and Mary B.S. 
Physical Education 

Mr. Al Habit 

East Carolina University B.S. 
Physical Education 

Mrs. Margaret Higgs 
Kentucky State College B.S. 
Physical Education 

Mr. Arnold Davis 

Mr. Al Habit 

Mrs. Margaret Higgs 


Lining up for the center bully is the first step of a field hockey game. 

Davis gives instructions to drivers. 

Physical Education teachers served in dual capacities both 
as teachers and as coaches. Intramural competition was held to 
instill feelings of competition, interest, and personal satisfac- 
tion. All Star Teams participating in regioml playoffs, were 
sponsored to recognize the outstanding athletes. Varsity and 
Junior Varsity sports included football, basketball, baseball, 
track, wrestling, gymnastics, tennis, field hockey, and soccer. 
Special classes were offered for those not actively engaged in 
physical exercises. Health and first aid classes were taught 
twice a week. Because of the Virginia State Law requiring all 
persons under eighteen to have Driver Education, classes were 
conducted for students for one semester, with a concentrated 
course of behind-the-wheel training for six weeks. 

Grapplers Steve Henderson and Don Rogers prepare to take hold to 
demonstrate wrestling techniques. 

Miss Patricia Lydane 
Longwood College B.S. 
Physical Education 

Miss Ellen McClendon 
Longwood College B.S. 
Physical Education 

Mr. Donald VanBenschoten 
Guilford College B.A. 
University of Virginia M.Ed. 
Physical Education 

Miss Patricia Lydane 

Miss Ellen McClendon 

Mr Donald VanBenschoten 


Mrs. Claudette Barnes 
William and Mary B.A. 
Art I, II, III 

Mrs. Carol Fox 

Kansas State University B.S. 

Chorus, Music Chairman 

Mr. Ronald Collins 
Frederick College B.S. 
Department Chairman 

Mrs. Claudette Barnes 

Hours of work by the students in the Art Department 
prepared the way for a highly successful Annual Art Show 
held in May. The works of individual students were displayed 
and ribbons were awarded in painting, carving, sculpture, 
woodcuts and screening. 

The instrumental and vocal departments of the Fine Art 
Department also performed in an outstanding way this year. In 
addition to placing excellent in the Spring Band Festival, the 
Band went to the Apple Blossom Festival in Winchester, play- 
ed at the half time entertainment at Chowan and University 
of Richmond football games and were hosts for the Virginia 
Beach Music Festival. Touring the Tidewater Area, the Madri- 
gals were very much in demand as entertainers. The A Capella 
and Girls' Chorus held their Annual Christmas and Spring 


Mrs. Carol Fox 

Mr Ronald Collins 

Some people have their blankets for security but Mr. Collins has his 

Seniors Don Enroughty, Ricky Michaelson, Robyn Holt, Dennis 
Benjamin. Mike Gotland and Mike Cale practice with Mrs. Fox. 

Outstanding art student. Marsha Kurs. and Charles Collins receive 
36 criticism from Mrs. Barnes. 

Mrs. Enid Beazley 
Madison College B.S. 
Department Chairman 
Home Economics 

Mrs. Virginia Parker 
Madison College B.S. 
Home Economics 

Mrs. Enid Beazley 

Mrs. Virginia Parker 

An elective course open to all students at Princess Anne, 
Home Economics covers a wide variety of interests pertinent 
for future homemakers. Beginners start with Home Economics 
I and can progress as far as Home Economics IV. A special 
class, Home Economics IV, is offered to seniors who liave had 
no previous classes, but desire to have a basis of information 
for future homemaking. Cooking, sewing, child care, charm, 
and personal appearance are studied. Special conventions and 
seminars are held to promote a deeper kinship among home- 
makers as well as permitting them to display their garments 
and culinary achievements. Simulated homemaking conditions 
with updated equipment provide practice and ixperience for 
all students in the department. 

Mrs. Parker advises a student on sewing problems. 

Faculty enjoyed a Halloween coffee sponsored by FHA. Pictured are sponsor, Mrs. 
Parker, and President, Joyce Cyrus. 


The boys in automobile mechanics class examine corrosion. 

Watching Bill Anderson and Steve Duff troubles/looting a TV set is Mr. 



Protected by a mask. John Nicolau proceeds to arc weld. 


New to the Industrial Arts Department this year has been 
the introduction of guest speakers to explain new techniques 
to the students in Graphic Arts, Craft, Woods, Metals, Power 
Mechanics, Electricity, and General Shop. In Crafts classes 
students were offered a variety of many new molds, stains, arid 
glazes. Updated tools, machines, and materials provided the 
opportunity to gain backgrouitd experience. A change in the 
teaching staff came about as Mr. Brown began instructing in 
Power Mechanics and Mr. Roberts became the new Electronics 

Mr. Elmer Stamm 

Old Dominion College B.S. 

Metal Shop 

Mr. Joseph Thibodeau 
Old Dominion College B.S. 
Graphic Arts, Drafting I 

Mr. James Thompson 
Old Dominion College B.S. 
General Shop 

Mr. Leo Sloniker 

Old Dominion College B.S. 


Mr. Leo Sloniker 

Mr. Elmer Stamm 

Mr. Joseph Thibodeau 

Mr. James Thompson 


Mr. James Holley 

East Tennessee State University B.S. 
Distributive Education 

Mr. Clifford Lewis 
Virginia Polytechnical Institute B.S. 
Department Chairman 
Distributive Education 

Mr. James Holley 

Mr. Clifford Lewis 

Distributive Education was offered to those students inter- 
ested in learning on-the-job training. A background course 
explaining a variety of business tactics was available to inter- 
ested sophomores although they were not qualified to hold 
jobs until their junior year. Students attended classes a portion 
of every day attd were then released to go to work. The job 
provided the trainee with a feeling of responsibility, pride, and 
satisfaction. In addition, the experience gained proved helpful 
in the location of a job later. 

Labeling stockroom materials is one of the many job 
keeping Linda Deemer busy. 

Nancy Creighton cheerfully waits on a customer. 


Captain Clifford Caton 
American International 
College B.S. 

Naval Science Instructor 

Captain Clifford Caton 

Established at Princess Anne in 1967, the Corps of Naval 
Cadets are introduced to a complete military science program. 
The Corps is operated on a military basis, commanded by 
Captain Clifford Caton USN (Ret.) and Chief Hepler and 
assisted by platoon officers. 

Naval Science training is offered to sophomore, junior and 
senior boys. A demerit system is in effect, with a badge given 
to the best or honor platoon at the end of each six weeks. 

During the three-year period cadets study meteorology, 
oceanography, electronics, astronomy, navigation and seaman- 
ship. Trips to nearby bases and ships offer valuable experiences 
as well as classroom participation and drills. 

Captain Caton presents a ribbon for achievement. 

Chief Hepler inspects rifle. 

Corp Commander observes inspection held by the Chief. 


Miss Margaret S tailings 

Miss Margaret Stallings 
Madison College B.S. 
L ibrarian 

Mrs. Dorothy Jones 
East Carolina University B.S. 
Assistant Librarian 

Mrs. Dorothy Jones 

Aiding student Glinn Simmons with the threading of the projector is 
Mrs. Kge, head of audio-visual department. 

LIBRARY ASSISTANTS: Front Row: C. Donovan. M. 
C. Vanderburg, E. Parsons, M. Sellers, J. Simms, V. 
Lentz, W. Winnett, J. Owens, C. Piggot, J. Paulus, V. 

Keeping busy with the figures is Mrs. Walker, bookkeeper and book 
store manager. 


Planning well-balanced meals is the task of Mrs. Mackie. head 

As secretary to the Guidance Department, Mrs. Fox is finishing her 
first year at Princess Anne 

Mrs. Henwood. secretary to Mr. Drake, finishes last minute duties 
before departing. 

Harnett. C. Lentz, K. Nickerson. S. James. D. Haas, D. Little. 
Vaddicar, K. Manley, R. Alwine. D. Givens. Back Row: C. 
^ytulak. B. Harold. K. Montgomery . C. Smith. F. Grantham. 

As registered nurse, Mrs. Byrnes is faced with a number of aches and 
pains each day. 


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and t(i£. ^lait joAs.^ 

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and dsmandi, 
as UJE (j£.^in 
ifis. ajzuaaxd ibiu^g^a to attain 

ouz goaf±. 
^X/eaii. oj- jz[[ova±kil2, 
amfjLtion, and dscotion 
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in a i£a oj tune. 


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Miss Cathy Jane Crandell 

Each year the Seniors select one girl from those members of- 
the Class whom they consider as having contributed the most 
to Princess Anne and to the Senior Class to receive the title of 
Peerage Queen. The Senior Class of 70 has selected Miss Cathy 
Crandell as the Queen of the Peerage. Miss Crandell has con- 
tributed her time and many talents to the school itself and the 
activities which it sponsors. 

Cathy came to Princess Anne during her sophomore year 
In her Junior year, she was class secretary, and was chosen by 

her fellow class members to serve as a representative to Girls' 
State. Throughout her Senior year, Cathy has remained a 
member in good standing in the National Honor Society, and 
was Chaplain of the Student Council. She served as Vice-Presi- 
dent of the Class of '70 and was chairman of the prom. This 
year she reigned as a member of the Homecoming Court. 

In view of her many accomplishments, both the Senior 
Class and the entire school proudly acknowledge Cathy Cran- 
dell as their Peerage Queen. 


OFFICERS: Wendy Snyder, Treasurer; Phil Hurd, President; Mr. William Eley, Sponsor; Cathy Crandell, Vice-President; Lori Hurdis, 

Ea±on± o 

The Senior year, the Winter of childhood, the Spring of 
adulthood- the seasons of our lives, intertwined and infused, 
to form a single pathway from the past to the future. The 
remnants of childhood linger with the prestige of being a 
Senior, the anxiety of writing term papers, taking exams, 
selling candy, and the excitement of creating a prom. Each 
Senior fondly holds the liberty to act silly, laugh at nothing, 
pull foolish pranks. These winter days of childhood, filled with 
that miraculous, childlike enchantment, will forever remind 
each Senior of joyous times at Princess Anne. 

The Spring of adulthood buds silently in each Senior, 
causing confusion and indecision, creating magnificent hopes 
and challenging goals. Further education, a new occupation, 
marriage-each demands a mature individual an individual 
enriched by his matriculation at Princess Anne. The Winter of 
childhood slowly melts away with the Baccalaureate Service, 
and finally terminates with Graduation. The Spring of adult- 
hood at last blossoms in the heart of each Senior, and Life 
means Success for THE CLASS OF 1970. 

In evidence at all functions is the class symbol. 


Donald Parsons 

Leading the class in the highest academic standing, Donald 
Parsons achieved the title of Valedictorian. An outstanding 
asset to the Princess Anne spirit, Don participated in a variety 
of activities. Among these achievements are his election to 
Boy s State. Scholastic Team, SCA Vice-President, and SCA 
Parliamentarian. Don also contributed his time to the Honor 
Court. Homecoming Court and Committee, ICC, and SCA 
Executive Council. A very active member of the Mighty Class 
of '70, Don has proved his worth as leader of his class. 

Those Honor Graduates not pictured include Deborah 
Canaday, Nancy Thompson, George Trautman, and Debra 

Robert Patterson 

Characteristic of Robert Patterson's subtle sense of humor, 
he jokingly added, "When you are number two, you try 
harder" upon receiving word of his class standing. Having led 
a busy high school career. Bob has many activities to his cre- 
dit. Bob is a member of the i'arsity Club, Junior Ciritan, 
and Vice-President of the National Honor Society. Also active 
in the athletic field. Bob has played football, and basketball. 
Serving as Mascot of Keyettes and elected to the Scholastic 
Team are also items which he has accomplished. 


Eugene Blackmer Patricia Butler Sarah Casey Cathy Crandell JoAnn Dalahan 

Nancy Davis Paul Finch Monica Giordano Jean Gossett Roxanne Hogan 

Lori Hurdis Sharon Johnson Roxanne Kehm Brenda Knott Daniel Lazar 

Ann Lionberger Cheryl Logan Mark Martin James Mc Daniel Wilbur Mc Daniel 

Patricia Middleton Joel Miller Martha Miller Gregory Olson Patricia Robinson 

Constance Shorts William Steer Jean Waldorf Marcia White Patricia Ziegler 

Teresa A. Abbatello: Powder Puff Team 3, 4; Ring Dance 

Committee 3; Pep Club 1; Y-Teens 4. 
Gerard A. A hies: J. V. Baseball 1, 2; Varsity Baseball 3, 4; J. V. 

Football 2; Varsity Football 3, Tri-Captain 4; Junior 

Civitan 3, 4; Varsity Club 3, 4; ICC Representative 4. 
Sandra Alexander: J.V. Cheerleader 2; Athena Tri-Hi-Y 2; 

Coronet Tri-Hi-Y 2, 3, 4; Keyettes 4; S.C.A. Representative 

3, 4; Miss PA. Pageant 4. 
David K. Allen: J. V. Football 2; Varsity Football 3, 4; Varsity 

Club 3, 4 

Debra A. Angel: Powder Puff Team 3, 4; Y-Teens 2, 4, 
Vice-Pres. 4. 

Nancy L. Appel: Drill Team 3, 4; Powder Puff Team 4; Ring 

Dance Committee 3; Y-Teens 4. 
Arthur A. Arnesen: Candy Cane Court 4; Junior-Senior 

Football 3, 4; Scepter Mascot 4; Pep Club 2. 
Robert D. Baer: Chess Club 2, 3, Vice-Pres. 4; Electronics 

Sec'y 1; Vice-Pres. 2. 

Addressing the senior assembly is Mr. t'ley, the class sponsor. 

Teresa A . A bbatello Gaily n Agar 

Gerard A hies Sandra A lexander 

David A lien Debra A ngel 




David Harper purchases his football tickets. 

±izonq in JO 

Mark E. Bagley: Junior-Senior Football 3; Varsity Club 2, 3, 4. 
Lynne M. Basgier: Drill Team 3; Powder Puff Team 4; Ring 

Dance Committee 3; Coronet Tri-Hi- Y 4; Keyettes 4; Pep 

Club 2; S.C.A. Representative 4; Homeroom Officer 3, 4. 
Theresa D. Beck: Field Hockey 1; Y-Teens 1, Historian 1. 
Jan L. Benner: Field Hockey 2; G.A.A. J; Keyettes 2, 3, 4; 

Scepter Tri-Hi-Y 1. 
Steffi G. Berger: Drill Team 2; PAGE Staff 1; Y-Teens 1. 
Eugene C. Blackmer: Band 1, 2, 3, 4; Folio Staff 4; Marching 

Band 1, 2, 3, 4; PAGE Staff 4; Ring Dance Committee 3; 

Junior Civitan 3, 4; National Honor Society 3, 4; Modem 

Music Masters 4; Prom Committee 4; All Regional Band 2; 

All City Band 2. 

Jan Benner Elizabeth Berg 

Steffi Berger Gary Bishop 

Gary R. Bishop: Junior-Senior Football 3, 4; Varsity Baseball 

2, 3. 4; Varsity Club 3, 4. 
Richard E. Brown: Junior-Senior Football 3; Ring Dance 

Committee 3; Cavalier Hi- Y 3, 4; Key Club 3, 4; Sigma Phi 


Donna L. Buchanan: Coronet Tri-Hi-Y Parliamentarian 4; FN A 

2, Secretary 3, 4; FNHS 3, 4; GAA 4; Language Club 3; 

Homeroom Officer 4. 
Diane Cain: Homecoming Committee 4; Ring Dance 

Committee 3; Coronet Tri-Hi- Y 4. 
Deborah L. Canaday: Cheerleader 3, Co-Captain 4; Girls' State 

3; Homecoming Court 4; Senior Prom Waitress 3; 

Gymnastics 2; Junior Civitan 2; Keyettes 2, Treasurer 3, 4; 

NHS 3, 4; Scepter Tri-Hi-Y 2; Homeroom Representative 2, 

3; SCA Secretary 4. 
Robert Caron: Junior-Senior Football 3, 4; Ring Dance 

Committee 3. 

Peter Carr: Junior-Senior Football 3, 4; Ring Dance 
Committee 3; Football 2; Chess Club 3. 

VJendy Caskill 

Stuart Cenderelli 

Chariot '"''ampagne 

Frances Anne Chapman 

Janet Clancy 

Melissa Coleman 

Charles Collins 

Maurice Combs 

Joanna Commander 

Robert Cord 


Sarah Casey: Ring Dance Committee 3; Coronet Tri-Hi-Y 3, 4; 

FT A 1; Hi-Y Tri-Hi-Y Council 4; Keyettes 3. 4; NHS 3, 4; 

SCA Representative 4; Homeroom Reprcjcntative 3, 4. 
Stuart Cenderelli: School Play 2; Track 1, 2, 3; Cross Country 

1; Surf Club 2; Thespians 2. 
Frances ' nne Chapman: Girls' Chorus 3; Art Club 3; DE Club 


Janet Clancy: Powder Puff Team 3, 4; Quo Vadis Tri-Hi-Y 2, 

3, Parliamentarian 4; Y-Teens 1, 2. 
Charles Collins: Art Club Vice-President 4; Thespians 3. 
Maurice Combs: Peerage Staff 3, 4. 

Joanna Commander: Drill Team 3, 4: Scepter Tri-Hi-Y I, 2, 3. 

Robert Cord: Junior-Senior Football 3; Track 2. 

Cathy Crandell: Girls' State 3; Homecoming Court 4; Ring 
Dance Committee 3; Keyettes 2, 3; Senior Board 
Representative 4; SCA Chaplain 4; Chairman Devotions 
Committee 4; Prom Chairman 4; Class Secretary 3; 
Vice-President 4. 

r erry Turner enjoys himself at the punch bowl during Senior Night. 

Cathy Crandell Lauren Crawford 

Nancy Creigh ton JoannDalahan 

Jeanette Daniel Donna Dauer 

Robert Daugh trey Deecee Davenport 


in ifiE ^oijsz 

at the Keyette Bookstore. 


Richard Eastman 

Michael Eberhardt 

Kathy Drews 

Christine Duff 

Barbara Dunn 

Patricia Dvess 

Lauren Crawford: Powder Puff Team 3; Senior Prom Waitress 

3; Girls City Track 2; GAA 3. 4. 
Nancy D. Creighton: D.E. Club 2, Vice-President 3, President 


Jeanette L. Daniel: School Play 3; Art Club 1; FHA 2. 

Donna Dauer: Candy Cane Court 3; GAA 1, 2; Quo Vadis 

Tri-Hi-Y 1, 2, Vice-President 3. 
Deecee Davenport: Band 1, 2, 3, 4; Majorettes 4; Marching 

Band 1,2,3, 4. 

Nancy J. Davis: Powder Puff Team 3, 4; Ring Dance 

Committee Chairman 3; GAA 2, 3, President 4; Keyettes 2, 

3, District Project Chairman 4; NHS 3, 4. 
Paul E. Davis: Basketball 3; Cavalier Hi- Y. 
Linda D. Deemer: D.E. Club 4. 
Robert S. Denham: Powder Puff Cheerleader 4. 
Donna A. Dickson: Drill Team 3, 4; Ring Dance Committee 3; 

FTA 2; Scepter Tri-Hi-Y 3, Treasurer 4. 
Gary A. Downs: JV Basketball 1, 2, Varsity 3, 4. 
Kathy L. Drews: Ring Dance Committee 3; FN A 1, 2, 3, 

Vice-President 4; ICC 4. 
Christine R. Duff: Drill Team 2, 3, 4; Powder Puff Team 3, 4; 

Ring Dance Committee Chairman 3; FN A 2, 3, 4; SCA 

Representative 4; Steering Committee 4; Homeroom 

Officer 4. 

Gwendolyn Edmonds 

Luther Edwards 


Michael Elliott 

Victoria Elston 

Michael Elza 

Michael Ennis 

Donald Enrough ty 

Raymond Farnham 

Susan Fiery 

Paul Finch 

Robert Fletcher 

William Foy 

Barbara J. Dunn: Drill Team 2; Peerage Staff 3, Assistant 
Editor 4; Ring Dance Committee Chairman 3; Coronet 
Tri-Hi-Y 3, Reporter 4; SCA Representative 2, 3, 4; Exec- 
utive Council 4; IntraSchool Exchange Committee Chair- 
man 3; Homeroom Officer 3; Prom Committee 4; CSPA 
Convention 3. 

Patricia A. Dyess: A Cappella Choir 4; Theta Tri-Hi- Y 4. 

Michael E. Elliott: D.E. Club 4. 

Victoria Elston: Miss PA Pageant 4. 

Michael Elza: Track 3, 4; Cross Country 4. 

Michael Ennis: Peerage Staff 2, 3, 4; Chess Club 1, 4; Junior 
Civitan 4; Language Club 1, 3; Treasurer 4; SCA 
Representative Alternate. 

Donald Enroughty: Homecoming Court 4; IntraSchool 
Exchange 4; Madrigals 4; Coronet Mascot 4; Ring Dance 
Committee 3; Varsity Football 4; Track 3, 4; Junior Civitan 
3, President 4; SCA Representative 4; Powder Puff King 
Candidate 4. 

Robert Freeman 

Kathryn Gainor 


Jean Gossett Sandra Graves Maisie Gregory 

Patricia Griffin Sharon Gross 

Joseph Halapin Deborah Hardy Bob Patterson manages to clean up during his Senior year. 


Ken Harper 

Betty Harris 

Christine Harris 

Christv Hart 



Raymond Famham: Junior-Senior Football 3, 4; Junior 

Civitan 4; Annual Staff Sports Editor 4. 
Susan Fiery: Band 2, 3, 4; Marching Band 2, 3, 4; Peerage 

Staff 3; Scepter 3; Modern Music Masters 4; Y-Teens 3. 
Paul Finch: Peerage Staff 2, 3, 4; Junior Civitan 3, 4; Photo 

Staff 2. 3, 4 

Robert Fletcher: Junior-Senior Football 3, 4; Coronet Mascot 

4; Powder Puff Cheerleader 4; Ring Dance Committee 3; 

Indoor Track 4; Key Club 2, 3, Vice-President 4. 
William Foy: Junior-Senior Football; PAGE Staff; Junior 

Civitan- Vice-President. 
Robert B. Freeman: Band 1, 2, 3, 4; Junior-Senior Football 3, 

4; Marching Band 1, 2, 3, 4; Baseball- JV- 1, 2; Varsity 3, 

4; Art Club 3; SCA Homeroom Representative 1, 2; 

Homeroom Officer 2. 
Kathryn S. Gainor: Cheerleader 4; Powder Puff Team 3, 4; 

Gymnastics 2, 3, 4; GAA 2, 3, 4; Trinity Tri-Hi-Y 3, 4; 

Homeroom Officer 1,2, 3, 4. 
Michael F. Gallond: A Cappella Choir 3, 4; Madrigals 4; D.E. 

Club 4. 

Judith Hart 

Lillian Harvey 

Harry Paul adjusts the drill before making his mark. 


Linda A. Garris: Peerage Staff 3; Ring Dance Committee 3; 

Coronet Tri-Hi-Y 3, 4; FTA 2; SCA Representative 2, 4; 

Homeroom Officer 2; Junior Class Steering Committee 3; 

Senior Class Steering Committee 4. 
Deborah M. Geiger: Ring Dance Committee 3; FHA 2. 
Monica R. Giordano: Drill Team 1, 2, 3; Girls' State 

Nominee; Homecoming Committee 4; FBLA 3, 4-Secretary; 

FNHS 1, 2, 3; NHS 3, 4; Scepter Tri-Hi-Y 3-Treasurer, 

4- Vice-President. 
Linda M. Golden: A Cappella Choir 3, 4; Drill Team 2, 3, 4; 

Girls' Chorus 2; D.E. Club 4; Y-Teens 3 
Jean A. Gossett: Drill Team 1; Homecoming Committee 4; 

Peerage Staff 4; Powder Puff Team 3; Ring Dance 

Committee 3; Coronet Tri-Hi-Y 1, 2; FNHS 2, Treasurer 3; 

Junior Civitan 2, 3, 4; NHS 3, 4; Pep Club 2; Homeroom 

Officer 3. 4. 
Sandra J. Graves: Trinity Tri-Hi- Y 3, 4. 

Lorraine M. Gregory: Band 1, 2, 3, 4; Majorettes 4; Marching 
Band I, 2, 3; Scepter Tri-Hi-Y 4; Modern Music Masters 4; 
All Regional Band 2, 3; All Virginia Band 3. 

Senior pins are given to the Representatives to distribute to their homeroom. 


Robert Hughes 

William Hundley 

Sharon G. Gross: Scepter Tri-Hi-Y 2. 
Thomas M. Gondersen: Surf Club 3. 

Tommy K. Hager: Junior-Senior Football 3, 4; Ring Dance 

Committee 3; Surf Club 3. 
Joseph M. Halapin: Surf Club 3. 

Deborah S Hardy: Art Club 4; D.E. Club 2; FBLA 4; FHA 1. 
Betty J. Harris: Girls' Chorus; FHA; Homeroom Officer 2. 
Christy L. Hart: Language Club 1. 

Lillian D. Harvey: PEERAGE Staff 3; Ring Dance Committee 
3; Senior Prom Waitress 3; Coronet Tri-Hi- Y 4; Thespians 3, 
4; Steering Committee 3, 4; Homeroom Officer 3; 
Homeroom Representative 4. 

David C. Haxter: Junior-Senior Football Referee 3; Powder 
Puff Cheerleader 3, 4; JV Football 2, Varsity 3, 4; 
Co-Captain 2; Track 1,2,3, 4; Cavalier Hi-Y 1 , 2; Key Club 
3, 4; Varsity Club 2, Treasurer 3, Vice-President 4. 

Stephen Henderson: Boys' State 3; Powder Puff Cheerleader 3; 
Wrestling 1, Captain 2, Co-Captain 3, 4; Cavalier Hi-Y 3, 4; 
Key Club 3, President 4; Varsity Club 2, 3, 4; Outstanding 
Wrestler 2. 

Royal Hester: Boys' State 3; Powder Puff Cheerleader 3; JV 
Football 2; Varsity 3, 4; Track 2, 3, 4; JV Wrestling 1; 
Cavalier Hi- Y 2, 3, Vice-President 4; Key Club 4; Varsity 
Club 3, Treasurer 4. 

Diane Horan 

Darlene Hughes 

Phillip Hurd 

Serce Ingram 

Lori Hurdis 

Susan James 

James Johnson 

Joyce Johnson 


Karen Johnson 

Sharon Johnson 

Shirley Hitchcock: Ring Dance Committee 3. 

Ann Hoffman: Powder Puff Team 3, 4; Ring Dance 
Committee 3; Gymnastics 3; Coronet Tri-Hi- Y 2; FNHS 2, 
3, 4; Keyettes 3, Chaplain 4; Prom Committee 4; SCA 
Representative 2, 3; SCA Executive Council 4. 

Roxanne Hogan: Girls' State City Sargeant 3; Ring Dance 
Committee 3; Senior Prom Waitress Chairman 3; Coronet 
Tri-Hi- Y 2, Chaplain 3, President 4; Hi-Y Tri-Hi- Y Council 
2, 3, 4; Keyettes 3, 4; SCA Representative 1; Steering 
Committee 3, 4; Prom Committee Chairman 4; Senior 
Night Chairman 4. 

Robert Holley: Ring Dance Committee 3; Varsity Football 3, 
4; Track 3, 4; Cavalier Hi-Y 3, 4; FNHS 4; Junior Civitan 3, 
4; Key Club 3; Varsity Club 3, 4; SCA Executive Council 4. 

Robyn Holt: A Cappella Choir 3; Drill Team 3; Girls' Chorus 
2; Madrigals 4; FBLA 4; Pep Club 1; Y-Teens 1; Modem 
Music Masters Historian 4. 

Karen Holzhaeuser: Drill Team 3, Parliamentarian 4; Powder 
Puff Team 3, 4; Coronet Tri-Hi- Y 4. 

Diane Horan: Powder Puff Team 3, 4; Junior-Senior Football 
Cheerleader 3. 

Darlene Hughes: FHA 1; GAA 2, 3; Theta Tri-Hi-Y 3; Y-Teens 
2, 3, Secretary 4; Junior-Senior Football Cheerleader 3; 
Powder Puff Escort 3, 4. 

Maxine Joiner 

Alex Jones 

Denise Jones 

Congressman Thoinas Downing addresses the Senior government classes. 


Emma Jones 

While in Williamsburg, class members formed small groups and went out on their own to do some sightseeing. 

Deborah Kaluzny 

Barbara Keef 

Roxanne Kehm 

John Keller 


Patrick Kelly 

Alfredo Kemper 

Rosemary Kelly 

Captain Caton talks with Seniors, after receiving his plaque. 

David Kingsbury Brenda Knott 


Darcy Laugh ton 

Rosemarie Lavoie 

Daniel Lazar 

Brenda Lehr 

Peggy Levitt 

Julie Lindsay 

Ann Lionberger 

Phillip Hurd: Boys' State 3; Homecoming Court 4; 

Junior-Senior Football 4; Trinity Mascot 4; Ring Dance 

Committee 3; Senior Prom Waiter 3; Varsity Baseball 1, 2, 

3, 4; Football 2, 3; Cavalier Hi-Y 2, 3, President 4; Varsity 

Club 4; Class President 4. 
Lori Hurdis: Girls' State Alternate 3; Ring Dance Committee 

3; Scholastic Team 1,2, 3, 4; FNHS 2, 3, Vice-President 4; 

FT A 1, 2, 3, President 4; Junior Civitan 1; Keyettes 3; 

Language Club 1; NHS 3, 4; Senior Class Secretary; Steering 

Committee 1, 2, 3, 4. 
Serce Ingram: FT A 1, 2. 

James Johnson: Baseball Manager 1, 2; Basketball Matiager 1, 
2, 3, 4; Football Manager 1, 2, 3, 4; Varsity Club 1, 2, 3, 
Secretary 4. 

Karen Johnson: Candy Cane Court 4; Drill Team 2; PEERAGE 
Staff 3, 4; Ring Dance Committee 3; Coronet Tri-Hi-Y 3, 
Secretary 4; Keyettes 3, 4. 

Sharon A. Johnson: A Cappella Choir 2, 3, Secretary 4; Girls' 
State Alternate 3; Girls' Chorus ]; Homecoming Committee 
4; Miss Princess Pageant 2, 4; Ring Dance Committee 3; 
Coronet Tri-Hi-Y I, 2, Secretary 3, Vice-President 4; FNHS 
2, Correspondence Secretary 3, Recording Secretary 4; 
Hi-Y Tri-Hi-Y Council 2; Keyettes 3, 4; NHS 3, 4; Modern 
Music Masters Secretary 4; ICC Council 4; SCA Represen- 
tative 4; Homeroom Representative 2, 3, 4; Madrigals 4. 

Rudolf Liskovec 

Deleslie Little 

ROTC members line up for inspection. 



Lori Hurdis also tutors students individually. 


Walter Maskall Sheila Massey 

David Maxwell Rebecca McCullough 

Maxine M. Joiner: Coronet Tri-Hi-Y 3. 
Alex W. Jones: D.E. Club 4. 
Denise L. Jones: Theta Tri-Hi-Y 3. 

Emma Joyce Jones: Athena Tri-Hi-Y 3; D.E. Club 3, 4; FBLA 

Deborah A. Kaluzny: FNA 2; Y-Teens 2. 

Barbara A. Keef: Drill Team 1, 2, 3; School Play 2, 3; Quo 

Vadis Tri-Hi-Y 3, President 4; Thespians 3, 4; Y-Teens 1, 2, 


John M. Keller: Football 2, 3, 4; Track 2; Varsity Club 3, 4. 
Patrick J Kelly: D.E. Club 4. 

Rosemary E. Kelly: Y-Teens 2; Cheerleader Junior-Senior 

Football Game. 
Alfreda A. Kemper: Coronet Tri-Hi-Y 3, 4. 
David L. Kingsbury: D.E. Club 3, 4; Junior Civitan 3. 
Rosemarie Lavoie: Drill Team 2, Squadleader 3, Captain 4; 

Powder Puff Team 3, 4; Ring Dance Committee 3; FNA 2, 

Historian 3, President 4; Scepter Tri-Hi-Y 4. 
Daniel J. Lazar: Junior-Senior Football 3, 4; Chess Club 2, 3, 

4; Junior Civitan 3, 4; Key Club 3, 4; NHS 3, 4; Football 1. 
Brenda A. Lehr: Drill Team 2, 3, Squadleader 4; Powder Puff 

Team 4; Ring Dance Committee 3; Junior Civitan 1, 2, 3. 
Peggy A. Levitt: A Cappella Choir 2; Drill Team 1, 2, 3, 

Secretary 4; Girls' Chorus 1; Powder Puff Team 4; Ring 

Dance Committee 3; Coronet Tri-Hi-Y 2, 3; FTA 1, 2; 

Junior Civitan 1; Pep Club 1; Y-Teens 4; Homeroom 

Representative 3; Homeroom Officer 4. 


in manij acii(jitUi± 

Greg Olson takes to football like a duck takes to water. 

George Messinger Ricky Michaelsen 

Julie D. Lindsay: Theta Tri-Hi-Y 2, 3; Sophomore Class 

Ann J. Lionberger: Powder Puff Team 4; GAA 3, 4; NHS 2, 3, 

Rudolf Liskovec: Homecoming Committee 4; Ring Dance 

Committee 3; Junior Civitan 3, 4. 
Cheryl I. Logan: Homecoming Committee 4; PEERAGE Staff 

4; Ring Dance Committee 3; Junior Civitan 2, 3, 4; NHS 3, 

4; Pep Club 2; Prom Committee 4; Miss Princess Anne 

Pageant 4. 

Terry J. Longanecker: Girls' Chorus 4; Powder Puff Team 3, 4; 

Ring Dance Committee 3; School Play 4; FTA 4; GAA 4; 

Trinity Tri-Hi-Y 3, 4; Homeroom Officer 3, 4; Prom 

Committee 4; Steering Committee 3. 
Millie A. Lyman: Girls' Chorus 4; Powder Puff Team 3; Ring 

Dance Committee 3; Hi-Y Tri-Hi-Y Council 4; Theta 

Tri-Hi-Y 1, 2, 3, Treasurer 4. 
John D. Macleod: Assistant Stage Manager for the Miss 

Princess Anne Pageant 2; School Play 2; Thespians 2, 3. 
Pamela J. Magger: Powder Puff Team 3, 4; FBLA 3, Treasurer 

4; Y-Teens 2. 

Riley E. Majors: Band 1, 2, 3, 4; Marching Band 1, 2, 3, 4; 

Modern Music Masters 4. 

William M. Marchant: Band 1, 2, 3, 4; Marching Band 1, 2, 3, 

Linda L. MarineUi: Drill Team 3, Reporter, Historian, Squad 
Leader 4; Powder Puff Team 3, Captain 4; Ring Dance 
Committee 3; Girls' Junior-Senior Basketball Game 3; 
Coronet Tri-Hi-Y 2, 3; Y-Teens 1, 2, 3, 4; Homeroom 
Officer 1, 2; Homeroom SCA Representative 3, 4: Prom 
Committee 4. 

Karen Mendoza Terry Merritt 

Patricia Middleton Sandra Miley 

As part time job Rosa Sands works in the library. 

Debra Miller 

Geraldine Miller 

Joel Miller 

Kenneth Miller 

Martha Miller 

Roxann Miller 

Margaret Milligan 

Richard Milner 


Patricia A. Marino: Drill Team 2, 3, 4; Class Secretary 2. 

Mark W. Martin: Boys' State Nominee; Homecoming 
Committee 4; Ring Dance Committee 3; Senior Prom 
Waiter 3; NHS 4; Steering Committee 1, 2, 3, 4; SCA 
Executive Council 4. 

William J. Martin: D.E. Club 4. 

Walter D. Maskall: Homecoming Court 4; JV Basketball 2, 3, 

Varsity 3, 4; Track 2, 3; Varsity Cross Country 4; Key Club 

2, 3, 4-Treasurer; Varsity Club 3, 4. 
Sheila J. Massey: Drill Team 2, 3, 4; Ring Dance Committee 3; 

FN A 4; Homeroom Officer 2. 
David N. Maxwell: Varsity Football 4; D.E. Club 4. 
James McDaniel V. , School Play 3, 4; Chess Club 3, 4; Junior 

Civitan 3, 4. 

Wilbur E. McDonald: Senior Prom Waiter 3; Track 1, 2, 3, 4; 

NHS 3, 4; Varsity Club 3, 4; SCA Representative 2. 
Linda J. McJunkin: A Cappella Choir 3, 4; Girls' Chorus 2; 

Homeroom Representative 1, 2, 3. 
Alexander McNeill: Senior Prom Waiter 3; JV Baseball 2; JV 

Football 2; Varsity Football 3. 4; Track 3; Chess Club 3, 4 
Wiley R. Melton: D.E. Club 2. 
Karen L. Mendoza: D.E. Club 4. 
Terry L. Merritt: Junior-Senior Football 4; D.E. Club 4. 
George W. Messinger: Band 1, 2, 3, 4; Junior-Senior Football 

3; Marching Band 1, 2, 3, 4; D.E. Club 4; FBI A l;Pep Club 

I, 2. 

Ricky D. Michaelsen: A Cappella Choir 1, 3, 4; Madrigals 3, 4; 
Varsity Basketball 3, Captain 4; Track 3, 4; Cross Country 
4; Music Masters 4. 

Linda Molodovitch 

Kathy Moore 

Samuel Moore 

Vic key Moore 

Neda Morris Michaelle Mosher Inez Nichols Gregory Olson 

Millie Lyman and David Haxter take an interest in the new books that can be found in the school library. 


Donald Parsons 

Robert Patterson 

Like many students at Princess Anne, Nancy Creighton manages to hold 
down a part time job after school. 

Lenora Powell Robert Poyner 

Melanie Retzke won an award for her outstanding speaking ability. 

Linda Pyatt Michael Racine 

Patricia A. Middleton: Drill Team 2, 3, 4; Ring Dance 
Committee 3; School Play 3, 4; Art Club 2; Bible Club 2; 
Debate Team 2; FNHS 2, 3; FTA 2, 3 ; Junior Civitan 2, 3, 
4; NHS 3, 4; Thespians 4; Trinity Tri-Hi-Y 4; Homeroom 
Officer 1. 

Sandra D. Miley: A rt Club 1 ; A thena Tri-Hi- Y 3; FHA 2. 

Joel W. Miller: Homecoming Committee 4; Honor Court 2; 

IntraSchool Exchange 3; Senior Prom Waiter 3; JV 

Baseball 2; FNHS Secretary 3, 4; Junior Civitan 2, 3, 

Sergeant at Arms 4; NHS 3, President 4. 
Kenneth W. Miller: Junior-Senior Football; Marching Band; 

Powder Puff Cheerleader; Key Club; Sigma Phi 
Martha C. Miller: Ring Dance Committee 3; FN A 3; Junior 

Civitan 3, 4; Keyettes 3, 4; NHS 3, 4; Senior Prom 


Roxann Miller: Quo Vadis Tri-Hi- Y 3; Y-Teens 2, 3. 

Peggy Ann Milligan: Powder Puff Team 3; FNA 2; GAA 1, 2; 

Y-Teens Treasurer 2, President 3, 4;SCA Representative 3. 
Richard D. Milner: Football 4; Track 4; Varsity Club 4. 
Kathy A. Moore: Ring Dance Committee 3; FNA 3, 4; Junior 

Civitan 3, 4; Trinity Tri-Hi-Y 2, 3, 4; Homeroom 

Representative 3; Steering Committee 3, 4; 1st Runner Up 

in Miss Chesapeake Civitan Pageant. 
Samuel S. Moore: Homecoming Committee 2; PAGE Staff 4; 

SCA Executive Council 2, 3. 
Neda S Morris: D.E. Club 2, 3, 4. 
Michaelle L. Mosher: Thespians Vice-President. 
Gregory M. Olson: Boys' State 3; IntraSchool Exchange 4; 

Mascots-Keyettes & Coronet Tri-Hi-Y; Powder Puff 

Cheerleader 3; Ring Dance Committee 3; Senior Prom 

Waiter 3; Varsity Football 1,2,3, Tri-Captain 4; Track 3, 4; 

Junior Civitan 1, 2, 3, 4; Varsity Club 3, 4; SCA 

Parliamentarian 4; Outstanding Senior. 


Senior players Don Maskall, Ronnie Hawkins, and Duke Sanderson led 
the Cavaliers to a winning season. 

Donald K. Parsons: Boys' State 3; Homecoming Commitee 4; 
Homecoming Court 4; Honor Court 2, 3; Scholastic Team 
1, 2, 3, 4; ICC President 4; SCA Vice-President 4; SCA 
Executive Council 1, 2, 3, 4; SCA Parliamentarian 1, 2, 3. 

Robert S. Patterson: Mascot- Key ettes; Scholastic Team 1; JV 
Basketball 2; JV Football 2; Varsity 3, 4; Junior Civitan 4; 
NHS Vice President 4; Varsity Club 3, 4. 

Christine M. Peedin: D.E. Club; Y-Teens President 3. 

Judy L. Phillips: A Cappella Choir 4; Girls' Chorus 3. 

Lenora J. Powell: Ring Dance Committee Chairman 3; 
Coronet Tri-Hi-Y 3, Treasurer 4; D.E. Club 2; Junior 
Civitan 3, 4; Homeroom Officer 3, 4; Steering Committee 
3, 4. 

Robert C. Poyner: Pep Club 2. 

Linda L. Pyatt: PEERAGE Staff 3, Editor in Chief 4; Junior 

Civitan 3. 
Michael R. Racine: Electronics I. 

Sandra K. Ransone: Drill Team 2, 3, 4; Homeroom 

Representative 1 ; Homeroom Officer 3. 
Melanie J. Retzke: Powder Puff Team 3, 4; Ring Dance 

Committee 3; Senior Prom Waitress 3; Varsity Field 

Hockey 3, 4; FTA 2, 3; GAA 4; Hi-Y Tri-Hi-Y Council 4; 

Keyettes 3, 4; Trinity Tri-Hi-Y 3, President 4; SCA 

Representative 4; Homeroom Officer 3; Prom Committee 4. 
Starr L. Riggs: A Cappella Choir 4; Drill Team 1, 2, 3; Girls' 

Chorus 3; Coronet Tri-Hi-Y 2, 3, 4; GAA 2; Homeroom 

Alternate Representative 3. 
Mary Roberts: Girts' Chorus 4; Field Hockey 3. 

Deborah Sakis Curtis Sanders 

Patricia Sapp Louis Schachtner 

Patricia E. Robinson: Powder Puff Team 4; Ring Dance 

Commitee 3; School Play 4; Field Hockey 4; G.A.A. 4; 

Prom Committee. 
Raymond A. Roenker: Mascot Keyette Club 4; Ring Dance 

Committee 3; Baseball JV 2; Varsity 3, 4; Football JV 2, 

Varsity 3, 4; Junior Civitan 3, 4. 
Floyd L. Rose: A Cappella Choir 2;D.E. Club 2. 
Vicki L. Rushing: Coronet Tri-Hi-Y 3; FT. A. 3; Language 

Club 2. 

Deborah L. Sakis: Cheerleaders JV I, 2, Captain, Varsity 3; 
Homecoming Court 4; Junior-Senior Football Cheerleader 
4; Powder Puff Team 3, 4; Field Hockey 3, 4; Gymnastics 
2, 3, 4; F.H.A. 1, 2; G.A.A. I, 2, 3, 4; Quo Vadis Tri-Hi-Y 
I. 2; Trinity Tri-Hi-Y 3, 4;SCA Representative 1, 2, 3, 4. 

Richard P. Sanderson: Baseball 3, 4; Basketball 3, 4. 

RosaM. Sands: F.H.A. 2. 

Patricia L. Sapp: Homecoming Court 4; Miss Princess Anne 
Pageant 2; D.E. Club 4; Junior Civitan 2; Homeroom 
Officer 1, 2, 3; SCA Representative 3. 

Louis A. Schachther: Junior-Senior Football 4. 

Vina L. Schatz: Ring Dance Committee 3; D.E. Club 3. 

Michail G. Schimmel: PEERAGE Staff 3, 4; Junior Civitan 4; 
Language Club 2, 3- Vice President. 

Richard Sanderson Rosa Sands 

Vina Schatz Michael Schimmel 

There is forever a spirit in the Senior at ilie games. 



Members of lite Key Club sliow that a car is not always necessary for transportation. 


William Stier Deborah S trout 

Driver Education is offered for those students interested in learning to 

Joyce Stephenson George Steward 

Anne Sutton Louis Sweitzer 

Patricia L. Schuller: Ring Dance Committee 3; Junior Civitan 

1, 2, 3; Prom Committee 4. 
Thomas A. Shallow: Ring Dance Committee 3. 
Laura M. Shelby: A Cappella Choir 4; Girls' Chorus 3; Athena 

Tri-Hi-Y 3, Vice-Pres. 4; GAA 3; Hi-Y Tri-Hi-Y Council 4. 
Constance M. Shorts: FHA 1; FTA Historian 3; Scepter 

Tri-Hi-Y 1; Y-Teens 1;SCA Rep. 1. 
James D. Shuler: Football 2, 3, Tri-Captain 4; Track 2, 3, 4; 

Varsity Club 3, President 4. 
Jo E. Smith: Theta Tri-Hi-Y 3, 4. 
Linda M. Smith: Ring Dance Committee 3. 
Stephen S. Smith: Junior-Senior Football 3; Track 2, 3, 4; 

Cavalier Hi-Y 2, 3, 4; Key Club 1,2,3, 4. 
Patricia A. Sorey: Ring Dance Committee 3; Athena Tri-Hi-Y 

3, 4; FBLA 2. 

Joyce A. Stephenson: Drill Team 2, 3, 4; Athena Tri-Hi-Y 2; 

DE Club 2, 3; FHA 2. 
Anne Sutton: A Cappella Choir 2; Girls' Chorus 1; 

PEERAGE Staff 2, 3: Powder Puff Team 4; Gymnastics 2. 3: 

Athena Tri-Hi-Y 1; Coronet Tri-Hi-Y 2: Junior Civitan 3, 4: 

Keyettes 2, 3, 4. 

Louis E. Sweitzer: Wrestling 1, 2;DE Club 4. 
Robert R. Taylor: DE Club 3. 

Kirk Vesler 

Jean Waldorf 

the Candy Cane Court. 

maxiz± tfiE znA oj 6g jox ^zniox± 

Debra Wallace 

Dennis Ward 

Paul Watford 

Loretta Watson 

Jennie L. Thomas: Athena Tri-Hi-Y 1, 2, 3;DE Club 4. 
Jane P. Tietjen: DE Club 4; Y-Teens 3, 4. 
Gary M. Treakle: Band 2; Basketball JV 1, 2; Varsity 3. 
Terence W. Turner: Junior-Senior Football 3, 4; Mascot 

Trinity; Powder Puff Cheerleader 4; Senior Prom Waiter 3; 

JV Baseball 2; Junior Civitan 3, 4; Key Club 2, 3, Treasurer 

4; Language Club 1, 2; Prom Committee 4. 
Kirk Vosler: Baseball 3; Basketball 3. 

Dennis A. Ward: Homecoming Com. 4; Intraschool Exchange 

4; Junior-Senior Football 4; Powder Puff Cheerleader 4; 

Ring Dance Com. 3; School Play 4; Track 3; Cavalier Hi-Y 

4; Junior Civitan 3, District Administrator 4; SCA Rep. 4; 

SCA Executive Council 4. 
Loretta A. Watson: DE Club 3; FHA 2; Homeroom Officer L 
Jacquelynn L. Weber: Girls' Chorus 4; DE Club 4; GAA 2, 3. 
Barbara S. Wells: Homecoming Com 4; Powder Puff Team 3, 

4; Keyettes 2, 3, 4; Trinity Tri-Hi-Y 1, 2, 3; ICC 3, 4; 

Executive Council 3, 4; Class Treasurer 3; Homeroom 

Officer 1, 2, 3, 4 
Anthony L. West: Candy Cane Court 4; Track 1, 2, 3; Cross 

Country 2, 3; DE Club 3, 4; Key Club 4; Varsity Club 1, 2, 

? 4 

Henry C Whelchel: Folio Staff 4; Forum Club 4. 

Marcia F. White: JV Cheerleader 2; Varsity 3, 4; Homecoming 
Queen 4; Miss Princess Pageant 2, 3; Powder Puff Team 3;, 
Ring Dance Com 3; Gymnastics 1, 2, 3; Coronet Tri-Hi-Y 
2, 3, 4; Keyettes 4. 


Mike Newbern 

Gary Norton 

Jacqueline Wieting: Powder Puff Team 4; Ring Dance 
Committee 3; ICC Representative; Quo Vadis Tri-Hi-Y 3, 
Historian 4. 

Roger W. Wiggins: Homecoming Committee 3; Ring Dance 
Committee 3. 

Susan L. Wild: Girls' Chorus 3, 4; Talent Show Committee. 
Mary L. Williams: Ring Dance Committee 3; Coronet Tri-Hi-Y 

2, 3; Homeroom Officer 4. 
Tchernavin Williams: Candy Cane Queen 4; Field Hockey 3, 4; 

Miss Princess Anne Pageant 4. 
Daniel E. Williard: Junior-Senior Football 3, 4; Powder Puff 

Cheerleader 4; Ring Dance Committee 3; Cavalier Hi- Y 2, 3, 

4; Key Club I, 2, 3, 4; Sigma Phi 1. 2. 
Beverly J. Wimbrow: Girls' Chorus 1; Athena Tri-Hi-Y 1; FHA 


Gwendolyn A. Woodard: FBLA 1; Y-Teens. 

Wayne T. Wright: Junior-Senior Football 3, 4; Powder Puff 

Cheerleader 3, 4; Ring Dance Committee 3; JV Football 2; 

Cavalier Hi- Y 3, 4; Key Club 2, 3, 4; Freshman Class Vice 


Patricia E. Ziegler: Candy Cane Court 4; Girls' State Alternate 
3; IntraSchool Exchange 3; Ring Dance Committee 3; Art 
Club 1, 2; FNHS 2, 3, 4; Keyettes 2, 3, President 4; NHS 
Treasurer 4. 

Jacqut'lynn Wcbcr 

Lewis Welch 

Barbara Wells 

Anthony West 

Hcnrv Whelchel 

Marcia White 

Jacqueline Wieting 

Roger Wiggins 



OFFICERS: Front to Back: B. Patterson. G. Olson. P. Finch. S. Moore, 
J. Miller. W. DeMott. R.Perkins. P. Carr, D. Mulcare. C. Uhl. R. 
Farnham, R. Moran. 

Captain Caton points out a navigation problem. 

Naval History, a course offered in JNROTC. 

The Naval Junior Reserve Officers' Training Corps, 
established at this school in 1967 by the Secretary of the 
Navy, is now in its third outstanding year at Princess 

One of this year's aims was the obtaining and 
recoditioning of the U.S.S. Forrestal, a river boat used in 
Vietnam, and also getting a 22-foot sloop from the Naval 
Academy. The third year group of NJROTC have 
applied to more military schools this year than in 
previous years. The military schools pay for their 
education with an allowance. Joining this program does 
not, however, obligate the student to the military for 
later service. 

Attentive cadets listen to one of many lectures. 


HONOR PLA TOON FLAG: Chief Hepler. Pete Can. Joel Miller. Bob Patterson. 

Two Platoon: Joel Miller. Platoon Commander. Front Row: C. Uhl, R. Liskovec. B. Holley, P. Carr. Second 
Row: R. Dick. R. Farnham, M. Schimmel. Back Row: B. Freeman, K. Vossler, M. Dotson. E. Majors. 


FIRST PLATOON: Robert Moron. Platoon Commander. J. Deal, A. West. Back Row: A. LeTourneau, R. 

Front Row: D. Mulcare, S. Fremd. D. Knapp. L. Bain. M. Thomashefski, W. Anderson, L. Rose, T. White. D. Kelly, R. 

Johnston, P. Creighton, M. Whited. M. Cooper. Second Row: Davis, M. Taylor, H. Priest. 
G. Lane. D. Terry. F. Miller. J. Talbcrt. B. Burks. W. Taylor, 

FIFTH PLATOON: Ray Farnham, Platoon Commander Welch, F. McFarlane, W. Walke. D. Clark. Back Row: C. 

Front Row: R Shicry. W. Johnson, T. Elliot, W. Goldsberry, Wolf, J. Dotson. R. Steele, J. Jones, B. Taylor, M. Gundersen. 

J. Jacobs, E. Bell. Second Row: T. Thron, D. Ritchie. J. M. HoUcnbeck. 


THIRD PLATOON: Wesley DeMott. Plantoon Commander. 
Front Row: S. Moore, J. Coats, M. Ennis. Second Row: B. 

Stier, B. Dodds, J. Ahles. Back Row: D. Benjamin, G. 
Blackmer, H. Liverman, J. Johnson. 

FOURTH PLATOON: Richard Perkins, Platoon Commander Jalbert, B. Stephens, J. King. S. Houp, G. Malone, L. Rogers, 

Front Row: J. Gilpatrick, R. Lee, K. Ahles, W. Anderson, R. S. Shaffer. Back Row: K. Goodord, R. Stuart, T. Wilson, T. 

Pyatt, J. Fajotina, C. Ruminski, C. Taylor. Second Row: L. Cipolia, M. Freeman, J. Snyder, T. Brown. 


c:Soms. dzsam^ 

an. ocEan 


Jlon<^ fiouxi. oj" j2xaciic£. 
i^xuzd a± jixs-j^axatLon. 
jox jutuxE [jati[s.± 
ai. cxiiLcLim 
and ExjiEXLEncs.£.d aojay 
ifis. xou^fi monzEnti.. 

^ZJks-XE ujai. 
a n£.fJs.x-c£.axLn^ ^iuin^ 
oj iimz and^ij 
[j£.joxE tfis kaxd-jou^fti ljatt[s.± 
VJS.XS. jinoLtij EndsA. 
^^l/l/(i£tliE.x UJE uaon, 
to taite tfzz ±vj££.±± oj uictoxLj; 

ox [o±£, 

to j^Et tlzs. Ijitt£.xn£.±± oj, 

vers jixs-iAsd 
susx onvjaxd and u^iujaxd 
to mafzs ^ood ±p.oxti.man6Aij2 
oux jinafgoaf. 



Miss Debbie Canaday and 
her escort, Don Enroughty 


Miss Cathy Crandell and 
her escort, Terry Turner 

Anticipation and tension increased preceding half-time, as 
the homecoming crowd awaited the announcement of the 
1969 Homecoming Queen. The climax was reached as Miss 
Marcia White's name was announced as the 1969 HOME- 
COMING QUEEN. Smiling, she was crowned by the tri- 
captains, Greg Olson, Jerry Ahles, and David Shuler. 

Throughout high school Marcia has been very active in 
school activities: Coronet Tri-Hi-Y, Gymnastics, Cheerleader, 
Powder Puff Team, S.C.A. and the Miss Princess Anne Pageant. 

Our queen will long be remembered for her personality and 
warm smile. 

Miss Debbie Sakis and 
her escort, Phil Hurd 

Miss Pat Sapp and her 
escort. Gilbert Holt 

Miss Debbie S trout and 
her escort, Duke Sanderson 


Combined units present an outstanding pre-game performance. 

Second doWr 

Participating in the Pre-Game Extravaganza were the 
Marching Cavaliers, the Majorettes, the A Cappella Choir from 
Princess Anne, and the Kempsville Marching Band. The 
historical saga, written and read by Mr. Earl Stanley, effective- 
ly portrayed the admission of the 50 states. The vocal music 
was directed by Mrs. Carol Fox, and the combined bands were 
conducted by Mr. Ronald Collins. 

The Cavaliers were defeated by a score of 12-6 as the 
Chiefs contained each P. A. threat. 

Don Maskall escorts Queen Marcia. Quarterback 



Great Bridge 



First Colonial 




Gran by 




















Lake Taylor 










Mr. A I Habit Mr. Joshua Darden, Jr. 

TEAM PHYSICIAN: Dr. Jack Garrison receives thanks from Coach 
Grady and a standing ovation. 


With a 3-7 record at Princess Anne this year, a true revelation 
of the spirit and determination of the team is not evidenced. 
1969-70 will be considered as a "building year" and with all 
the backfield returning next year, it was indeed a year of 
growth. There was a better team spirit exemplified and the team 
exercised great potential, and an improved over-all attitude. 
Two new coaches added vitality, and the team enjoyed strong 
support from the student body and local boosters. 

TEAM TRAINER: Mr. Frank Peele tries to keep warm as he watches 
the Cavaliers in action. 

CA VALIERS. First Row: S. Nixon, R. Milner. D. Rogers. L. Welch. D. 
Haxter, J. McGrath, F. Weaver. D. Morehead. Second Row: A. Strange. 
J. Ahles. D. Shuler. R. Roenker. G. Olson. J. Pulley. D. Allen, R. Walls. 

B. Johnson, E. Diehl, R Patterson. Third Row: R. Haines, T. Tunstall, 
B. Robinson, D. Maxwell. G. Oxx. J. Keller. R. Hawkins, L. McNeil. R. 
Holley. G. Weber. D. Allard. M. Jones. R. Jones. 

McGrath carries against Kempsville. 

Quarterback Strange calls the signals . . . 

Offensive team in action against Norview. 


Welch receives pass from Diehl. 

OFFENSIVE TEAM: Kneeling: F. Weaver, D. Maxwell, D. Rogers, R. Holley. J. Allies, D. Allen, L. Welch. Backs: F. Hester. J. Mc- 
Grath, A. Strange. D. Haxter. 


JUNIOR VARSITY FOOTBALL. Front Row: J. Canaday. M. Taft, W. Mischoski. D. Rudy. E. Terrell, W. 
Wells, A. Evans, B. Throckmorton. Second Row: B. Frye, C. Draper, M. Wulf, R. Basgier, R. Steele. Back 
Row: R. Shuler, S. Hobbs, K. Harris. 

JUNIOR VARSITY FOOTBALL. Front Row: K. Potts, A. Chewning, M. Couch, D. Ashe, A. Evans, L. 
Strom. Second Row: R. Basgier, D. Allen, D. Holt, C. Bungard. Back Row: K. Harris, D. VanPetten. 


JUNIOR VARSITY FOOTBALL. Front Row. S. Hobbs. K. Harris, K. Potts, J. Canaday. D. Holt, K. Wells. A. Evans, T. Mischocki. M. Taft. Second 
Row: M. Couch, C. Draper, M. Steele, B. Throckmorton. R. Shuler, T. Butts. R. Basgier. M. Wulf. S. Garner. Third Row: L. Strom. A. Chewning, M. 
Vlulf, D. Rudy. D. Van Petton, B. Frye. Back Row: Coach Davis, M. Wiggleton, D. Terrell, C. Bungard, D. Allen, D. Aslo, T. Laughton. 



Great Bridge 



First Colonial 




Gran by 


















Lake Taylor 









Dale Holt, Danny Allen, Mike Wulf. 


JJV FOOTBALL Front Row: T. Sawyer. M. Wilcox. G. Butts. L Harrison. P. Lovoie, T. Cando. A. Gray. R. Cooiey. Second Row: R. William. E. 
Smith. M. Casey. R Early. F. Bujo^iil. D. Garrison. R Hughes. J. Cutchins. D. Pugfi. Third Row: Coach Moosha. M. Elliott. C. Dauer. W. Farmer, F. 
Holley. M. Jones. R. Edwards. J. Woodall. Back Row: M. Fisher. D. Purdin. B. Wheelis, B. Cowell, R. Michaelson. 

Team hef(ins by practice each day. 

Practice in a f;ame with your own icuin. 
Then ' It IS your night, your real game, real plav. and vou made it' 

VARSITY FIELD HOCKEY TEAM. Front Row: N. Thompson. H. Huffman. V. Liskey. L. Jones. K. 
Donnelly, T. Sokol, L. Crouch. Back Row: E. Robinson. E. Buck. W. Snyder. S. Barrett. M. Johnson. D. 
Bivans. M. Retzke. J. Nicklas. K. Williams. S. Gautier. B. Freeman. V. Moore, N. Williams. 

After losing many of their old players and gaining many 
new ones, the girls' field hockey team had their work laid out 
for them. They spent many hours practicing and learning new 
skills. Their games were not too successful, but with ex- 
perience now behind the players, the team should make a 
comeback next year. 

















First Colonial 







Nancy Thompson prepares to make the goal. 


Nancy Thompson passes off to a teammate. 

1969-1970 GYMNASTICS TEAM. Front Row: N. Roberts. Second Row: N. Thompson, C. Wilson, K. Gainor. Third Row: N. 
Dick, E. Holley, S. May. Back Row: L. Jones, V. Liskey, D. Hard. 

^LPoi±^f (jolanc^f and itzsngtli 

During the year the gymnastics team participated in five 
meets with schools in the district, and they also entered the 
regional meet. Winners from this meet went to the State Meet 
in March. 

Since Nancy Thompson and Kathy Gainor were the only 
returning seniors to the squad this year, the team promises to 
be more experienced and more skilled for^ the events next year. 

Two gymnasts, Nancy Thompson and Libby Hartman 
represented Princess Anne at the State Meet last year. 

Connie Wilson and Debbie Hard demonstrate swan balances on the 
uneven parallel bars. 


Sandy May, Linda Jones, and Nanette Dick hold three varied positions in floor exercise. Linda Jones and Vickey Liskey perform thigh rests to achieve 


VARSITY BASKETBALL: Front Row: R. Michaelsen and R. Tucker. Back Row: D. Maskall. R. Grant. M. Jones, R. Walls. S. Benda. S. McNulty, E. 
Diehl, M. Hembree, R. Sanderson. R. Hawkins. M. Fields. J. Alley. 

Rudy Tucker and Rickey Michaelsen 


This year Princess Anne had an exceptional basketball 
team. Directed under Coach Leo Anthony, the mighty 
Cavaliers won game after game. Some exceptional 
players on this team were Ricky Michaelsen, Don 
Maskall, and Rudy Tucker. However these are only a few 
of the players who made this year a success. 

One of the better games of this season was against 
Deep Creek. The outstanding player in this game was 
Ricky Michaelsen who scored 65 points. 

Michaelsen for two more 



Diehl in backboard form. "Put it there. " 





VARSITY WRESTLERS. Front Row: B. Spry. D. Brown, D. Meade, E. Kelk, L. Jalbert, S. Henderson. Back Row: 
Robinson. R. Early, D. Rogers. D. Allen, Coach Davis. 

M. Taylor, M. Dotson, B. 

Most important to this year's season was the gaining of 
experience which should prove valuable to next year's team. 
An asset to the team, Edward Kelk placed third in District and 
third in Regional Tournaments. Don Rogers also did excep- 
tional, placing second in District and fifth in Regional compe- 

Under the coaching of Mr. Arnie Davis, the Varsity Grap- 
plers promise to improve upon their season record next year. 



Lake Taylor 




Norfolk Catholic 




Washington & Lee 




York town 




First Colonial 




























Gran by 








Coach Davis gives some last minute instructions to the team. 

Closely observing, the referee gets ready to signal the winner. Kent Forbush. 

JUNIOR VARSITY WRESTLERS. Kneeling: T. McCullougli. K. Forbush. Standing: G. Dayton, R. Smith. R. Basgier. C. Taylor. J. Deatheridge. G. 
Papuchis. M. Dotson. G. Drough, L. Childress, C. Adams, Coach James. 

The Junior Varsity Wrestling Team played an important 
part in building up underclassmen for Varsity competition in 
future years. The team had matches scheduled against J. V. 
teams from the area. 

Under the coaching of Mr. James, the Junior Varsity prom- 
ises some very capable material for next year's Varsity team. 




Lake Taylor 




Norfolk Catholic 




First Colonial 




























Gran by 






Brian Robinson pleads. "Try bending my back the other way. 


TRACK TEAM. Front Row: J. Johnson, S. Hobbs, T. Harris, J. Riley, J. McGrath, M. Smith, D. Bersland. Second Row: R. Jones, J 
Scott, S. Moore, S. Knott, M. Eha', M. Bagley, T. Ellioit. Third Row: G. Oxx, S. Smith, F. Hester, B. Caron, W. Barnett. Back Row: 
Coach Versprille, D. Pulley, B. Haines, D. Shuler, D. Haxter, R. Milner. 

On J2s.ciji± an oun 

Princess Anne's Track Team prepares for its season with 
hope for new achievements, breaking of old records, and 
development of a strong team. Their thoughts are combined 
with determination and anticipation to accomplish greater 
power and speed. The outstanding abilities of our students is 
vividly shown through the records which have been made. 

All the team works hard all year round and are in top shape 
when the seasons call for them. Each year it is more evident at 
how the teams strength progresses. 


One foot then the next, Steve Hobbs continues around the track. 


Off and xunnin^ to j-ini±(i 

Scott Smith puts all he can into beating the two opponents from Lake Taylor. 

Steve Brown gives a good show for his coach. 


CROSS COUNTR Y. Front Row: M. Bagley, J. Riley, M. Elza, R. Ashe. Second Row: D. Maskall, R. Tucker, J. Alley. Back Row: R. Michaelson. M. 
Fields, Coach Anthony, S. Benda. 

ain±t iimz 











First Colonial 




Booker T. 










An outstanding addition to the team this year, sophomore 
John Riley, earned the title of number one in the Eastern 
District, while setting a new Eastern District record. In the 
Eastern Regional and State meets, he placed seventh. 

Other outstanding runners were Myles Bagley, Steve Benda, 
Don Maskall, Rudy Tucker, and Mike Elza. With such prom- 
ising runners for next year's team, Cross Country will be better 
enabled to boost its season record. 

Mike Elza is the lead as John Riley follows close behind. 


GOLF TEAM. Front Row: A Strange. C. Strange. J. Alley. R. Tucker. J. Hepley. J. Williams. 

April 2 

Kenipsville. First Colonial 

April 9 

Maury, Lake Taylor 

April 16 

Granby. Kellani 

April 23 

Xorricw. Co.v, Bayside 

April 28 


May 15 


Princess Anne linksmen are of great importance to the 
team, several of which are returning from last year's team. 

A golf club, a golf ball, a good caddy, and a good eye - all 
of these points join together with coordination to form an 
eighteen hole challenge for the team. This season will be 
played with poise, diligence, and determination. 

Curtis Strange takes pointers Jroni Jerry Alley and Allan Strange. 

TE.WyiS TEAM. Front Row: D. Wright. J. Talberi. Back Row: C. Holcomb, J. Scott. R. Lee. D. Lane. G. Lane. 
Coach Wheeler. 

Beginning its third year at Princess Anne the tennis team 
continues to strive for a much better game each time. The 
boys are still in a stage of building the team up. 

Matches are to be held with other schools this rear. 

VARSITY BASEBALL TEAM. Front Row: R. Freeman. J. Beiler. D. Sanderson. S. Benda. M. Sweezy. P. Hurd, E. Diehl. W. Courtney G Ahk. Back 
Row: K. Allen, G. Bishop, M. Dunstan, S. Barlow, S. Gettle, K. Vosler. L. Mahaffey, R. Walls. R. Roenker. M. McCullv. G. Downs. Coach 

Larry Mahaffey gets ready to practice his swing as Barlow, Downs, and 
the coach look on. 

^Q6g <^coi^[joaicl 


rained out 

First Colonial 























Gran by 










First Colonial 








Lake Taylor 











Booker T. 














Mike Sweezy fires the ball across home plate. 


Steve Barlow is out at first as Gerry Ahles watches the base. 

tfiiicl cii±txict tit[t 

For the third consecutive year. Princess Anne won the 
Eastern District Title. Five outstanding players were chosen to 
All Eastern District -Eddie Diehl, Gary Bishop, Steve Barlow, 
Mike McCully, and Mike Sweezy. Under the coaching of Coach 
VanBenschoten, PA once again produced an outstanding base- 
ball team. 

1969 SENIORS: J. Beiler. S. Barlow. M. Dunstan. M. Sweezy. L. 
Mahaffey. W. Courtney. M. McCully. 

Larrv Mahaffev shows Bobbv Freeman and Eddie Die/il how to liit the 

Captain Steve Barlow and Coach VanBenschoten. 

Tension shows on the bench as the team and coach size up the 


1Q^O izam [ook± fozcuazd 

1970 VARSITY BASEBALL TEAM. Front Row: C. Mayer. T. Turner. B. Smiley. W. Copper. S. McNulty. J. McGrath, T. Butts. R. Roenker, M 
Carlile, R. Lee. Back Row: S. Benda. E.Dichl, R. Walls, P. Hurd, J. Roenker, D. Sanderson, G. Bishop, G. Alhes, K. Vosler, B. Freeman. 

Eddie Dielit cruises around first base as a high drive is hit into right 



a. ±ucc&i.i 

Duke Sanderson and Gary Downs argue over the validity of a call. 



Cox H 



Kempsville A 

* April 


Kellam A 

* April 


Bayside H 



Maury H 



Granby A 



Cox A 



Kempsville H 



First Colonial H 



Wilson H 



Norview A 



Oswego, N. Y. H 



Lake Taylor H 



Kellam H 



Booker T. A 



Bayside A 

May 14 - 


Eastern District Tournament 

May 22- 


Eastern Regional 



State Play-Off 

*Non-Conference Games 

Gary Bishop warms up as Phil Hurd catches and Steve Barlow prepares 
for a hit. 

With several outstanding players returning from last year's 
team, the Varsity Baseball Team is looking forward to a highly 
successful team. All-Regional pitcher Gary Bishop will be back 
to start the season, as well as shortstop Eddie Diehl. 

Returning are: Jerry Ahles, Phil Hurd, Ronnie Walls, Bobby 
Freeman, Duke Sanderson, Ray Roenker, Gary Bishop, and 
Eddie Diehl 

"There 's the wind-up and here 's the pitch! " as Duke Sanderson fires the 
ball across home plate. 


czSel^l' ±ati±jaciiorz zssufisd 
as. s-ocfi ^a(jE 
oj (iim±£.[j 
to com^[£:i£ 
tfiai I'tnaf dsacHim. 
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to acfLiztJs. a common, goal. 
(l^al[Eng£.iL vj£X£: mzt 
IjLj Ln(Jo[(Js.m£.nt 
and action. 
<:StudEnt± united 
to di±coij£.z 
a mutual int£.XE.±t, 



toujazd matuxitij 
tfvLOugfi accs-jitancE 
oj X£.i.j2on±i 



Miss Sharon Ann Johnson 

Still in her unbelieving state, Sharon accepts her trophy. 

Sharon Johnson was crowned as Miss Princess Anne as 
Keyettes sponsored the tenth annual pageant. Sharon has been 
active throughout high school life as a Keyette member, Vice- 
President of Coronet Tri-Hi-Y, NHS, Secretary of French Na- 
tional Honor Society, Senior Steering Committee, and SCA 
Representative. Sharon is very interested in music, singing in 
Madrigals, A Capella Choir, and was accepted in All Regional 
Chorus. She reigned in true Princess Anne spirit, dedication, 
and loyalty, all the while with a smile on her face. 


SCA EXECUTIVE COUNCIL. SCA Officers, Seated: Debbie Canaday, Doug Pilley, Michele Clifton. Second Row: D. Garrison, J. Brichter, A. 
Hoffman, D. Paschang, C. DelaCruz, M. Russo, C. Whitten, B. Bratton, C. Crandell, J. Cyrus. Back Row: D. Ward, M. Fields, G. Olson, J. Williams, S. 
Duff, B. Holley, P. Morgan, M. Martin. 

c^iudznt douncil (^^±±ociation 

The 1 969-1 970 S.C.A. strove hard throughout the year to 
acquaint new students with the curriculum. With the assistance 
of a very active executive council, the S.C.A. was able to carry 
out one of the most successful Homecomings ever. In October, 
a school exchange with a local high school was promoted. 
Seven students were representatives of the Princess Anne spirit 
and enthusiasm. One of the biggest events of the year was the 
farewell banquet to the long time friend and sponsor, Mr. E. E. 
Cox. An asset for many years to school spirit, Mr. Cox will 
long be remembered for his many contributions and dedica- 
tion to Princess Anne. For the first time, a Sadie Hawkins 
Dance was held at which time couples dressed in "Dog-patch 
America" style. An added attraction was the imitation 
marriages performed by "Marrying Sam". 

Phil Hurd is recognized at one of the bi-monthly SCA meetings. 


SCA President Doug Pilley calls for discussion on 
the motion. 

In the SCA sponsored Homecoming activities. Queen Marcia White reaches up to steady the 
crown as escort Don Maskall looks on. 

INTRASCHOOL EXCHANGE STUDENTS. Front Row: .M. Clifton. D. Pilley. J. Cyrus. Back Row: D. Ward. D. Enroughty. G. Olson. .M. Fields. 


• > 



v.- ■ 


OFFICERS. Sara Casey, Pat Ziegler, Bob Patterson, Joel Miller. 

Joel Miller reads the list of qualifications at the Tapping Ceremony. 

Introduced at Princess Anne this year was a tutoring service 
provided by members of the National Honor Society. This was 
a scheduled program for those students who were not 
proficient academically. 

Traditional projects included the sponsorship of the first 
dance after the football game with Great Bridge and the 
Valentine's Day Dance. Awarding scholarships to deserving 
members is the main objective of the organization. 

The National Honor Society nominated two of its mem- 
bers, Cathy Crandell and Pat Ziegler for National scholarships. 

Leadership, scholarship, character, service, and integrity are 
membership qualifications. 

NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY. Front Row: M. Miller. C. Logan. M. Giordano, J. Gossetl. D. Canaday, P. Ziegler, S. Casey. /,. Hurdis, 
N. Davis, P. Middleton. C. Crandell, S. Johnson. Back Row: M. Martin. D. Lazar. R. Patterson. J. Miller. M. McDonald. D. Parsons, E. 


JR. NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY. First Row: J. Kelsay, J. Canaday. S. Viet. L. Bennett, D. 
Berglund. K. Agar, L. Jones. Second Row: D. McKenzie, M. Sellers, K. Frost, M. Retzke, D. Pilley, J. 
Brichter, C. Brugh, B. Frye. A. Pillow, D. Murrell. 

Jerry Canaday, Susan Viet, John Kelsay. 

^cfio[ax±fii(2 and ^ez(ju2e 

Beginning its second year at Princess Anne, the Junior 
National Honor Society took a giant step forward. As a club 
that recognizes outstanding scholars from grades nine through 
eleven, the activities included an induction ceremony in May 
for new members and the establishment of a scholarship for a 
member when he becomes a senior. This group, though small, 
is rapidly establishing itself as a group of leaders at Princess 

Cavalier places emphasis on scholastic achievement, willing- 
ness to work with the club to better the school, the home, and 
the community, and to raise Christian ideals and standards. 

Cavalier Hi-Y joined with G.A.A. in making a foyer display. 
This project and other spirit projects showed their willingness 
to work and to maintain high standards for Princess Anne. 

CAVALIER CLUB. First Row: S Henderson. Second Row: F. Hester, D. CAVALIER OFFICERS. Bob Holley, Jerry Alley . Rudy Tucker, 

Haxter, P. Hurd. Third Row: J ORourke, K. Allen. D. Ward, S. Smith. W. Fletcher Hester, Phil Hurd. 



BOYS' AND GIRLS' STATE: Front Row: C. Crandell, R. Hogan. D. Canaday. Back Row: S. Henderson, D. Parsons. F. 
Hester, G. Olson. P. Hurd. 

One week during every summer the American Legion orga- 
nizes Boys' and Girls' State. In 1969, Fletcher Hester, Steve 
Henderson, Phil Hurd, Greg Olson, and Don Parsons attended 
Boys ' State at Williamsburg, Virginia. Debbie Canaday, Rox- 
anne Hogan, Cathy Crandell, and Susan Candy were our rep- 
resentatives to Girls 'State at Radford College. 

In addition to learning about government, the citizens of 
Boys' and Girls' State were able to meet a variety of Virginians 
and learn about the areas these people represented. This year a 
daily newspaper was edited by the students. 

ICC: Front Row: S. Johnson. B. Wells. P. Tyretl. K. Drews. B. Berg, T. Hetzer, J. Cyrus. Back Row: M. Fields. D. Parsons, D. Lazar. 


Applause fills the auditorium as Kristie Benyman is announced as First A medley of songs was sung by Lynn De bra Hudson's opera wins her the 
Place Winner. Chuilli. Second Place Prize. 

A Student Talent Show, sponsored by the Chorus 
Department was the newest addition to its various 
money-making projects. Any student was eligible to tryout for 
the show, but only fifteen acts were accepted. The money 
raised from the show assisted in the purchase of new and 
updated equipment for the Choral Department. Prizes of 
twenty-five, fifteen and ten dollars were awarded to the first, 
second, and third place winners. A variety of talent kept the 
audience well entertained as another accomplishment was 
made at Princess Anne this year. 

Debbie Waldorf and Rick Potts keep the show rolling as they 


A CAPPELLA CHOIR. Front Row: S. Goble, A. Legiie. C. Bowman, J. Golden. Third Row: D. Howe, J. Donnelly, J. Dodds, P. Davis, M. 

Constantine. C. Carney, T. Norton. C. Moyer, W. Schmidt, G Wills. M. Dekker, K. Barton. R. Potts, M. Gallond, J. Waldorf, D. Bivans, D. 

Cale. M. Jones. D. Strout. S. Harrell. Second Row: M. Shelby, S. Pate, Hudson, D. Griffin. Back Row: C. Lentz, B. Harcum, S. McCoy, N. 

J. Simms. D Milburn. L. McJunkin, T. Whited, M. Wiggleton, J. Watson. D. Enroughty, H. Draper, D. Reece, M. McGuire, J. Phillips. S. 

Lindgren. T. Cipolla. D. Benjamin. P. Rudy, T. Casey, R. Holt. L. Riggs, M. Price. 

The Choral Department started the year with a talent show 
"I Am Curious . . . Red, White and Blue. " Kristie Berryman 
took first place, followed by Debra Hudson in second, and a 
duet by Robyn Holt and Mike Cale took third. 

The annual Christmas Concert featured the A Cappella 
Choir, Girls ' Chorus, and the Madrigals. 

New this year were the red dresses, monogrammed, worn 
by the Girls ' Chorus. 

In the spring, the department presented Poulenc's "Gloria" 
by the A Capella Choir as well as a concert of folk music by 
the entire choral department. To top off the spring season a 
Broadway Musical was presented. This year's Madrigal Singers 
were kept busy with nearly forty performances to their credit. 

MADRIGALS. Eronl Row: C. Lentz. D. Howe, R. Potts. C. Carney. D. 
Ben/amen. J. Waldorf Second Row: R. Holt. G. Wills. S. Pate. M. Cale, 
J. Constantine. Back Row: N. Watson. D. Enroughty, S. McCoy. M. 


SECOND BELL GIRLS' CHORUS. Front Row: B. Wimbrow. E. J. Deal. Third Row: C. McGee. G. Hall. M. Lyman. M. Barnett, P. 

Holley, P. Sears, C. Vandenberg, S. Wild, N. Alexander, B. Harris, C. Moore, D. Finn. /. Nichols, F. Deloatche. Back Row: S. James, L. 

Patterson, S. Lane, P. Jennings. Second Row: B. Salsbury, K. Thomas, Snyder, M. Clifton. B. Self. C. Eger. T. Carroll. 
T. Beck, K. Carruthers. G. Chapman, J. Weber, J. Nicklas, M. Roberts, 

F/RST BELL GIRLS' CHORUS. Front Row: P. Rhodes. L. Campbell. E. Verner. P. Sorey. G. Nicklas. R. Ore. B. Beatty. M. 
Marx, D. Saury. Second Row: S. Livingston, R. Pair. T. Longanecker. V. Jones, D. Davis, L. Griffin, M. Spangenberg, C. 
Cobbs. Back Row: D. Ewers, J. Barker, J. Pickens. A. Baker. R. Ewers, S. Barnett, M. Strout. 


VlKijlNlA i 

Barbara B. Erskine ' 

AfeUN^ON - Barbara Bonnycas- I 

tie ErskitiB cf tiw. oinn Wnrif nrsmith | 

Ives St., died in her hpme on Saturday, 
July 15, 1995, iSfter^iailong. struggle 
witti emphysem^j " ' ".I". 

Bom in San Francisco, Mrs. Er- 
skine was the daughter of the late 
highly decorated Colonel Henry Chur- 
chill Bonnycastle and the late Marie 
Kennedy Bonnycastle, both of Louis- 
ville, Kent She was a direct descen- 
dant of Commodore Joshua Barney, 
U.S. Naval hero of the War of 1812,. 
and of Professor Charles Bonnycastle, 
who was persuaded by Thomas Jeffer- 
son to leave his home in England to 
become the first chairman of the de- 
partment of natural' philoGophy and 
later of mathematics at the University 
of Virginia when it opened in 1825. It 
was widely said that Professor Bonny- 
castle possessed ■ the most ..original 
mind of any teacher .of 'mathematics in 
the United States in his time, -v 

Mrs. Erskine attended the Agnes Ir- 
win School in Philadelphia and later 
was graduated from The Choate 
School in Boston. She was an accom- 
plished equestrienne, and. teacher of 
riding; for a number, of years she was 
a featured performer on horseback in 
the annual Washington Society Circus. 
As the niece of Marvin Mclntyre, spe- 
ci4 adviser and secretary to president 
Franklin D. Roosevelt, Mrs. Erskine 
was often a guest at White House 
fiinctions during the Roosevelt admin- 
istration. Her marriage to Frank G. 
Erskine of Jackson, Miss., a graduate 
of the University of Mississippi and 
Cornell University, was a highlighted 
event of the 1937 Capital social 

Mr. Erskine, a civil engineer and of- 
ficer in the Seabees during World War 
II, was a pioneer in the development 
of Ughtweight concrete. In 1954 he be- 
came the first managing director of 
the Expanded Shale Clay and Slate In- 
stitute, with its offices in the National 
Press Building in Washington. Mr. Er- 
skine, a golfer and world traveler well 
into his eighties, died August 5, 1992. 
In his memory the Frank G. Erskine 
Award is given annually for outstand- 
ing achievement in intematibnal engi- 
neering design. 

Until the onset of her illness, Mrs. 
Erskine accompanied her husband on 
his many travels as a consultant. In 
1970 the Erskmes were guests of the 
Soviet Union government for talks on 
construction projects. Mrs. Erskine 
was warmly welcomed on their travels 
as a cousin of the late Aleen Muldoon 
Bingham, wife of the United States 
ambassador to the Court of St. James 
during World War II. Mrs. Bingham 
founded and directed the Bundles for 
Britain program during and after the 

Mrs. Erskine was an Episcopalian 
and a member of the Army-Navy 
Country Club, the Aurora Hills Wom- 
an's Club, and tVi« Aurora Hills Book 
Club. She was until the end of her life 
an avid bridge player. 

Mrs. Erskine is survived by one sis- 
ter, Jane Bonnycastle Bender of San 
Antonio, Texas; two daughters, Mari- 
lyn Lithgow Erskine Darnell of Burke, 
Va., and Deborah Bonnycastle Erskine 
Lankford of Virginia Beach; her sons- 
in-law, Capt. Jack Darnell (USN Ret.) 
and Paul G. Lankford; three grand- 
children, Deborah Darnell Rast qf 
Bonnycastle Farm, Central, S.C., Ste- 
phen Erskine Darnell of Alexandria, 
and Alan Hendley Churchill Lankford 
of Virginia Beach; and a niece and two 

In accordance with Mr. and Mrs. 
Erskine's wishes, a joint funeral ser- 
vice with full military honors will be 
held for them at ArUngton National 
Cemetery on Friday, July 21, 1995, at 
9 a.m. Everly Funeral Home of Alex- 
andria is handling all the 

LOW WOODWINDS. Front Row: W. Smith, M. Hollenbeck, G. PERCUSSION. Front Row: S. Bray. D. Allard, B. Reams. Back Row: B. 

Chandler. Second Row: D. Hamilton, B. Bratton, R. Wilson. Back Leiderman, K. Casey, D. Lively, D. Clemmons. 

Row: K. Miller, E. Thompson, S. Thomas, D. Gainor, E. Blackmer. 



HIGH BRASS. Front Row: G. Dayton, L. Bascher, C. Dearden, R. 
Morrison. Second Row: M. Schneider. R. Apperson, J. Gregory, S. 
Shaffer, K Smith, M. Rancka, F. BuFogle. Back Row: R. Shuler. D. 
Morehcad, D. Shirey. M. Casey, T. Tunstall, D. Pilley. 

Under the direction of Mr. Ronald Collins, the band 
members provided superior entertainment throughout the 
year. In November they were invited to participate in the 
Annual Oyster Bowl Parade. Another highlight was the 
two-day trip to the Apple Blossom Festival in Winchester. The 
accomplishments of outstanding musicians were recognized as 
fourteen students were chosen to the 1969 Regional Band. 

Providing half-time entertainment is one of the many activities 
of the fabulous Marching Cavalier unit. 


SENIORS. Front to Back: S. Fiery, D. Davenport. L. 
Gregory, K. Miller, R. Freeman, W. Marchant, G. Messen- 
ger, R. Dick, E. Blackmer, C. Champagne, E. Majors. 

LOW BRASS. Front Row: L. Plisco.M. Dotson, J. Batten. W. .Marchant. W. Caudle, 
K. Ainley. Back Row: G. Messenger. D. Early, A. Flowers, C. Champagne, W. 

DRUM MAJORS. Kenny Miller, Jay Gregory. HIGH WOODWINDS. Front Row: D. Brown, L. Gregory, K. Kelly, R. Lionberger. D. Smith, C. 

Johnson, K. Williams, A. Burnett, P. Northcraft. Second Row: K. Copley, R. Freeman, S. 
Timerinan, D. Waldorf, B. Bailey, C. Barkley, R. Ingram, J. Goff, P. Goodman. Third Row: E. 
Barkley, D. Davenport, D. Dickson. V. James. B. Zimmerman, C. Martin. Back Row: D. Kohler, 
R. Dick, S. Fiery, E. Majors. J. Ingram. 

B BAND. Front Row: A. Brown, L. Tate, D. Lue, D. Degner, D. Collins, M. Wags. H. Johnson, D. Cox, C. Harvey. Second Row: D. Goodman, J. 
Duff, K. Kroll, P. Dodds. C. Roundtree, S. Stekettee. J. Davis, D. McClenny, S. Parrish, R. Edwards, C. Adams. R. Keef R. Basgier, J. Fiery. Third 
Row: S. Chandler, R. Michaelson, L. Goddin, D. Blanchett, G. Kennedy, J. MacDonald, F.Mirman, B. Heathcoat, B. Wallace, J. Clark, T. Galvin, A. 
Waters, D. Woinack, T. Goffey, M. Casey, E. Diebler, C. Young, P. Jones. Standing: D. Hueber, T. Dorough, M. Parsons, J. Magger, R. Moore, M. 

Students who are interested in musical training but not yet 
eligible to play in the Princess Anne Band are able to start out 
playing in Beginner's Band. These students gain valuable expe- 
rience which is helpful upon becoming a full band member. 

The Princess Ahne Concert Band received many honors this 
year, including the selection of twenty-six members to All 
Regional Band. This was the greatest number of musicians ever 
to represent one high school on the Regional level before. 
Regional Band performers were then eligible to compete for a 
position in the State Band. 

ALL REGIONALS. Front Row: D. Davenport. J. Goff. D. Gainor. D. Kohler. L. Gregory. E. Barkley. S. Fiery. E. Majors. Second Row: D. Pilley. S. 
Braye. C. Dearden. D. Dickson. D. Hamilton. J. Ingram. R. Lionbcrgcr. T. Tunstall, D. Lively. Third Row: D. Allard, A. Flowers. D. Moorehead. J. 
Gregory, J. Snyder, J. Batten. R.Dick. 


DRILL TEAM. Front Row: K. Holzliouser. P. Levitt. N. Appel. C. 
Duff, Mr. E. Stanley, R. Lavoie, B. Lehr. L. Marinelli. Second Row: S. 
Dinger, P. Weidreck, N. Pate. P. Middleton. D. Dickson. M. Giordano. S. 
Berger, P. Marino. S. Massey. D. Griffen. B. Terry. Third Row: K. 
Adcock, J. Weber. J. Miller. C. Smith. B. Harold. P. Davis. S. Edwards. 
J. Taylor. J. Foster. L. Horan. C. Lebrecht. L. Scott. Fourth Row: K. 
Van Patten. C. Jones. P. Baer. K. Stout. A. Craft. J. Boutte. S. McCoy. 

M. Sellers. D. Marinelli. S. Rudy. S. Lehr. Fifth Row: S. Elliott. J. Duff 
D. Vanderberry. K. Walker. R. Pair. S. Mansfield. D. Hurd. L. Ryder. S. 
Griggs. C. Wilson. M. Price. Sixth Row: E. Ward. C. Dressier. D. 
Goodman, S. Wilmouth. E. Lewis. K. Berryman. K. Burris. C. Slaughter. 
B. Manby. M. Sallwasser. S. Rump. Back Row: R. Bordone. N. Watson. 
N. Edgar. K. Kertz. S. Brinkley. D. Tignor. A. Grant. 

The Drill Team at P. A. performed at Chowan College in 
October, at the University of Richmond, and the Hampton 
Parade. The Drill Team is composed of approximately eighty 
girls under the direction of Mr. Stanley and the co-captains 
Chris Duff and Rosemarie Lavoie. They accompanied the 
marching band to the Apple Blossom Festival in Winchester. In 
the latter part of May, a banquet was held to honor the 
Cavalettes and their parents. 

DRILL TEAM OFFICERS. Front Row: Chris Duff. Rosemarie Lavoie. Back Row: Brenda Lehr. 
Nancy Appel. Linda Marinelli, Peggy Levitt, Jackie Foster, Karen Holzhouscr. 


1969-1970 VARSITY CHEERLEADERS. C. Menitt, G. Collins, N. Spence, C. Griffith. C. DelaCmz, D. Canaday, N. Thompson, M. White, K. Gainer, 
C. Spagnuolo. 


Nancy Thompson stretches out in the splits to warm up before a game. 

to tfiE ±ticiii of ^J^.c^i. 

Leading the school in spirit and pep, the Varsity Cheer- 
leaders promoted enthusiasm during all athletic events. 
Through the efforts made at several car washes and bake sales, 
the cheerleaders were able to purchase new uniforms for the 
squad this year. 

Representing our school at the National Cheerleading Clinic 
were Carmen DeLaCruz, Cathy Merritt and Nancy Thompson. 
They brought additional honor to P. A. by winning the spirit 

For the first time, cheerleaders made salutes to game 
players before the athletic events. They also led pep rallies in 
the foyer of the auditorium before football, basketball and 
baseball games. 

Returning cheerleader Marcia White shows poise and form while doing 
the splits. 

Junior Cathy Merritt boosts spirit during a basketball game. 


The Junior Varsity Cheerleaders sing "Mighty Big Red" as they ride in their car for Homecoming. 

in ifjiZii 

Eligible for the Junior Varsity Cheerleading squad are girls 
in the eighth, ninth, and tenth grades. This year over fifty girls 
generated enthusiasm for the tryouts and ten were selected. 

These peppy underclassmen supported all the athletic con- 
tests of the JV and the Jr. JV teams. They further encouraged 
school spirit by making good luck name tags for the players to 
wear on each game day. Frequent pep rallies and constant 
practicing kept the squad abounding in spirit. 

Thompson, C. Wizeinan, N. Roberts, D. Vest. Back Row: B. Karey, B. 
Self, L. Dick, E. Holley. 

Co-Captain Cindy Wizeman practices a spread jump in the foyer of the 


Manby, D. Purdin. L. Hurdis. J. Englett, D. O'Connell. P. Taylor. 
Second Row: R. Kingsbury, A. Forrell, S. DeVries, M. Dekker. K. 

Hurdis. Mascot. .4. Chemning. K. Barrett. K. Copley. J. Owens. D. 
Givens. D. Pollock. 

OFFICERS. Debbie Purdin, Lori Hurdis, Joy Englett. 

Students planning to enter the teaching profession were 
encouraged to be active in the Future Teachers of America 
Club. To motivate the members, the meetings this year 
emphasized the profession by having outstanding speakers at 
the meetings and by taking a trip to Madison College to 
observe elementary teachers in the area. 

Inspiriting the Majorettes to greater efforts this year was 
the anticipated trip to Winchester and the Apple Blossom 
Festival with the Marching Cavaliers. Hours of practice and 
planning were necessary before making the trip the memorable 
occasion it was. 

Throughout the year the girls performed at half time of the 
football games, thrilling all spectators with their poise and 

MAJORETTES. L. Gregory. P. Northcraft. V. James. C. Johnson. B. 
Bratton. D. Davenport. B. Bailey, K. Kelly. 

Issuing fourth daily from room 265 are sounds of the hard 
working members of the Annual Staff as they try to capture 
memories of another passing year at Princess Anne. Close 
associations are formed as students work on layouts 
endeavoring to meet deadlines. 

Last March the three editors attended the CPSA Convention 
in New York City. They gained knowledge and new ideas from 
other editors and sponsors from across the United States. 

This year, the annual staff sponsored a dance after the last 
football game in November to raise money. At the Annual 
Dance in May the Yearbooks were distributed and signatures 
were amended. 

Annual staff takes part in Homecoming parade in October. 

Working along together Financial Advisor Mr. F. Peek and 
Business Manager Skip Snyder send out bills to our 


Running in and out of doors, Editor-in-Chief Linda Pyatt gathers Sports Editor Ray Farnhan works with Eileen 

information to layout the Peerage. Smith in writing up the sports review. 

PEERAGE STAFF: Front Row: K. Johnson. B. Dunn. L. Pratt. A. Pillow. K. hunilian. O. Snyder. Back Row: R. Wear. C. Logan. G. Gossip. D. 
O'Connel. T. Sokol. K. Hughes. E. Smith. L. Stanch. C. Wilson. 


Sponsor Mr. l.ail checks over the finished product. 

Editor-in-Chief Ande Hoover lays out the front page. 

This year 's "Page " took on a new look as the Crestline Press 
became the professional printer of the paper. "The Page" 
thoroughly covers all the events on a very detailed basis, as the 
paper is published monthly. Each year, representatives are sent 
to New York to visit the Columbia Scholastic Press Associa- 
tion convention. In all its years, "The Page" has never fallen 
below a second place rating in the national competition. 

Sh crry hllioii. Coach Versprille . and Miriam Sellers smile over the 
school newspaper. 


PAGE STAFF. Front Row: T. Carroll, B. Foy. Second Row: S. Morrison, S. Moore, A. Hoover. J. Johnson, D. Nickles. Back Row: D. McKenzie, S. 

The staff bows down to its sponsor, Mr. Lail. 

EDITORS: Joy Johnson, Steffi Berger, Bill Foy, Dottie McKenzie. 


ATHENA TRI-HI-Y. Front Row: L. Campbell. D. O'Connell. T. Hetzer, R. Poyner, M. Shelby. Second Row: D. Murral, S. Sears, E. Jones. C. Sears, C. 
Oenbrink, C. King. Back Row: B. Boughton, R. Poyner, J. Owens. J. Englett. L. Thorndike. 

One of the many projects which Athena Tri-Hi-Y partici- 
pated in was donating to the Joy Fund. Athena further served 
the community by collecting and donating a basket of food to 
a needy family. Members collected for ALSAC and UNICEF in 
October. Athena assisted the YMCA by straightening up the 
records and updating membership cards. 

OFFICERS. Meng Shelby. Elizabeth Stroman. Pam Goddin. Margie 
Keith, Christine Oenbrink. 


CORONET TRIHI-Y. Front Row: Mascot R. Fletcher. V. Stone, D. Buchanan, S. May, T. Sokol, Mascot T. West. Second Row: L. Bas^ier. K. 
Holzhaeuser, K. Johnson, C. Eger, L. Powell, A. Kemper, L. Mitchell. Back Row: L. Garris, S. Riggs, B. Dunn. R. Hogan. S. Johnson, Sponsor. Mrs. 
Gay, D. Milburn, L. Harvey, D. Cain, M. Finch. K. Adcock, S. Alexander, S Casey. 


Coronet's efforts this year took on tones of "We Will 
Serve". Much time and participation went into adopting two 
needy families for the Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays. 
Food, clothing, toys, and a Christmas tree were given to both 
families. Several car washes, bake sales, and the traditional 
candy sale were sponsored by Coronet to raise funds. Coronet 
members also sold tickets to the first Virginia Beach Pop 
Festival held on Thanksgiving Day. 

Coronet had a busy and rewarding year as they sought to 
help others. 


'Wipe Out the Chiefs" places third during Homecoming activities. 

CORONET OFFICERS. Front Row: Lenora Powell. Sandy May. 
Donna Buchanan. Sandy Alexander. Back Row: Karen Johnson, Bar- 
bara Dunn, Roxanne Hogan, Sharon Johnson. 


THETA TRl-HI-Y. Front Row: R. Rogers. A. Campbell, L. Lassiter, L. Snyder, C. Snyder, M. Lytnan. V. Sutphin. Second Row: S. Pate, C. McGee, J. 
Smith, L. Beale, G. Garcia, V. Farmer, D. Mango, K. Whaff, J. Jones, R. Ore, N. Spence. 

Theta led an active year of service to others. Continued 
support of Michael Morris, a twelve year old American Indian 
orphan, has been of major importance for the past six years. 
Members unselfishly donated summer hours to do volunteer 
work for the Medic Home Health Center. Car washes and 
candy sales were helpful in raising funds. Theta showed further 
interest in others by making a fifty dollar donation to World 

"Undermine the Chiefs in the Goldrush. " 


TRINTY TRI-HI-Y. Front Row: T. Turner -mascot. C. Bray, L. Russo. M. Russo. S. Smith -mascot. D. Strout. D. Sakis. K. Wilkens. E. Holley. T. 
Longanecker. D. Weaver. C. Whitten, P. Hurd-mascot. Second Row: P. Moore. D. Moore. J. Constantine. D. Paschang. N. Chevalier. M. Strout. K. 
Pearson, J. Goff, C. Barrett. L. Noles. P. Middleton. J. Cyrus. K. Gainor. R. Walker -mascot. Back Row: B. Kary. M. Retzke. S. Graves, J. Price, C. 
Robinson, C. Griffith, K. Moore, M. Retzke, L. Bennett, D. Moore, Y. Barrett, P. Ellinghausen, B. Fahcy. W. Snyder. 

Throughout the year. Trinity Tri-Hi-Y, under the guidance 
of Mrs. Louise McAfee and Miss Carol Martin, has strived to 
fulfill its purpose: "To create, maintain, and extend through- 
out the home, school, and community , high standards of 
Christian character. " 

The club also sold ICC candy, and sponsored Spirit, Smile, 
Clean Speech, Clean Sportsmanship and Clean Scholarship 
Weeks. Trinity also sponsored Buckle-Up Week to promote 
safety on the highways. The club filled a Thanksgiving basket 
to be donated to a needy family, filled and decorated fruit 
baskets, donated to World Service, and collected fifty-seven 
dollars for "Penny Pitch". Once each month. Trinity visited a 
church of a different denomination. 

OFFICERS. Mary Russo. Debbie Moore. Joyce Cyrus. Melanie Retzke, 
Linda Bennett, Debbie Paschang. Back Row: Karen Pearson. 

Junior Debbie Paschang posts a sign in support of Trinity's Buckle- Up 


The theme for the Homecoming float was "Wipe- 
out the Chiefs ". 

QUO VADIS OFFICERS. Janet Clancy. Kathy Edwards. Barbara Keef. Pam Blankenship, 
and Jackie Wieting. 

jood and tirm 

Quo Vadis reached a peak in fulfillment this year as they 
strove to help others in the school and community. On 
Thanksgiving, food and clothing were given to a needy Ches- 
apeake family. The members collected magazines for the elder- 
ly people at Liberty Bell Nursing Home. Scrapbooks were 
made for the children at King's Daughters Hospital. The club 
washed blackboards for the school. In February, members 
washed windshields and placed signs of "Drive Carefully" on 
the window. In April, an Easter Egg Hunt was sponsored for 
needy children at Headstart. The club also attended church 

HtSllONS ...-W iUO.N.ML.N i 

QUO VADIS TRI HI Y. Front Row: D. Waldorf. J. Wieting. K. Edwards. T. Mendoza. M. Mather. B. Barlow. Back Row: Mascot- R. Leonard. B. Keef. 
J Waldorf. Mascot B. Stroud. P. O'Brien. J. Clancy. Mascot -H. George. 


FUTURE SCIENTISTS. Front Row: D. Angel, Mrs. Billmaier. L. Brabec. B. Brown, 
P. Daspar, S. Crovatt, D. Stocks. Back Row: A. Brown, K. Bach. 

Crovatt, Barbara Brown. 


One of the most unusual clubs in Princess Anne High 
School is the Future Scientists of America. Although the field 
of science encompasses innumerable studies, club members 
had the opportunity to observe many of these studies first 
hand. During the year FSA took field trips to observe such 
branches of science as astronomy, parapsychology, biology, 
archeology, and marine life. They visit surrounding planetari- 
ums, and enjoyed a weekend trip to Washington, D. C. 

Hopes soared with the 1969-1970 debaters, with the prom- 
ise that with hard work this year's record could surpass that of 
previous years. 

"Resolved: Congress should prohibit unilateral United 
States Military intervention in foreign countries," was the 
topic this year. 

Many interclub debates were conducted and the team 
participated in debates in Charlottesville, Great Bridge, 
Newport News, Richmond, and Williamsburg. 

DEBATE CLUB. Front Row: T. Moran, B. Andrews. Second Row: J. 
Moss, P. Morgan, L. DeVries, R. Shaffer, P. Kaspar. Back Row: T. Norton. 

John Moss and Rick Shaffer argue a point. 


KEY CLUB: Front Row: M. Apperson. L. Welch, D. Willard, D. Haxter, 
W. Wright, D. Rogers, M. Swindell. D. Dunn, R. Fletcher, S. Henderson. 
Second Row: F. Hester. J' O'Rourke. J. Canaday, D. Lazar, T. Turner, 

S. Smith, D. Ward, R. Basgier, D. Berglund. T. West. Back Row: R. 
Leonard, J. Holland, G. Oxx, B. Evans, D. Smith, D. Deason, D. Holt, 
T. Blumenstein. 

^J^atxioti±m and (^ooci(jji£[ ±(iotun 

The Key Club 's main objectives are to develop leadership, to 
serve the school, maintain sound public opinion, and high 
ideals which make possible the increase of justice, patriotism, 
and good will. 

Publication of the Student Directory is done each year 
which benefits all the student body. 

Having had an active year once again Key Club proved to be 
an outstanding service club. 

OFFICERS Front Row: Bill Stroud. Terry Turner. Wayne Wright. Steve Henderson. David Lazar. Back Row: 
Scott Smith, Rah Fletcher 


KEYETTES: First Row: Mascots R. Roenker. G. Olson. R. Patterson. 
Second Row: C. Merritt, B. Dunn, M. Clifton, P. Ziegler, B. Berg, S. 
Casey, D. Canaday, M. Miller. Third Row: N. Davis. S. Johnson, K. 
Johnson, R. Hogan, S. Alexander, C. Delacruz, C. Crandell. C. Whitten, 

J. Constantine, B. Fahey,A. Sutton. Fourth Row: M. White. C. Ziegler, 
D. Dunn, L. Basgier, C. Spagnuolo, A. Pillow, H. Lubimov, C. Griffith, 
B. Wells. M. Retzke, W. Snyder. 

U\Eij^tts:± ^EnEzat^ zni(iu±ia±m 

Keyettes have involved themselves in projects benefiting the 
school and the community. They cleaned trophies, sold home- 
coming mums, and sponsored spirit campaigns. The biggest 
project was the sponsorship of the Miss Princess Anne 
Pageant, one of the most exciting events of the school for the 
past ten years. Profits from these activities go for scholarships 
awarded to deserving senior Keyettes. 

The National Keyette Convention was held in Washington, 
D. C. in which P. A. Keyettes participated. 

OFFICERS: Cathy Merritt, Debbie Canaday, 
Ziegler, Beth Berg, Sara Casey, Cathy Crandell. 

Barbara Dunn, Pat 

Cox Falcons captured by carnivorous Cava- 

Keyettes show spirit during halftime activities with "Blow Their Mind. ' 


Junior Civitan placed first in the Homecoming floats with "Swamp the 
Chiefs. " 

Induction ceremonies evidence the serious side oj Civitan. 
District Chaplain Dehhie Blackstock lights the central "I" which 
stands jor Integrity. " 

ICC Candy Sale is the major source of income for Civitan. Debbie 
Joyce. Diana Blackmer, Mike Taylor, and Barbara Clark help sell candy 
for the annual scholarship. 

COMMlTTi:!-: HEADS. Sue Crovatt. Susan Viet. Mrs. Waid. Jeanette 
Millirons. Standing: Debbie Joyce. Patty O 'Neil. Karen Taylor. 


JUNIOR CIVITAN. Front Row: D. Purdin. P. O'Neil. P. Mintz. D. 
Blackstock. Second Row: J. Millirons, B. Clark. C. Oenbrink. K. Moore. 
J. Johnson, C. Logan. L. Powell. J. McDonald. A. Sutton. L. Stanch. 
Third Row: E. Blackmer. D. Mills. D. Jones. T. Brown. G. Bush. V. 
Cochran, D. Moore, D. O'Connell. K. Taylor. M. Clifton. J. Gossett. D. 
Enroughty, M. Miller, P. Middleton, T. Hetzer, D. Joyce, F. Lemons, V. 

Green. D. Morrissette. W. Foy. G. Ahles. Fourth Row: S. Crovatt. K. 
Frost. S. Viet. S. Wallace. J. Simms. P. Finch. R. Roenker. W. Deason. 
T. Turner. J. Miller. R. Patterson. R. Liskovick. M. Taylor. M. Ennis. D. 
Ward. Back Row: P. Starnes. G. Oxx. J. Roenker. B. Frye. G. Weber. N. 
Martin. D. Lazar. C. Taylor. R. Brugh. P. Morgan. G. Wills. R. Farnham. 

At last May's State Convention, the Chesapeake District 
honored their P.A. hosts with a plaque for the "Club of the 
Year", and presented their "Outstanding Sponsor" cup to Mrs. 
Helen Waid of the P.A. faculty. During the summer, P.A. 's 
Kathy Moore won the first runner-up statuette in the "Miss 
Chesapeake District" phase of the "Miss Civitan International" 
contest, celebrating the 50th anniversary of the organization. 
The Board of Directors, Camp Civitan, presented a certificate 
of appreciation to the club for two hundred dollars raised by 
hard-working members for the program for retarded children. 
Locally, Princess Anne's I.C.C voted Junior Civitan "Club of 
the Year" in 1 968-1 969. 

School projects this year included Homecoming float, 
campaigning for ALSAC, Christmas and Easter programs at the 
Liberty House, presenting a Tlianksgiving feast to a needy 
family, raking the football field, sponsoring spirit week for the 
Norview game, making the Kempsville basketball opener 
Voo-Doo doll, and donating to the I.C.C. scholarship. 

Having had a busy and successful year at P.A. Civitan, 
members helped organize the Junior Civitan Club at Kellam 
during the year. 

OFFICERS. Joel Miller. Pat Mintz. Michele Clifton, Don Enroughty. 
Standing: Dennis Ward. Bill Foy. 


CHESS CLUB. T. Elliott, J. Buchanan, D. Lazar, M. Ennis, D. Lazar 

In spite of the handicap of a small membership, the Chess 
Club was able to sponsor matches between local high schools. 
Practices were held at which time beginners were offered 
assistance to help them improve their games. 

The Bible Club gave weekly devotions during the morning 
announcements as a service project to the school. They helped 
collect food for a needy family for Christmas. 

BIBLE CLUB. W. Priest, K. Ainley, Mr. Collier, sponsor, L. Crouch. S. Fremd. 


ALPHA-Y TEENS OFFICERS. Front Row: Maxine Abraham, Jane 
Tier/en. Debbie Angel. Darlene Hughes. Back Row: Chris Peedin, 
Theresa Beck. Angie Baker. 

The Alpha-Y-Teens participated in several service and 
interest projects this year, including the annual crowning of 
the Powder Puff King, trips to Portsmouth Naval Hospital, 
monthly worshipping at churches of various religions and 
participating in events which are sponsored by the YWCA. The 
highlight of the year was the trip to Washington, D.C. for the 
World Fellowship Week. 

MEMBERS. Front Row: N. Appel. T. Abbatello, D. Hughes. P. Levitt. C. Ranka. R. Wise. M. Abraham. P. Rhodes. Second Row: D. Angel. P. Horner, 
L. Stokley, D. Lawrence, S. Beasley, S. Wood, J. Donnelly, C. Peedin. B. Ackerman. K. Hughes. C. Janik. Miss Zepka. sponsor. Back Row: D. Griffin, 
T. Beck. A. Baker, J. Tietjen, G. Miller. 


Powder Puff King Greg Olson and Maxine Abraham relax after the king 
is crowned. 


D.E. CLUB: Front Row: B. Marson.D. Fitzer. T. Salck, N. Creighton, L. 
Golden. D. Griffin, V. Sutpliin. S. Riggs, J. Webber. Second Row: A. 
Jones, G. Woodord, M. Switzer, P. Sapp, J. Wilson. L. Deemer, J. 
Tietjen, C. Peeden, K jeors, J. Moody, J. Thomas. Third Row: C. 

Frank, C. Mayer, K. Wilsow, G. Messinger, F. Rose, M. Gallond, T. 
West, B. Martin, J. Forrest. Fourth Row: G. Norton, T. Merritt, I. 
Stewart. A. Wilson, D. Maxwell, M. Borek, P. Kelley, M. Elliott. 


The Distributive Education Club of Princess Anne is one of 
the largest Clubs in the school The Club acquaints the 
students with the business world. Every year the D.E. Club 
strives toward a goal. This year the Club sought to help many 
needy Tidewater families during the holidays. Baskets of food 
and gifts were distributed by the students themselves. 

D. E. CLUB: Front Row: M. Ambrose. J. Wilsow. J. Kroll. J. Ireland. C. 
Dickerson. M. Lecdom. N. Spence. M. Moloney. Second Row: W. 
Godley. K. Maxwell. E. Fitzgerald, P. Cornetta, M. Mirman. S. Gibbs, 

M. Switzen. R. Brown. H. Drapes, R. Lemon. P. Scott. L. Rose, T. 
Johnson. T. Whited. 


Candy Cane Queen Navy Williams and her escort Ronnie 

"Dance to the Music" as the photographer catches the couples off guard. 

1968-1969 MAY COURT. M. Fields, C. Whitten, S. Benda, D. 
Paschang, J. Foster, E. Kelk, J. Constantine, D. Pilley, M. Clark, R. 
Walls, M. Clifton, R. Tucker, E. Benjamin, K. Allen, J. Cyrus, E. Diehl. 
C. Gaskins, M. Taylor, M. Russo, J. Alley. 


Honored by the members of her class. Miss Michele Clifton 
was crowned 1969 May Queen. Her nine attendants were also 
selected by the class for their outstanding contributions to the 
Class of 71. 

Miss Navy Williams, a senior, was voted Queen to reign at 
the Candy Cane Ball, the annual Christmas dance sponsored by 
the Inter Club Council. 

Christening the gong is May Queen Michele Clifton. 

Sophomore Class President, Maria Clark, and Michele 
Clifton, May Queen, in front of the Maypole. 


GIRLS' ATHLETIC ASSOCIATION: Front Row: D. Buchanan, S. J. Nicholas, D. Paschang, M. Retkze, D. Hurd, E. Holley, K. Gainor, G. 

Hewitt, N. Chevalier, H. Huffman, M. Johnson, C. Robinson, P. Andrews, B. Williams, S. Barrett, D. Weaver, L. Brown, K. Bjorkman, A. 

Wilkenson, D. Smith. Second Row: C. Ziegler, L. Crawford, N. Pillow. Back Row: D. Crouch, L. Jones, V. Liskey, I. Huffman, N. 

Thompson, E. Benjamin, N. Davis, K. Hughes, W. Snyder, T. Roberts, B. Self, C. Page, Y. Barrett, E. Robinson, A. Lionberger, L. 

Longanecker, N. Spence, D. Strout, G. Collins. Third Row: D. Moore, Crouch, D. Ketchmark. 

Sponsoring the annual Powder Puff game between the 
junior and senior girls, the Girls' Athletic Association assisted' 
in keeping the athletic program at P.A. varied. A new feature 
this year was the pre-game contest between the boys of the 
junior and senior classes. These players had not participated 
during the regular season. 

As a service project, the club raised money to help purchase 
athletic equipment. The club awarded a one-hundred dollar 
scholarship to a deserving club member in May. Also, the 
members collected a basket of food to be given to a needy 
family at Christmas. 

Activity meetings were held every third Wednesday and 
several beach parties and team games added interest to the 
busy year of GA A. 

Sandy Alexander and Wayne Wright "rock-out" at the Powder Puff 

G.A.A. OFFICERS: Wendy Snyder, Eva Benjamin, Nancy Davis. Karen 
Hughes, Nancy Thompson. 


FUTURE BUSINESS LEADERS: Front Row: J. Jones. P. Magger, D. Crouch. P. Tyrrell. D. Wallace. E. Jones. Back Row: M. Jones. D. Hardy, S 
Hardy, M. Giordano, B. Anderson, G. Simmons, C. King, S. Wild. J. Reynolds, J. Lamb. 

The Future Business Leaders of America is an organization 
of students who are interested in the business world and plan 
to make it their career. The club seeks to help its members get 
working experience by working in the school office, for 
teachers, and for clubs. 

The FBLA has been very active this year. Some of the club's 
projects included a foyer display for a football game, a Faculty 
Tea, a Christmas food basket to a needy family, a club 
contribution to the Joy Fund, and Valentines to Viet Nam. 

Each year since being orangized, the club has been cited as 
an Honor Chapter at the State Convention. 

OFFICERS: Pamela Magger, Cindy King, Monica Giordano, Patricia 

Mrs. Spence pours punch to serve at a Faculty Tea as 
Sandra Hardy looks on. 


Raunswinter, C. Sabin, L. Crovatt, C. Likey, B. Collins, R. Alwine, P. 
Moran, S. Wilmouth. Back Row: D. Darcee, C. Marshburn, S. Sabin, M. 

Rourke, J. Butler, D. Weaver, J. Cyrus, B. Williams. R. Stroman. T. 
Mastrangeli, L. Burns, C. Patterson, J. Schimmel, D. Mills. 



F.H.A. Officers ride in style at Homecoming on October 24th. 

"Our World- A Growing Heritage" was the Future 
Homemakers ' theme and it proved to be a year-long challenge 
for the members. The club, co-sponsored by Mrs. Parker and 
Mrs. Beazley, had a busy and successful year. 

A policeman spoke to the club during "Stop Vandalism 
Week", sponsored by the club. Faculty coffees were held once 
a month and an International Night was held for the parents, 
which included dinner and a program presented by the 

The Future Homemakers of America purpose was to 
improve individual, family, and community living. Their motto 
was "Towards New Horizons. " 

F.I I. A. OFFICERS: Toni Mastrangeli, Leslie Burns, Susan Wilmouth, Patricia Moran, Joyce Cyrus, Denise Weaver, Sherry 
Dinger, Jeanne Butter. Claudia Patterson. 



iiuig car^EZi czEut^ LntEZsit 

The purpose of the Future Nurses Club is to unite girls who 
have an interest in the medical profession. Nurses from DePaul 
Hospital and Norfolk General Hospital spoke to the club on 
various aspects of nursing. Lt. Beverly Teagle (N.C.J United 
States Navy spoke on the different programs of nurses' school- 
ing in the Navy. Projects F.N.C. undertook included collecting 
clothes for the needy, a paper drive for a church, and making 
the homecoming foyer display. At the end of the year, a one 
hundred dollar scholarship was given to a deserving senior 
member to help defray expenses in nursing school. 

Homecoming joyer display title was "Smoke out the Chiefs". 

FUTURE NURSES OFFICERS. Cathy Drews. Susan McCoy, Mrs. 
Byrnes, Tina Sokol, Rosemarie Lavoie, Brenda Parks. 


Surrounding Cathy Merritt as St. Catherine are B. Frye, S. Johnson, H. Lubimov, L. Carlson, R. Hogan, M. Giordano, P. 
Ziegler. C. Merritt. J. Constantine, P. Starnes, A. Hoover, D. McKenzie, L. Horan, P. Middleton, D. Buchanan, L. Hurdis, K. 
Copley, J. Miller, K. Hurdis, A. Pillow, D. Murrell, Mrs. Boyd. 

cSi Caifi 

Recognizing outstanding students in French, the French 
National Honor Society brought members closer to France by 
practicing customs and observing French holidays. In 
November the Club held a party in honor of Saint Catherine, 
French patron saint of young unmarried girls, members 
dressed in festive costumes and paid homage to the spirit of 
St. Catherine. In February, Mardi Gras was observed as a mock 
festival was held. Decorations, costumes, refreshments and the 
speaking of "Francais" by members combined to add realism 
to the celebration. In the Spring, an annual banquet was held 
at which time the new officers were installed. French cuisine 
was served and French customs were practiced. The enjoyable 
time had by all topped off the eventful year. 

/logon. Lori Hurdis, Sharon Johnson. Dorothy McKenzie. 


Outstanding Senior quarterback Linda Marinelli drops POWDER PUFF CANDIDATES AND ESCORTS. P. Hurd, T. Beck. D. Enroughty, 

back for a pass. D. Hughes, T. Turner, A. Baker, B. Patterson, K. Hughes, G. Olson, M. Abraham. 

Rosemarie Lavoie concentrates on the play as Chris Duff snaps the ball. 

anna at 

Once again, the skill and strength of tail's Luscious Ladies 
won an overwhelming 24-6 victory for the Senior girls over 
Pursell's Pretty Playmates at the annual Powder Puff game in 
November. The team, coached by Mr., Steve Lail and sparked 
by Nancy Appel, Nancy Thompson, and Linda Marinelli, 
proved too strong for the Junior girls, coached by Mr. Donald 


MODERN MUSIC MASTERS. Front Row: S. Gable, C. Cobbes, D. Bh eiu. S. Johnson, N. Watson, L. Gregory, J. Ingram, J. Goff. Second Row: M. 
Calc. D. Hudson, J. Waldorf. S. Fiery. C. Dearden. K. Copley, R. Holt. D. Kohler, R. Ingram, T. Norton. Back Row: M. Ranka, D. Hamilton, D. Pilley, 
R. Dick. E. Majors. E. Blackmer and G. Wills. 

The newly formed Modern Music Masters took their place 
among Princess Anne's many clubs, recognizing outstanding 
students in Band and Chorus. An induction ceremony was held 
as the constitution was presented and the officers were install- 
ed. Members served as ushers for musical concerts and gave 
solo or ensemble performances. 

Among the many projects of the Art Club this year was the 
decoration of the foyer at Christmas time. Members took a 
field trip to the Virginia Beach Art Gallery and held a Christ- 
mas party with the art club of another local high school. Most 
important was the sponsoring of the Annual Art Fair in the 
spring during which time students displayed their creative 

Johnson, Nancy Watson, Doug Pilley, Robyn Holt, and Robert Dick. 

ART CLUB MEMBERS: Front Row: B. Cord. D. 
Darcce, J. Reed, A. Meekins. Second Row: C. Lentz. 
C. Collins. M. Ward. K. Schmidt. Back Row: B. Lewis, 

Thespian Troupe 762 is a member of the Inter- 
national Thespian Society-an honorary organization for 
the promotion of dramatic arts in secondary schools. 
Troupe members are active in every theatrical production at 
Princess Anne, from the fall play Antigone through the 
Senior play in the spring. 

Troupe 762 has local theatre talent speak at monthly 
activity meetings. The members are planning to visit the 
local television stations, the drama facilities at Old Domi- 
nion University, and attend local theatrical productions. 

An Honor Thespian is chosen at the end of the year. 

DRAMA OFFICERS. Neil Martin, Lynn Chuilli, Mike Mosher, Melissa 
Coleman, Stephen Kleinrock. 

THESPIANS. Front Row: C. Collins, L. Chuilli. P. Middleton. L. Harvey, G. Land, M. Mosher Back Row: D. Laughton, J. Waldorf, M. Coleman, J. 
Taylor, Mr. Taft, N. Martin, S. Keinrock. B. Sandais. 


GOATS. Front Row: L. McNeil. P. Hurd, M. Bagley, R. Ashe. Back ^ , , , , 

Row: K. Allen, F. Weaver. A. Strange, J. Williams. Awards presented in May were given to outstanding athletes 

by the Varsity Club. The Club also contributed to the Princess 
Anne Scholarship Program. They donated stop watches and 
new equipment to the weight room. 

VARSITY CLUB. Front Row: D. Allen. A. West. R. Patterson. D. Back Row: F. Hester. D. Pilley. E. Kelk. J McGrath, J. Keller. R. 

Rogers. D. Ilaxter, S. Henderson. W. McDonald. Second Row: G. Jones. R. Haines. D. SInder. 

Olson. G. Bishop. J. Johnson. G. Oxx. J. Pulley. M. Bagley, G. Allies. 


SCEPTER TRIHI Y. Front Row: J. Johnson, S. Goble. P. Dodds, P. 
Rudd, D. Nichols, V. Cochran, T. Brown, B. Bratton. Back Row: D. 
Morehead, mascot. D. Dixon, Mrs. Chastian, Sponsor, S. McCoy, C. 

Dearden, M. Tanner, tnascot, B. Harcum, C. Dressier, N. Berney, V. 
James, B. Bailey, J. Foster, A. Arnesen, mascot, E. Benjamin. 

^CE^i^z ±^T(js± communLtij 

Providing Christian growth and encouraging community 
responsibility were goals for the Scepter Club this year. Having 
received the Ace Award for achievement last year from the 
YMCA Council, they were also diligent in achieving success 
this year. 

Included in their bi-monthly projects this year have been 
monthly visits to wounded servicemen in the Portsmouth 
Naval Hospital, working with underprivileged children and old 
folks, providing a Thanksgiving basket for a needy family, and 
filling Christmas stockings for orphans and servicemen in 
Vietnam. After two months of steady work and devotion, the 
thirty members of Scepter were awarded second place for their 
Homecoming float. 

Hard labor wins the second place prize for Scepter 's float. 

OFFICERS. Susan McCoy, Brenda Bailey, Jackie Foster, Nancy Berney, Connie 
Dearden, Monica Giordano. 


tzLsd to fcH 

in ifis. niiA±t oj- conjui.ion. 
i£)ljeijuz^ commandi., 
oj oux jinaf (dz^iinatton, 

ills. Ljoun^ez gzmzation, 
gaitZEcl Z£.±l2on±i[ji£iiij 
and Ex^JsZLEncs.. 
^oo^mg jozojazd 
vjitfi za^EZ an.iij2Lj:iatLon., 
VJE lEUZcfisd 
joz an oj^p-oztuniiij 
to j^ZOL^E ouz ojoztfi. 
^^l/l/s. cjUEi-tionEd rzEva IizlucLIiLe^ 
a^ain^i ofd LdzcXx 
and EntEZzd tjoUdLij 
into a nzuj [ifE. 




With excited anticipation the Class of 1971 awaits its senior 
year. Three years behind them - they eagerly face the future 
and its promises. 

The joy of being a Junior was fulfilled with the arrival of 
the beautiful class rings and the traditional ring dance. The 
theme of the dance was that of "Roarin' Twenties". To bring 
money into the class treasury, the class sold spirit links, candy 
canes, and toothbrushes. 

Although it was a difficult year, it was one of success and 

Carrying the class symbol, officers ride in Homecoming 

JUNIOR CLASS OFFICERS and SFONSOR: Beth Bratten. President: Tracy Brown. Treasurer: Mrs. Dorothy Jones. 
Sponsor: Nancy Watson. Secretary: Mary Russo, Vice-President. 



JameelAbed Carol Allen Kim Allen Jerry Alley Mary Ambrose William Anderson 

Gary Ansell Sheryl Artese Debra Baer Brenda Bailey David Bailey Lester Bain 

Harry Bamman Lynne Barker Jeff Barnes Walter Barnett Cherie Barrett Kim Beard 

Susan Beck Warren Beck Stephen Benda Eva Benjamin John Bennett Nancy Berney 

Diana Blackmer Pamela Blankenship Beth Bratton Randall Brittain Nancy Britton Cynthia Broerman 




James Deal Carmen De La Cruz Florence DeLoatche Christine Dickerson Edward Diehl Frances Dillard 

Kathryn Doss Malcolm Dotson Beverly Downs Catherine Edwards Sharon Edwards David Ehleringer 

Pam Ellinghausen Ronald Ellis Martha Ellison Robert Evans Debra Ewers Ruth Ewers 

Barbara Fahey Angelita Fajotina Manford Farr Laura Faulkenberry Michael Fields Pamela Finn 

Edward Fitzgerald Arthur Flowers Jackie Foster Lewis Foster Kathleen Franklin Linda Funderburk 


Deborah Gainor Theresa Gaither Stephen Gambill Cathy Gaskins Bernard Gayheart William George 

Kenny Gibbon Nicholas Gibbs Andrew Glisson Pamela Goddin Patricia Goodman Richard Grant 

Vickie Green James Gregory Robert Gregory Linda Griffin Cynthia Griffith Mary Haag 

Joanne Hackney Robert Haines Bonita Harold Mark Harrell Linda Harrison Virginia Hayes 

Cynthia Helton Linda Herrington Kay Sue Hershman Christine Hetzer Sharon Hewett Michael Hightower 


C[a±± of '71 


Debra Jones Marsha Jones Michael Jones Robert Jones Deborah Joyce Sharon Joyce 

Marjorie Keith Edward Kelk Dana Kelley Otis Kennedy Debra Ketchmark Cynthia King 

Daryl Lane Gordon Lane Paul Lanteigne Bruce Lawson Colette Lebrecht Robert Lcc 

Mary Leedom Susan Lchr Jennifer Lemons Ralph Leonard Adam Letourneau George Levi 



Patrice Moslier Charles Moyer Elaine Murray 

Diana Murrell Nadine Naujoks Constance Ness 

Patsy Nickerson Dora Nicklas Deborah Nix Steve Nixon Jessie Oakes Diane O Connell 



Christine Oenbrink Jerrold Ogert David O'Hara Patricia ON eill James O'Rourke Rodney Oshel 

George Oxx 

Debbie Paschang 

Suzanne Pate 

JoAnne Patton Janet Paulhus Karen Pearson 

Rudy Tucker admires the ring of Eileen Smith. 


David Pfitzer Douglas Pilley Penny Pollock David Passage Dorothy Potts Deborah Poyner 

Joni Price Wayne Priest Philip Proctor Joseph Pulley David Reece Jacqueline Reynolds 

Merle Rice David Riggs Stephen Riley Christine Robinson Kyle Rogers William Roper 

Larry Rose Edward Rucka Cheryl Rudd Mary Russo Thomas Salch David Schmidt 

Debra Scott Gerald Scott Patrick Scott Richard Shafer Patricia Shackleford Patricia Shallow 


Charles Shoemaker Gwendolyn Shuey William Silvia Marie Simmons Beverly Skinner Barbara Smith 

Dennis Smith Eileen Smith Earl Snow Charles Snyder Cynthia Spagnuolo Nancy Spence 

Richard Stack Linda Stanch Elizabeth Stroman Valerie Sutphin Susan Svagdys Sharon Swindell 

Jack Talbert James Tanner Judith Taylor Michael Taylor David Terry Robert Thomashefski 

Steven Thutin John Tietjen Richard Tignor Rodney Tomlinson Rudolf Tucker Thomas Tuns tall 


Patricia Tyrrell Sharon Vaughan Ellen Verner Rose Villaneuva William Vogel Warnell Walke 

Ronald Walls Joyce Worrell Nancy Watson Denise Weaver Robert Wheeley Joseph White 

Robert Wilmouth Vernon Wilson Jeannie Wood Valerie Wood Varsity cheerleader 

Cathy Merritt 


SOPHOMORE CLASS OFFICERS and SPONSOR: Kay Kelly, Secretary; Debbie Dunn, President; Mrs. Edwards,Sponsor; Anne 

Pillow, Vice-President; Karen Hughes, Treasurer. 

omozE± aaxxij on 

Reigning in spirit, determination, and good will, the mighty 
class of '72 contributed much to Princess Anne during the 
1969-70 year. 

The beginning of many projects sponsored by the Sopho- 
mores was a bake sale during Homecoming. This successful 
venture inspired the class and they plunged wholeheartedly 
into further activities of the year. Lollipops were sold to boost 
the treasury. Never thinking only of themselves, the Sopho- 
mores gathered toys, clothing and food at Christmas to pro- 
vide for a needy family. The class symbol, the arm and 
hammer, was a uniting factor for the class. Rounding out the 
year, they sponsored a more-than-successful Fashion Show. All 
the funds made the traditional May Dance a huge success. 

Proudly, the officers ride in their car at the Home- 
coming Parade. 


Yusef Abed 
Yvonne Abraham 
Brenda Ackerman 
Karen Agar 
Kenneth Ahles 
Laurel Albritton 

Elizabeth Alderman 
Nancy Alexander 
Dennis Allard 
Timothy Aimer 
Gary Ambrose 
Janet Ames 

William Anderson 
Robert Apperson 
David Arlaud 
Michele Arlaud 
Patricia Baer 
Myles Bagley 

Carol Barkley 
Beverly Barlow 
Diane Barrett 
Richard Basgier 
James Batten 
Lori Beale 

Samuel Beatty 
Edward Bell 
Jeffery Belt 
Linda Bennett 
Dave Berglund 
Pamela Bishop 

Deborah Bivans 
Karen Bjorkman 
Judith Blais 
Pamela Blake 
Terry Blumenstein 
Sandra Bohanan 

Dari Bonomo 
Barbara Bought on 


Deborah Bourne 
Jeannine Boutte 
Carolyn Bowman 
Catherine Bowman 
Lisa Brabec 
Cynthia Bray 

Stephanie Braye 
Francis Brichter 
Lorrine Bright 
Dennis Brown 
Diana Brown 
Linda Brown 

Melanie Brown 
Thomas Brown 
Richard Br ugh 
Clifford Bungard 
John Burleson 
Kathy Burris 

William Burrow 
Thomas Butts 
Janet Byron 
Sue Ellen Cale 
Diane Caminiti 
Linda Campbell 

Jerry Canaday 
Jesse Carden 
Linda Carlson 
Brenda Caron 
Micltael Can- 
Susan Carr 

Irwin Caskill 
Joey Casey 
Gayle Chandler 
Alpheus Chewning 
Alice Cinnamon 
Anthony Cipolia 

Frederick Clark 
Cathi Clark 


SMum Cohen 
Mary Ellen Coulbum 
Donna Corvello 
Annette Craft 
Herbert Crawford 
Joyce Crawford 

Sheryl Creasy 
Susan Crovatt 
Micfiael Cromwell 
Lonna Crouch 
Robert Cunningliam 
Constance Dearden 

Wilber Deason 
Gerald Deatherage 
Frank DeBolt 
Joe DeShasier 
Linda DeVries 
Robert Dixon 

Judy Dodds 
Joann Donnelly 
Kathleen Donnelly 
Ricfiard Donzell 
Joanne Doss 
Joseph Dot son 

Carmel Draper 
Steven Duff 
Cheryl Duffner 
Bradley Dunbar 
David Dunn 
Deborah Dunn 

Emily Eason 
John Edwards 
Christine Eger 
David Ellinghausen 
Sherrie Elliott 
Terry Elliott 

Scott Elston 
Joy Englett 


Jesus Fajotina 
Lonnie Fancher 

Karen Farless 
Mary Finch 

Patricia Fitze 
Joyce Fitzgerald 

Bonnie Freeman 
Mark Freeman 

Kristinia Fremd 
Mike French 

Barry Friedman 
Kathleen Frost 

Bruce Frye 
Willie Mae Gallop 
Edward Ganger 
Steve Garner 
Susan Gautier 
Coleman George 


Glenn Gibbs 
James Gilpatrick 
Kurt Goddard 
William Goldsberry 
Margo Gower 
Deborah Graham 

Frank Grantham 
Bruce Gregory 
Patricia Grimes 
Audrey Gross 
Moritz Gunderson 
Kevin Haag 

Diane Haas 
Bruce Hall 
Bobby Halsey 
Suzanne Hambaugh 
Carol Hamblin 
Earl Hampel 


Gary Hanson 
Elizabeth Harcum 
Kim Harrell 
Sherry Harrell 
Keith Harris 
Jimmie Harrison 

Katherine Harrison 
Holly Hartman 
Claudia Harvey 
Cathy Helsley 
Michael Helvestine 
Teresa Hill 









07^/:^ ccSjjciit and ^nt(iu±ia±m 

Diane Hitt 
Steven Hobbs 
Steven Holland 
Michael Hollenbeck 
Ricki Hooper 
Pamela Horner 

Anne Horvatic 
Scott Houp 
Melanie Howell 
Karen Hughes 
Deborah Hurd 
Donald Hutson 

Joelle Ingram 
Joseph Jacobs 
Llewellyn Jalbert 
Cynthia Johnson 
Meredith Johnson 
William Johnson 

Carol Jones 
Deborah Jones 
Deborah Jones 
Elizabeth Jones 
Glenis Jones 
James Jones 



Z,/>?c?a /ones 
Nancy Jones 


Valerie Jones 
Steven Joyce 
Paul Karch 
Rebecca Kary 
Christopher Kelly 
Kay Kelly 

Martin Kelly 
John Kelsay 
Thomas Kennedy 
Karen Ketchmark 
Stephen Knott 
James Landreth 

Robert Lanteigne 
Linda Lassiter 

Karen Lauderdale 
Dale Lazar 
Richard Ledew 
Sheila Leedom 

Anita Legue 
Mary Lemaster 
Charlene Lentz 
Christine Lentz 
Joan Lewallen 
Edith Lewis 

Joseph Lindgren 
Donna Linscott 
Ruth Lionberger 
Victoria Liskey 
Brian Lockie 
Lynn Long 

Gregory Lowe 
William Luton 
Gregory Malone 
Brenda Manby 
Debra Mango 
Cheryl Mansfield 

Joseph Marchione 
David Marshall 


^A^L^fitij^ ^{i^fiiij ^o^liomo 

Brent Martin 
Cindy Martin 
Lynne Martin 
Neil Martin 
Charlene Maxwell 
Sandra May 

Rosanne Mazzei 
Lance McBride 
Thomas McCullough 
Patricia McDaniel 
Deborah McDonald 
Joy McDonald 

Forrest McFarlane 
Carol McGee 
Karen McGrath 
Ronald McHenry 
Joseph McKinney 
Dennis Meade 

Linwood Miles 
Gail Miller 
Jacob Miller 
Melanie Miller 
Michelle Miller 
Dolores Mills 

Deborah Moore 
John Moss 
Patrick Morgan 
Patricia Munden 
Mitchell Murphy 
Judy Mustin 

Wesley Neal 
Johnny Nelson 
Gail Nix 
Lisa Noles 
Pamela Northcraft 
Toyoia Northcraft 


Kathryn Olsen 
Alfedo Ordonio 
Joanne O 'Rourke 
Jane Owens 
Catherine Page 
Marcia Painter 

Michael Painter 
Robin Pair 
Brenda Parks 
Earl Pearce 
Malcolm Peek 
Kathleen Peters 

Barbara Pfitzer 
Anne Pillow 
Julia Pollie 
Karl Potts 
Rosa Poyner 
Pamela Prentiss 

Patricia Prentiss 
Gloria Priest 
Debra Purdin 
Robert Pyatt 
Richard Racine 
Michael Rancka 

Patricia Ransone 
Miriam Retzke 
Robert Rice 
Dennis Richardson 
Vickie Richison 
Kevin Riley 

Donald Ritchie 
Bryant Robinson 
Joe Roenker 
Larry Rogers 
Renee Rogers 
Cathy Rowe 

Linda Rowley 
Lynne Rowley 


Kenneth Roxburg 
Cynthia Rudy 
Donald Rudy 
Carl Ruminski 
Linda Ryder 
Bruce Sanders 

Robert Schaible 
Karen Schmidt 
Cheri Sears 
Sandra Sears 
Brenda Self 
Marian Sellers 

Stephen Shaffer 
Kathleen Shanley 
Sherwood Sharp 
Deborah Shears 
Donald Shirey 
Richard Shuler 



Jane Simms 
William Smiley 
Charles Smith 
Cynthia Smith 
Deborah Smith 
George Smith 

Ronald Smith 
Walter Smith 
Whitney Smith 
James Snyder 
Kathryn Snyder 
Mark Snyder 

Elizabeth Somers 
Gail Sousa 
Mary Spangenberg 
Richard Spargos 
Joseph Stacey 
Russell Stanley 


Stephen Stanley 
Pamela Starnes 



Rodney Steele 
Brian Stephens 
Mary Stephenson 
Lynn Stokley 
Debra Strom 
Vicki Stone 

Karen Stout 
Richard Stuart 
Patricia Svagdys 
Sherry Swa/ger 
Ronald Swan 
Vincie Swaney 

Michael Swindell 
Michael Swindoll 
Michael Taft 
Bruce Taylor 
Charles Taylor 
Karen Taylor 



17% ^' m^m 


Patricia Watsc 
Frederick Weav 


/ames Tedder 
Susan Thomas 
Lauren Thorndike 
Gary Tice 
Pamela Titus 
Gary Tuell 

Edward Tyrell 
Donna Vanderberry 
David VanPetten 
Deborah Vaughan 
Susan Viet 
Anne Waddicar 

Debra Waldorf 
Kathy Walker 
Leslie Wallace 
Keith Ward 
Marsha Ward 
William Warder 


Gerald Weber 
Janet Weber 
Jeffrey Weber 
William Wells 
Catherine Whaff 
Kelly Whitehead 

Charles Williams 
Jeryl Williams 
Wayne Williams 
Constance Wilson 
Jo Ann Wilson 
Paul Wilson 

Thomas Wilson 
Cynthia Wizeman 
Charles Wolf 
Douglas Wood 
Michael Wulf 
Christy Yates 

joij to mzdij jamilij 

Jan Yoder 
Wayne Yonkelwitz 
Donald Ziegelbein 
Carol Ziegler 
Elizabeth Zimmer 

SOPHOMORES Brenda Manby, Donna Linscott and Glenis Jones help fill Christmas basket for a 
needy family. 


FRESHMAN CLASS OFFICERS and SPONSOR: Nancy Roberts, Treasurer; Theresa Cline, Vice-President; Miss Pamela Boyd, 
Sponsor; Debbie Clark, President; Elaine Holley, Secretary. 

This year the Class of '73 has shown its spirit in many ways. 
They started their class scrapbook which will prove to be 
priceless in future years. The class showed its concern for 
other people at Thanksgiving by making a basket to donate to 
a needy family. The class was kept busy conducting several 
service projects and one big money-making project. The class 
was united as they chose a rocketship as the symbol to show 
that the Class of '73 is moving up. The Freshman Class 
supported the athletic teams at Princess Anne by organizing 
cheering sections at football, basketball, and baseball games. 
The Class of '73, now oriented to the ways of high school life, 
promise to be a hard-working, devoted class. 

Freshman Kristie Berryman. singing "Yesterday" takes First Place in 
Talent Show. 


Judy Ackelson 
Mary Adcock 
Linda Addabbo 
Ken Ainley 
Daniel Allen 
Wesley Allen 

Robin Alwine 
Robert Amos 
Cathleen Anderson 
Cathy Anderson 
Gail Andrews 

Michael Ange 
Dennis Angel 
Charlotte Anglin 
Tracy Annarino 
Gregory A tchison 
Kenneth Bach 

Laura Bacher 
Frances Badonsky 
Mary Ballance 
Kevin Bargy 
Robert Barham 
Glenda Barker 

Emmy Barkley 
Loretta Barnish 
Brenda Barrett 
Yvonne Barrett 
Nettie Bateman 
Michael Beach 

Sandra Beasley 
Jack Belcher 
Michael Bell 
Sandra Bell 
Sandra Berg 
Roxana Bertka 

Alice Biggs 
Jeanne Bjorkman 
Deborah Black 
Danny Bledsoe 
Regina Bolan 
Renee Bordone 



James Boyles 
Janice Bradford 
Robert Braxton 
Sandra Brinkley 
Michael Britton 
Alan Brown 

man c[a±± ^[^ct 


Gary Buck 
Joseph Buck 
Fred Bufogle 
Deborah Bulger 
Jeanne Bulter 
Leslie Byrnes 

Theresa Byrum 
Diane Callan 
Anne Campbell 
Irene Campbell 
David Cando 
Michael Capps 

Paul Garden 
Guy Carey 
Deborah Carlson 
Theresa Carroll 
Karen Carruthers 
Stewart Carson 

Kevin Casey 
Tracy Casey 
Lavanda Cason 
Walter Caudle 
Sandra Chambers 
David Chapman 

Michael Chappelle 
Deborah Clark 
Dwayne Clemmons 
Claremont Clifton 
Teresa Cline 
Cynthia Cobbs 

Frederick Coleman 
Brenda Collins 
David Collins 
Elizabeth Coltrane 
Patricia Compton 
Bruce Cowell 


Randy Cooley 
Georgianna Cosgrove 
Matthew Couch 
Doreatha Cox 
Kevin Coyle 
Elizabeth Cristelli 

Cynthia Crutchfield 
Catherine Custer 

Cecilia Cutchins 
John Daniels 

Mitchell Daniels 
Desiree Darst 

Lawrence Daughtrey 
David Davenport 
Cynthia Davis 
James Davis 
Robert Davis 
Miriam Dekker 

Sally DeVries 
Nannette Dick 
Dana Dickson 
Lillian Dillard 
Sherry Dinger 
Patricia Dodds 

Nancy Donnelly 
Cheryl Donovan 
Joseph Dreano 
Cynthia Dressier 
Judy Duff 
William Durkee 


^ €1 to v' 



Richard Early 
Timothy Eason 
Elaine Eberhardt 
James Edmiston 
Gina Edwards 
Nancy Eger 

Deborah Elliott 
Regina Ellis 
Andrew Engemann 
John Enoch 
Maria Eriksson 
Allan Evans 

David Faison 
Rene Fariss 
Robert Farmer 
Valerie Farmer 
William Farmer 
Lawrence Farnham 

Deryl Fan- 
James Faulkenherry 
William Felts 
David Ferguson 
Jane Fiery 
Donna Finney 

Michael Fisher 
Amy Forrell 
Robert Foster 
Michael Foy 
Brent Frye 
Terrance Gallond 

Timothy Gallond 
Timothy Galvin 
Gina Garcia 
David Garrison 
Mary Garrison 
Gail Gayheart 

John Gillie 
Randall Giordano 
Deborah Givens 
Sheralyn Goble 
Linda Godfrey 
Jill Goff 


ail of 75 

Dorothy Goodman 
Joseph Goss 
Julia Grace 
Lisa Grant 
Larry Green berg 
Andrew Grey 

Philip Griffin 
Rebecca Grimstead 
Debbie Gross 
Elizabeth Gunter 
Carol Gurganus 
Mark Haines 

Carol Hall 
Holley Hall 
Robin Hammer 
Sandra Hardy 
David Harrell 
Jeanne Harris 

Bruce Harrison 
Debra Harrison 
Scott Harsh 
Dennis Hartman 
William Heese 
Paul Helton 

Edward Hendrix 
Mary Henry 
Debra Herrington 
Linda Hewitt 
Judith Hoffman 
Kathryn Hoffman 

Teresa Holder 
Elaine Holley 
Debra Holmstrom 
Terry Hough am 
Dale Hueber 
William Hughes 

Melissa Hurd 
Kari Hurdis 
RosaLinda Ingram 
Robert Irwin 
Nancy Jackson 
Donald Jacobs 



KJIW^ ^ " ^ ft.' 


Cheryl Janick 
Denise Jennings 
JoAnne Johnson 
John Jones 
Marcia Jones 

Mark Jones 
Philip Jones 
Steven Jones 
Wayne Jones 
Jackie Justice 
Robert Kantner 

Philip Kaspar 
Richard Keef 
Sharon Keller 
Jean Kelly 
Joanne Kelly 
William Kennedy 

Kathy Kersey 
Russell Kiddy 
Caron King 
Erica King 
Renelle Kingsbury 
Robert Kirby 

Alan Koenig 
Deborah Kohler 
Kathleen Kretz 
Debra Kruskop 
Kathleen Kupfer 

Susan Kyzer 

Theresa Lamberty 
Jeffrey Lauderdale 
Debra Lawrence 
Robert Law ton 
Bernard Leiderman 
Robert Link 

David Lively 
Laurie Lombard 
Doremus Luton 
Robert Mackie 
John MacLeod 
Brock Macon 


Pamela Maercklein 
Richard Maggard 
Jerome Makley 
Deborah Malone 
Kristina Manley 
Debra Marinelli 




Robin Marinelli 
Sylvia Marking 
Claude Marshall 
Barbara Martin 
Richard Martin 
Sandra Martin 

Thomas Mathena 
Debbora McClenny 
Patricia McCully 
Daniel McDaniels 
Lucille McDaniels 

Terri McFatter 
Ernest McGanty 
Richard McKee 
Theresa McKee 
Teresa Mendoza 
Donna Metcalf 

Debbra Midgette 
Paul Miles 
Issac Miller 
John Miller 
Linda Miller 
Linda Miller 

Renotta Miller 
Charles Milliken 
Stephen Mishkofski 
Leslie Mitchell 
Nina Moncrief 
Sandra Moon 

Deborah Moore 
Deborah Moore 
Richard Moore 
Cathleen Moran 
Timothy Moran 
Cindy Moreau 






■t- ' 

'-""^ nil Ml 

ill £M 

^^^^^^^^^^^^^ ^^^^^^^^^^^^^j 

Cheryl Morrison 
Lue Mosher 
Annette Munden 
Andrea Ness 
Michael Nicholaou 
Beatrice Nichols 

Judy Nicklas 
Sherry Nixon 
Michael Nobile 
Timothy Norton 
Gayle Oneal 
Herman Owens 

Irma Painter 
Patricia Painter 
Caren Pallette 
George Papuchis 
Stella Papuchis 
Pamela Parker 

Junior Varsity Cheerleader Nancy Roberts in a minute of sus- 


Stephanie Parrish 
Elizabeth Parsons 

Nancy Pate 
Claudia Patterson 

Thomas Pearson 
John Peccia 

Cynthia Perkins 
David Pertl 


Scott PhilUppi 
Claire Piggot 
Barbara Pinney 
Marc Plaster 
Loren Plisco 
Lee Polhemus 

Debra Pollock 
Gary Possage 
Vicki Prytulak 
Douglas Pugh 
Carolyn Pulley 
Denise Pulley 

Kathy Raunswinter 
John Reames 
Jeffrey Reeves 
Jane Reid 
Steven Reitz 





75 ^/add ^Vancij ^J^o(j^xt± 

Daniel Robinson 
Teresa Rodger s 
David Roper 
Christine Roth 
John Roundtree 
Mary Rourke 

Carol Rucka 
Stephen Ruminski 
Sylvia Rump 
Lee Ann Russo 
Susan Sabin 
Randolph Sager 

Mary Sallwasser 
Beverly Salsbury 
Donna Savage 
Joyce Sawyer 
Daniel Sclwchtner 
Lorraine Schaible 

Aida Schimmel 
William Schmidt 
Michael Schnetzler 
Walter Schriefer 
Rose Schrum 
Michael Scott 





^^^^^^^ ^^^^^^^^^^^^^ ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ 

Sandra Scott 
Patricia Sears 
Terry Sears 
Betty Self 
Donald Sherrod 
Maureen Shirey 

Gary Shoemaker 
Robert Shorts 
Margaret Simkins 
Beth Simmons 
Lillian Simmons 
Cynthia Slaughter 

Michael Smiley 
Deborah Smith 
Edward Smith 
Lloyd Smith 
Robin Smith 
Jeffrey Snyder 

Susan Southerland 
Burt Spry 
Joy Stadler 
John Steffe 
Carol Stephenson 
Phillip Stewart 

Sharon Stone 
Allen Strange 
Curtis Strange 
Rose Stroman 
Linda Sutherland 
Scott Swajger 

Carolyn Swartz 
Debra Sykes 
Dorothy Tate 
Patricia Taylor 
Vicki Teets 
Barbara Terry 

Barbara Thomaskefski 
Elizabeth Thomson 
Donna Tignor 
Virginia Tully 
Dean Underwood 
Karen Van Petten 


Diane Van Scoten 
William Van Scoten 
Deborah Vest 
Richard Vidallon 
Monica Villanneva 
John Wallace 

Linda Walters 
Eileen Ward 
Kathleen Ward 
Joyce Watford 
Nancy Watson 
Robin Wear 

Jeff Weaver 
Patricia Weidrick 
Craig Wheeler 
Ben Wheelis 
Carmen Wheelis 
Mark Wilcox 

Katherine Wild 
Barbara Williams 
Debra Williams 
John Williams 

Katherine Williams 
Linda Williams 
Richard Williams 
Susan Wilmouth 

Nancy White 
Evelene Wilson 
Robin Wise 
David Womack 

Brian Wood 
Sandra Wood 
Jere Woodall 
David Wright 

Pondering the situation at hand, Judy Duff 
stands bewildered. 


EIGHTH GRADE OFFICERS and SPONSOR: Suellen Lunsford. Treasurer; Ivy Huffman, President; Miss Guffy. Sponsor; Leslie 
Benda, Vice-President; Debbie Holder. Secretary. 

As the Pre-Freshman class of 1969-1970 began its first of 
five years at Princess Anne, they soon became involved in 
many activities. The spirited class was introduced to student 
life and soon assumed their place in it. 

Led by the officers, the class became of service to school 
and community. They sponsored a Thanksgiving basket for the 
underprivileged and participated in the schoolwide Christmas 
basket project. 

The Junior-Junior Varsity displayed their skills and parti- 
cipated in a city-wide basketball tournament. Thus the spirited 
class of '74 began their journey to prove that they are a vital 
part ofP.A.H.S. 

Eighth Grade officers proceed in homecoming parade. 


Mark A ckerman 
Thomas A nderson 
Paul Ange 
Victoria Arnett 
Candice Aspas 
Jane Babilon 
Jeffrey Bain 

Deborah Ballard 
Maxine Barnett 
Sandra Barnett 
Kenneth Barton 
Robert Basgier 
Barbara Baydush 
Karen Beaman 

Curtis Beasley 
Barbara Beatty 
Sharon Belote 
Leslie Benda 
Delores Birr 
Terry Black 
Valarie Blake 

Daniel Blanchett 
Linda Boswell 
Daniel Boutte 
Richard Brabec 
Frances Bradford 
Deborah Braxton 
Betsy Brichter 

sniszi comU^tition 

Cheri Bright 
Michael Brooks 
Elizabeth Broughton 
Michael Brown 
Richard Brown 
John Bruyneel 
Thurlian Burden 

George Butts 
Thomas Callen 
Leon Carey 
Patrick Carlyon 
Robert Carmichael 
Kirsti Carr 
Thomas Carr 

Michael Casey 
Michael Casey 
Sharon Chandler 
Mark Chevalier 
Glenda Childress 
Michael Childress 
Richard Childress 

James Clark 
Carolyn Coe 
Terry Coffey 
Theresa Coker 
Richard Collins 
Terrince Combs 
Dorothy Con nee n 

Russell Corvello 
Linda Crovatt 
Sarah Darwin 
Harry Davis 
Janis Deal 
Donald Degner 
Earl Deibler 







'•1 fl^'f^^ 


Diane Dickson 
Steve Dobbins 
William Dorough 
Stephanie Dowdy 
Lauren Durfee 
Stephen Durkee 
Brenda Eastman 

William Edwards 
James Eller 
Mark Elliott 
Patricia Elliott 
Jerie Ellis 
Susan Emory 
Lewis Faulkner 

Steve Fazio 
David Flader 
Nancy Fleming 
Charla Ford 
Mary Frango 
Brian Friedman 
David Frost 

The auditorium was packed as students eagerly watched the display of reptiles. 
Above, Mr. James Martin of the American Zoological Society explains the 
similarities between the iguana and the crocodile. 

Ail . 




Thomas Garrity 
David Gee 

Elizabeth George 
Linda Gibson 

Kathryn Gillie 
Lisa Goddin 

Donnamari Goldsberry 
Randall Grant 

Susan Gunter 
Linda Gurganus 


at <P. cA. 

Gary Hancock 
Mary Hancock 

Kenneth Hartfelder 
Phillip Heim 

William Henson 
William Hethcoat 

Debbie Holder 
David Holland 

Howard Holley 
Ivy Huffman 

Jerry Warner adds a bauble to the S.C.A. Christmas tree. 

Robert Hughes 
Stephen Ireland 
Patricia Jennings 
Linda Jillson 

Elvind Johansen . ^ 

Stephen Johnson 
Bryan Jones 

Kenneth Jones 
Susan Jones 
Kerry Jordan 
John Kappers 
Steven Kee 
Connie Keech 
Gary Kennedy 

Cathryn ^^^^^^^^^h ^hh^^^^^h a^H^H^^HB ^^B^^HBUHj 

Mary Ann Krone A A-^ J jL^' ^L. ^ ' 



John LeDew 
Roland Lee 
Andrew Leitman 
Brett Lewis 
Candice Liskey 
Susan Livingston 
Marian Lober 

Deborah Lue 
Suellen Lunsford 
James MacDonald 
Monica MacDonald 
Jeff Magger 
Carl Makley 
Catherine Mandeville 

c^j^biii ±(20 van in 






■HjjjHHHHHH ^ 






Janette Manes 
Karen Maratea 
Gina Marchione 
Timothy Martin 
Martha Marx 
Kevin McBride 
Patricia McCoy 

Toni McDonald 
Gerri Meeks 
Randy Michaelsen 
John Middleton 
Robert Milner 
Michael Miner 
Kay Montgomery 

Gary Moody 
Patricia Moore 
Ginger Nicklas 
Kenneth Nowlin 
Nicholas O'Hara 
Karla Ohler 
Robin Ore 

John Paden 
Patricia Parks 
Stephen Parks 
William Parsons 
Gary Paschang 
Shelden Perkins 
Caleb Phelps 

Leslie Potts 
Delbert Purdin 
Patricia Rhodes 
Andrew Roberts 
Catherine Roberts 
Donna Robusto 
Deborah Rosamond 

Bonny Ross 
Cynthia Round tree 
Janet Rowe 
Patrice Royall 
Carol Sabin 
Dawn Saurey 
Timothy Sawyer 

Jill Schimmel 
Donald Schmidt 
George Scott 
John Shafer 
Michael Si fen 
Scott Smith 
Susan Smith 


Teresa Stallard 
Susan Steketee 
Jules Stern 
Steven Stier 
Nancy St. John 
Pamela Stone 
Lucy Stowe 

Robert Stroud 
Melissa Strout 
David Stuart 
Karen Swartz 
Mary Thomas 
David Throckmorton 
Karen Todd 


Jeffrey Tuell 
Timothy Turner 
Richard Tuttle 
John Viet 
Connie Vincent 
Paula Voight 
Robert Walker 

Brian Wallace 
Valerie Ward 
Jerry Warner 
Anthony Waters 
Martha Ways 
Beth Weiner 
Carol White 

Karen Wilkins 

Rhonda Wulf 

Carey Young 

Robert Zinno 

"Get together, girls! One, two, three 



oj n£.(J£.z-(j£^l'orE-toucfi£.cl 


to x^cuzfi out 
to c[aim. dz£.ami 
a± zsafctLsi.. 
^(i^zs. ±vj£.[[± a jz£.±(T. s.a^zzn£.±± 

joz clian^s. 
t(U JMOOy ^^mzation. 
<:J^£.±j2on±£: jzom tfis. az£.a [ju±in.s±6.msn 

J. tL ^taff 
in Lt±. Ends-Udozs 

to ^dit tf^is <PSEJ^<^gE. 

*Z/)^ jiatxoni. ^snszoutij 
jjzouiAsd tfis. momentum 
joz tfis iuzgin^ foztfi 

oj LjOutfl 

tL LZ 







4312 Va. Beach Blvd. 
Next to Willis Wayside 
Phone 340-8811 


3333-16 Princess Anne Plaza 



"It's PET . . . 
You Bet!" 




Princess Anne Plaza 
Virginia Beach, Va. 


Your Home and Garden Center 

Two Locations to Service You 
19th Pacific - Princess Anne Plaza 

<^7^ <S>u^n of t(i£. ^^imE± 

35th & Atlantic Ave. 
Five Stores in 4 Virginia Cities: 

Norfolk: Downtown & Wards Corner Virginia Beach 

Portsmouth, Midcity Chesapeake, Great Bridge Shopping Center 

Compliments of 


124 College Place 

Baldwin Pianos & Organs 
Musical Inst. & Sheet Music 


Compliments of 


Importers & retailers finest ^ FRIEND 

gentlemen's apparel 
ladies' sportswear 

207 Laskin Road, Virgina Beach, Va. 

Phone: 340-6603 


Pembroke Mall 



The. {/ut^umtf -Ptlot oMjJ fkfiLofl^o^-StnM^ 






JU 7-0497 

1890 E. Little Creek Rd. 

33rd & Pacific Ave. 




to the graduating class 





407 Kempsville Rd. 

If it's an occasion, it calls 
for flowers 


5180 Va. Beach Blvd. 




Across from the Plaza 

4732 Virginia Beach Boulevard 
Next to the Pembroke Mall 3320 Va. Beach Blvd. 

499-1221 340-1991 


"The Studio of Award-Winning Photographers^^ 

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making of power 

Vepco's first commercial atomic power station is now under construction in Surry County, Virginia. In the new 
Information Center overlooking the site, you will see an excellent slide presentation, fascinating exhibits, and a 
working model of the reactor. (And from the balcony, you can watch them assemble the real thing.) Open 10 AM to 
4 PM Monday through Saturday and 1 PM to 6 PM on Sunday. For tour information call 771-3194 in Richmond. 


more power to you ... at less cost 



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^ to the 

class of 1970 

Compliments of 

The S.C.A. 

Vice President 

Doug Pillcy 
Don Parsons 
Debbie Canaday 
Michele Clifton 
Mr. E. E. Cox 




Jus annul! aurei 

Among the Romans, this meant the right to 
wear a gold ring, confined to senators, chief 
magistrates, knights. Among your contem- 
poraries, the right to wear your class ring is 
reserved for you and your classmates. We're 
proud that Balfour was given the privilege of 
crafting it for you. 

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of the 

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Hobart Langrall Piano School 
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Thomas H. Morrison, O.D. 
P. N. Johnson, O.D. 
Robert A. White, O.D. 


The 1970 Peerage Staff wishes to express its sincere appreciation to the adminis- 
tration, facuky, and the student body for their help and co-operation in helping to 
make this yearbook possible. 

Special Acknowledgements To: 

Mr. Donald Carrow, Darkroom Advisor 
Mr. William Hash, Delmar Representative 
Mr. William Mcintosh, Mcintosh Studios 


Compliments of 





Makers of your graduation 
announcements and cards 

1417 Berkshire Lane 
Virginia Beach, Virginia 


Abbatello. Teresa SO. 169 
Abed. Jameet 185 
Abed. YusefI97 
Abragain. Yvonne 169. 1 77. 197 
.Ackehon. Judy 209 
Ackennah. BYenda 169. 197 
Ackerman. Mark 221 
Adams. Curtis 122. 123. 148 
Adcoik. Mary 149. 159. 209 
Addabbo. Linda 2C9 
Agar. Cailyn 50 
Agar. Karen 141. 197 

Ahles. Gerald 50. 93. 96. 101. 103. 105. 130. 131, 167. 180 

Allies. Kerineth 93. 197 

Ainley. Kathryn 147 

Ainley. Ken 168. 209 

Albriiton. Laurel 197 

Alderman. Elizabeth 197 

Alexander, Nancv 145. 197 

Alexander. Sandra 50. 137. 159. 165. 172 

Allard. Dennis 101. 146. 197 

Allen. Carol 29, 185 

Adden. Daniel 106. 107. 120. 209 

Allen. David 50. 101. 103. 105. 180 

Allen. Kim 130. 141. 171. 180. 185 

Allen, Wesley 209 

Alley. Jerry 112. 127. 128. 141. 171. 185 

Allred. Neil 209 

Aimer. Timothy 197 

Alwine. Robin 42. 1 72, 209 

Ambrose. Gary 197 

Ambrose, Mary 1 70, 185 

Ames. Janet 197 

Amos, Robert 209 

Anderson, Cathleen 209 

Anderson, Cathy 209 

Anderson, Thomas 221 

Anderson. William 197 

Anderson. William J. 185 

Anderson. William R. 39 

Andrews. Gail 27. 1 72, 209 

Andrews, Michael 

Ange. Michael 118, 119, 209 

Ange, Paul 221 

Angel. Debra 50. 169 

Angel. Dennis 163. 209 

Anglin. Charlotte 209 

Annarino. Tracy 209 

Ansel. Gary 185 

Appel. Nancy 26. 5 1 . 1 49. 1 69 

Apperson. Robert 146. 164, 197 

Arlaud, David 197 

Arlaud, Michele 197 

Arnesen, Arthur 36, 51, 181 

Arnett, Victoria 221 

Artese, Sheryl 185 

Ashe, Dickie 106, 107 

Ashe, Raymond 127, 180 

Aspas, Candice 221 

Atchison, Gregory 209 

Babilon. Jane 221 
Bach. Kenneth 163. 209 
Bacher. Laura 209 
Backus. Ronald 51 
Badonsky. Frances 209 
Baer. Debra 185 
Baer, Patricia 149. 197 
Bagley. Mark 51 

Bagley. Myles 124. 127, 180, 197 

Bailey, Brenda 147, 153. 181. 185 

Bailey. David 185 

Bain. Jeffrey 221 

Bain. Lester 92. 185 

Baker. Helen 145. 169, 177 

Ballance, Mary 209 

Ballard. Deborah 221 

Bamman. Harry 185 

Bargy. Kevin 209 

Barham. Robert 209 

Barker. Glenda 209 

Barker. Joyce 145 

Barker. Lynne 185 

Barkley. Carol 147, 197 

Barkley, Emmy Lou 147, 209 

Bartow, Beverly 162, 197 

Barlow. Steve 130. 131 

Barnes. Thomas 185 

Barnett. Maxine 42. 145. 221 

Barneti. Sandra 145. 221 

Barnett. Walter I 24, 185 

Barnish. Loreiia 209 

Barrett, Brenda I 74. 209 

Barrett. Cherie 109. 170, 185 

Barrett. Diane 153. 197 

Barrett. Yvimne 161. 172. 209 

Barton. Kenneth 144. 221 

Basgier. Lynne 51. 146. 159, 165 

Basgier, Richard 106, 107. 123, 164, 197 

Basgier. Robert 148. 221 

Bateman. Nellie 209 

Batten. James 147. 197 

Baydush. Barbara 221 

Beach. Michael 209 

Beale. I. on 160. 197 

Seaman. Karen 221 

Beard. Kim 185 

Beasley, Curlls 221 

Beasley, Sandra 169, 209 

Beany. Barbara 145, 221 

Beatty, Samuel 197 

Beck, Susan 185 

Beck. Theresa 51. 145. 169. 177 

Beck. Warren 185 

Belcher. Jack 209 

Bell. Edward 92. 197 

Bell. Jack 51 

Bell. Michael 209 

Bell. Sandra 209 

Belote. Sharon 221 

Belt. Jeffery 197 

Benda. Leslie 220. 221 

Benda. Stephen 112. 127. 130. 171. 185 

Benjamin. Dennis 36. 51. 93. 144 

Benjamin. Eva 171. 172. 181. 185 

Benner. Jan 52 

Benner. Patricia 

Bennett. John 185 

Bennett. Linda 141. 161. 197 

Berg. Elizabeth 52. 165 

Berg. Sandra 209 

Berger. Steffi 52. 149. 157 

Berglund. Dave 124, 141. 164. 197 

Berler. John 131 

Berney. Nancy 181. 185 

Berryman. Kristie 143. 149. 208 

Bertka. Roxana 209 

Biggs. Alice 209 

Birr. Delores 221 

Beshop. Gary 52. 130. 133. 180 

Bishop. Pamela 197 

Bivans. Deborah 109. 144. 178. 197 

Bjorkman. Jeanne 1 72. 209 

Bjorkman. Karen 197 

Black. Deborah 209 

Black. Terry 221 

Blackmer. Diana 166. 185 

Btackmer. Eugene 53. 89. 93. 140. 146. 147. 157. 167. 178 

Blackstock. Deborah 166. 167 

Blais. Judith 1 9 7 

Blake. Pamela 197 

Blake. Valarie 221 

Blanchett. Daniel I 48. 221 

Blankenship. Pamela 185 

Bledsoe. Danny 209 

Blumenstein. Terry 164. 197 

Bohanan. Sandra 197 

Bolan. Charles 118 

Bolan. Regina 209 

Bonomo. Dari 197 

Bordone. Renee 149. 209 

Borek. Mike I 70 

Boswell. Linda 221 

Boughton. Barbara 197 

Bourne. Deborah 198 

Boutte. Daniel 221 

Bouite. Jennine 149. 198 

Bowman. Carolyn 144. 198 

Bowman. Catherine 1 98 

Brabec. Lisa 163. 198 

Brabec. Richard 221 

Bradford. Frances 221 

Bradford. Janice 210 

Bratton. Beth 137. 138. 146. 153. 181. 184. 185. 189 

Braxton, Deborah 221 

Braxton. Kenny 53 

Braxton. Robert 210 

Bray. Cynthia 161. 198 

Braye. Stephanie 146. 198 

Brichter. Betsy 221 

Brichter. Francis 138. 141. 198 

Bright. Cheri 221 

Bright, Lorrine 198 

Brinkley. Sandra 149. 210 

Briltain. Randall 185 

Britton. Michael 210 

Britton. Nancy 185 

Broerman. Cynthia 185 

Brooks. Mike 221 

Broughton. Elizabeth 221 

Brown. Alan 148. 163. 210 

Brown, Barbara 163 

Brown, Dennis 120, 121, 198 

Brown, Diana 14 7, 198 

Brown, Linda 1 72, 198 

Brown, Melanie 1 98 

Brown, Michael 221 

Brown. Richard D. 221 

Brown. Richard E S3 

Brown. Thomas 93. 198 

Brown. Tracy 167. 181. 184. 186 

Brugh. Richard 141. 167, 198 

Bruyneel. John 221 

Buchanan. Donna 53. 159. 1 72. 1 75, I 76 

Buchanan, James 168, 186 

Buck, Elaine 1 09 

Buck, Gary 210 

Buck, Joseph 210 

Buckner, Ross 53 

BuFogle, Fred 146. 210 

Bulger, Bonnie 53 

Bulger, Deborah 210 

Bungard, Clifford 106. 107. 198 

Burden. Thurlian 221 

Burks. Byron 92. 186 

Burks. Charlotte 53 

Burleson. John 1 98 

Burnett. Dorothy 147 

Burris. Kathy 149. 198 

Burrow. Pamela 186 

Burrow. William 198 

Bush. Gave 167 


Butler. Jeanne 174, 210 

Butler. Patricia 54 

Butts. George 221 

Butts. Thomas 107. 118. 119. 198 

Byrnes. Leslie 174. 210 

Byron. Janet 1 98 

Byrum. Theresa 210 

Cain. Diane 54. 159 

Cale. Michael 36. 54. 144, 1 78 

Cale. Sue Ellen 1 98 

Callan. Diane 210 

Callan. Michael 186 

Callan, Thomas 221 

Caminiti. Diane 1 98 

Campbell, Anne 160, 210 

Campbell, Irene 210 

Campbell, Linda 145, 198 

Canaday, Deborah 54, 58, 96, 97, U8, 140, 150. 165 

Canaday. Jerry 106. 107. 141. 164. 198 

Cando. David 210 

Capps. Michael 210 

Carden. Jesse I 98 

Carden. Paul 210 

Carey. Guy 210 

Carey. Leon 221 

Carlisle. Mark 186 

Carlson. Deborah 210 

Carlson. Linda 1 76. 1 98 

Carlyon. Patrick 221 

Carmichael. Robert 221 

Carney, Christine 144, 186 

Caron, Brenda I 98 

Caron, Robert 54, 124 

Carper, Karen 186 

Carr, Barry 54 

Carr, Kristi 221 

Carr, Michael 1 98 

Carr, Peter 54, 90, 91 

Carr, Susan 1 98 

Carr, Thomas 221 

Carroll, Theresa 145, 157, 210 

Carruthers, Karen 145, 210 

Carson, Stewart 210 

Casey, Adrienne 186 

Casey, Kevin 146, 210 

Casey, Maurice 146, 186 

Casey, Michael 148, 221 

Casey, Sarah 54, 140, 159, 165 

Casey, Tracy 144, 210 

Caskilt, Irwin 1 98 

Caskill, Wendy 95 

Cason. Lavanda 210 

Cason. Joey 1 98 

Caudle. Walter 14 7. 210 

Cenderelli. Stuart 55 

Chambers. Sandra 175. 210 

Champagne. Charles 55. 147 

Chandler. Gayle 146. 198 

Chandler. Sharon 148, 221 

Chapman. David 210 

Chapman. Frances Anne 55 

Chapman. Gladys 145 

Chappele. Marian 186 

Chappelle. Michael 210 

Chevalier. Mark 221 

Chevalier. Nancy 161. I 72 

Chewning. Alpheus 106. 107. 153. 198 

Childress. Glenda 221 

Childress, Larry 123 

Childress, Michael 221 

Childress, Richard 221 

Chuilli, Lynn 143, 1 79 

Cinnamon. Alice 198 

Cipolia, Anthony 93. 144, 198 

Clancy, Janet 55, 162 

Clark, Barbara 166. 167, 186 

Clark, Cathi 1 98 

Clark. Deborah 208, 210 

Clark, James 148. 221 

Clark, Karl 92 

Clark. Frederick 1 98 

Clark, Maria 1 71 

Clemmons, Dwayne 146, 210 

Clifton, Ctaremont 210 

Clifton, Michele 138. 139. 145. 165. 167, 171, 186 

Cline, Teresa 208, 210 

Coats, James 93 

Cobbs, Cynthia 145, 178, 210 

Cochran, Vicki 167. 186, 171 

Coe, Carolyn 221 

Coe, Stephen 186 

Coffey. Terry 221. 148 

Cohen. Shauna 199 

Coker. Theresa 221 

Coleman. Fredrick 210 

Coleman. Melissa 55. 1 79 

Coleman. Theresa 186 

Collins. Brenda 174. 210 

Collins, Charles 36, 55, 178, 179 

Collins, David 148. 210 

Collins. Gaye 150. 172. 186 

Collins. Richard 221 

Coltrane. Elizabeth 210 

Combs. Maurice 55 

Combs. Terrince 221 

Commander. Joanna 55 

Complon. Patricia 210 

Conneen. Dorothy 221 

Conslantine, Jeanette 25. 144, 161. 165. I 71. 1 76, 186 

Cooley. Randy 26, 210 
Cooper, Melvin 92 

Copley. Karen 147. 153. 1 76. / 78. 186. 189 

Cord. Robert 55. 1 78 

Cordon, Larry 186 

Cornetta. Peter 1 70. 186 

Corvello. Donna I 99 

Corvello. Russell 221 

Cosgrove. Georgianne 21 1. 221 

Couch. Malhew 106. 107. 211 

Coulborn. Mary Ellen 1 99 

Courtney. Wayne 86. 130. 131 

Cowell. Bruce 21 1 

Cox. Doreatha 148. 211 

Coyle. Kevin 21 1 

Craft. Annette 149. 199 

Crandell. Cathy 46. 47. 56. 61. 96. 97. 138. 140. 165 

Crank, Kathleen 186 

Crawford. Herbert 199 

Crawford. Joyce 199 

Crawford, Lauren 56, 172 

Creasy, Cheryll 199 

Creighton, Nancy 40, 56, 78. 170 

Creighton, Perry 92 

Crimmel. Sharon 186 

Cristelli. Donna 186 

Cristelli. Elizabeth 21 1 

Cromwell, Michael 199 

Crouch. Donna 172. 173. 186 

Crouch. Lonna 109. 168. 1 72. 175. 199 

Crovalt. Linda I 74. 221 

Crovatt. Susan 163. 166. 167. 199 

Cunningham. Robert 1 99 

Custer. Katherine 21 1 

Cutchins. Cecelia 21 1 

Cutchfield. Cynthia 21 1 

Cyrus. Joyce 24. 37. 138. 139. 171. 174. 186 

Dalahan. Joann 56 

Daniel. Jeanette 56 

Daniels. Mitchell 211 

Darcee, D I 74, 1 78 

Darst. Desiree 21 1 

Darwin. Sarah 221 

Daspar. 1 63 

Dauer. Donna 56 

Daughtrey. Lawrence 21 1 

Daughtrey. Robert 56 

Davenport. David 118. 21 1 

Davenport. Deecee 56. 147. 153 

Davis, Cynthia 211 

Davis, Dianna 145 

Davis, Harry 221 

Davis. Horace 186 

Davis, Jamgs 148, 21 1 

Davis, Nancy 57. 140. 165. 172 

Davis. Paul 5 7 

Davis. Peggy 144. 149. 186 

Davis. Richard 92. 186 

Davis. Robert 21 1 

Dayton. Gregory 122. 123. 146 

Deal. James 92. 187 

Deal. Janis 145. 221 

Dearden. Constance 146. 178. 181. 199 

Deason, Wither 164. 167. 199 

Dealherage. Gerald 123, 199 

Debolt, Frank 199 

Deemer, Linda 40, 5 7, 1 70 

Degner, Donald 148, 221 

Deibler, Earl 148, 221 

Dekker. Miriam 144. 153. 21 1 

De la Cruz. Carmen 138. 150. 165. 187 

Deloatche. Florence 145. 187 

Demott. Wesley 5 7. 90. 93 

Debgan. Robert 58 

DeShasier. Donald 58 

DeShasier. Joe 199 

DeVries. Linda 163. 199. 137 

DeVries. Sally 153. 211 

DiBerto. Bridget. 58 

Dick. Nannette 110. HI. 152. 211 

Dick, Robert 1 78, 58, 91, 147 

Dickerson, Christine 187, 170 

Dickson, Dana 21 1, 147 

Dickson, Diane 222 

Dickson, Donna 58. 149, 181 

Diehl. Carl Edward 101, 102, 105, 115, 116, 112. 1 71, 187, 130, 131 

Dillard, Ellen 58 

Dillard. Frances 187 

Dillard. Lillian 21 1 

Dinger. Sherry 21 1. 149. 174 

Dixon. Marie 58 

Dixon. Robert 199 

Dodds. Patricia 21 1. 148, 181 

Dodds, Robert 93 

Dowdy, Stephanie 222 

Donnelly, Joann 144, 199. 169 

Donnelly, Kathleen 109, 199 

Donnelly, Nancy 21 1 

Donovan, Cheryl 175, 42, 21 1 

Donzell, Richard 199 

Dorough, William 222, 148 

Doss. Joanne 1 99 

Doss. Kathyrn 187 

Dotson. Joseph 92. 1 99 

Dotson. Malcolm 91. 120. 123. 147, 187 

Downs. Gary 58. 130. 133. 187 

Draper. Carmel 106. 107. 199 

Draper, Harold 144, I 70 


Dreano. Joseph 21 1 

Dressier. Cynthia 149. 177. 181. 211 

Drews. Kathy I 75. 59 

Duff, Christine 1 75. 59. 177. 149 

Duff Judy 219. 21 1. 149 

Duff, Steven 39. 138. 199 

Duffner. Cheryl 1 99 

Dunn, Barbara 59, 165, 159 

Dunn. David 199. 164 

Dunn. Deborah 196, 165, 155. 199 

Dunstan. Mike 130, 131 

Durfee, Lauren 222 

Durkee. William 211 

Durkee, Stephen 222 

Dyess, Patricia 59 

Early. Richard 147. 212. 120 

Eason. Emily 199 

Eason. Timothy 212 

Eastman. Brenda 222 

Eastman. Richard 59 

Eberhardt. Elaine 212 

Eberhardt. Michael 59 

Edmiston. James 212 

Edmonds, Gwendolyn 59 

Edwards. Catherine 187, 162, 149 

Edwards, Cina 212 

Edwards. John 199 

Edwards, Luther 59 

Edwards, Sharon 187, 149 

Edwards, William 222, 148 

Eger, Christine 145. 159. 199 

Eger. Nancy 212. 149 

Ehleringer, David 187 

Eller, James 222 

Ellinghausen, David 199 

Ellinghausen, Pamela 187, 161 

Elliot, Deborah 212 

Elliott. Mark 222 

Elliott, Michael 60. 170 

Elliott, Patricia 222 

Elliott. Sherrie 199, 149 

Elliott, Terry 92. 199. 168. 124 

Ellis. Jerie 222 

Ellis. Regina 212 

Ellis, Ronald 187 

Ellison, Martha 187 

Elston, Scott 1 99 

Elston, Victoria 60. 137 

Elza. Michael 60. 127, 124 

Emory. Susan 222 

Engemann, Andrew 21 2 

Englett, Joy 153. 199 

Ennis. Michael 160. 167. 93. 168 

Enoch. John 212 

Enroughty, Donald 25. 36. 60. 97. 144. 177. 167. 139. 53 

Eriksson. Maria 212 

Evans. Allan 212. 106, 107 

Evans. Robert 18 7, 164 

Ewers, Debra 145. 187 

Ewers, Ruth 145, 187 

Fahey. Barbara 165. 18 7, 161 

FaiS^n, David 212 

Fajotina, Angelita 187 

Fajotina, Jesus 93, 200 

Fariss, Rene 212 

Karless, Karen 200. 1 37 

Farmer, Robert 212 

Farmer. Valerie 212. 160 

Farmer. William 21 2 

Farnham. Lawrence 212 

Farnham. Raymond 60, 90, 167, 92, 155 

Farr. Deryl 21 2 

Farr. Manford 187 

Faulkner. Lewis 222 

Faulkenberry. James 212 

Faulkenberry. Laurel 187 

Fazio. Steve 222 

Felrs. William 21 2 

Ferguson. David 212 

Fields. Michael 171. 112, 138. 139, 187, 127 

Fiery, Jane 212, 148 

Fiery, Susan 1 78, 60, 147 

Finch. Mary 159. 200 

Finch. Paul 60. 90. 167 

Finn. Deborah 145 

Finn, Pamela 187 

Finney, Donna 212 

Filze. Patricia 200 

Fitzgerald, Edward 187. 170 

Fitzgerald. Joyce 200 

Flader. David 222 

Fleming. Nancy 222 

Fletcher. Robert 60. 159, 164 

Flayers. Arthur 147, 187 

Forbush. Kent 123. 122 

Ford, Charla 222 

Forrell, Amy 153, 212 

Forrest, Hohn I 70 

Foster, Jackie 171, 187, 181, 149 

Foster. Lewis 187 

Foster. Robert 21 2 

Foy, Michael 212 

Foy, William 60, 167, 157 

Franjo, Mary 93. 200 

Frank. Charles I 70 

Franklin, Kathleen 187 

Freeman. Bonnie 109, 200 

Freeman, Mark 93, 200 

Freeman, Robert 60, 91, 147. 130, 131 

Frend. Harry 92. 1 68 

Frend. Kristinia 200 

French. Mike 200 

Friedman. Barry 200 

Friedman. Brian 222 

Frierson. Robert 118 

Frost. David 222 

Frost, Kathleen 141, 167, 200 

Frye. Brent 212, 1 18, 106. 107 

Frye. Bruce 141. 200. 167. 176 

Funderburk, Linda 187 

Gainor. Deborah 99, 188 

Gainor. Kathryn 60. 110, 111. 150. 151, 146, 172 

Gait her. Theresa 188 

Gallond, Michael 36. 61, 144, 170 

Gatlond, Terrance 212 

Gallop, Willie Mae 200 

Galvin, Ann 1 75 

Calvin, Timothy 212, 148 

Gambill, Stephen 188 

Ganger, Edward 200 

Garcia, Gina 212, 160 

Garner, Steve 200. 107 

Garris, Linda 61. 159 

Garrison. David 212. 138 

Garrison. Mary 212 

Garritt. Thomas 222 

Garrity. Millicent 

Gaskins. Cathy 1 71, 188 

Gautier, Susan 109, 200 

Gay heart. Bernard 188 

Gayheart. Gail 212 

Gee. David 222 

George, Coleman 200 

George, William 188, 162 

Gibbon, Kenny 188 

Gibbs. Nicholas 40, 188 

Gibbs, Glenn 200 

Gibbs. Steve 1 70 

Gibson. Linda 222 

Gille. Kathryn 222 

Gillie. John 212 

Gilpatrick, James 93, 200 

Giordano, Monica 61. 140. 173. 176, 149 

Givens, Deborah 42. 153. 212 

Glisson. Andrew 188 

Goble, Sheralyn 1 78. 144. 212. 181 

Goddard. Kurt 93. 200 

Coddin. Lisa 222. 148 

Goddin, Pamela 188 

Godfrey. Linda 212 

Godley. Kenneth 1 70 

Goff Jill 178, 147, 212 

Golden, Linda 62. 144. 170 

Goldsberry, Donna 222 

Goldsberry. William 92. 200 

Goodman. Dorothy 213, 148, 149 

Goodman. Patricia 147, 188 

Goss. Joseph 213 

Gossett. Jean 62. 140. 167, 155 

Cower, Marge 200 

Grace, Julia 213 

Grahm, Deborah 200 

Grant. Lisa 213. 149 

Grant. Richard 112, 188 

Grant, Randall 222 

Grantham. Frank 42. 200 

Graves, Sandra 62, 161 

Green, Vichie 167, 188 

Greengerg, Larry 213 

Gregory, Bruce 200 

Gregory, James 146, 147, 188 

Gregory, Maisie 62, 1 78. 153. 147 

Gregory, Robert 188 

Grey. Andrew 213 

Griffin. Cynthia 144, 169, 170, 161, 150. 165. 188 

Griffin, Linda 145. 188 

Griffin. Patricia 200 

Grimstead. Rebecca 213 

Griggs, Sherry 149 

Grimes, Patricia 200 

Gross, Audrey 200 

Gross, Debbie 213 

Gross. Sharon 62 

Gundersen, Moritz 92, 200 

Gunderson, Thomas 62 

Gunier. Elizabeth 213 

Gurganus. Linda 222 

Haag. Kevin 200 
Haag, Mary 188 
Haas. Diane 42. 200 
Hackney. Joanne 188 
Hager. Thomas 62 
Haines. Mark 213 

Haines. Robert 101, 105, 188, 180, 124 

Halapin. Joseph 62 

Hall. Bruce. 200 

Hall. Carol 213 

Hall. Geraldine 145 

Hall, Holley 213 

Halsey, Bobby 200 

Hainbaugh. Suzanne 200 

Hainblin. Carol 200 

Hamilton. David 178, 146 

Hammer, Robin 213 


Hamper Earl 200 

Hamncli. Larry 200 

Hancock. Gary 223 

Hancock. Mary 223 

Hansley. Denise 200 

Hanson. Gary 201 

Harcum. Elizabeth 144. 201 . 181 

Hardy. Deborah 62. 173 

Hardy. Sandra 213. I 73 

Harold. Bonita 188. 42. 149 

Harper. David 52 

Harper. Ken 63 

Harreli. David 213 

Harrell. Kim 201 

Harreli. Mark 188 

Harrell. Sherry 144. 201 

Harris. Betty 63. 145 

Harris. Christine 63 

Harries. Jeanne 213 

Harris. Keith 201. 107 

Harris. Terry 124 

Harrison. Bnu e 213 

Harrison. Debra 213 

Harrison. Jimniie 201 

Harrison. Kathertne 201 

Harrison. Linda 188 

Harsh. Scott 213 

Hart. Christy 63 

Han. Judith 63 

Hartfelder. Kenneth 223 

Hartman. Dennis 213 

Hartman. Elizabeth 29 

Hartman. Holiday 201 

Harvev. Claudia 201. 148 

Harvey. Lillian 63. 159. 179 

Hawkins. Ronnie 101. 80. 171. 112. 113 

Haxter. David 64. 101. 103. 141. 77, 180. 124 

Hayes. I'ir^iinia 188 

Heese. William 213 

Heini. Phillip 223 

Helsley. Cathy 201 

Helton. Cynthia 175. 188 

Helton. Paul 213 

Helvesiine. Michael 201 

Hembree. Mark 114. 112 

Henderson. Steven 64, 35. 141. 180. 164. 121. 120 

Hendrix. Edward 213 

Henry, Mary 213 

Henson. William 223 

Hepler, Phyllis 64 

Hepley, J 1 28 

Herrington, Debra 213 

Herrington. Linda 188 

Hershman, Kay Sue 189. 188 

Hester. Royal 64. 103, 141, 180. 129 

Hethcoat. William 223. 148 

Hetzer. Christine 167. 188 

Hewett. Sharon 188. 172 

Hewitt. Linda 21 3 

Higlitower. Michael 188 

Hilburn. Kenneth 189 

Hill. Linda 65 

Hill. Teresa 201 

Hinzpeter. Gary 65 

Hitchcock. Shirley 65 

Hitt. Diane 201 

Hobbs. Steven 201. 107. 124. 125 

Hoffman. Ann 65. 138 

Hoffman. Judith 213 

Hoffman. Katliryn 213 

Hogan. Roxanne 165, 66, 74, 159, 1 76 

Holcomb, William 189 

Holder. Debbie 220. 223 

Holder. Teresa 213 

Holland. David 223 

Holland. John 1 64 

Holland. Steven 201 

Hollenbeck. Lynden 189 

Hollenbeck. Michael 146. 92. 201. 189 

Holtey. Elaine 110. 111. 152. 208. 145. 213. 1 72 

Holley. Howard 223 

Hollcy. Robert 91. 101. 103. 104. 30. 1 4 1 . 66. 1 38. 4 1 

Holmstroin, Debra 213 

Holocher. Gary 189 

Holt. Dale 164. 107 

Holt. Gilbert 97. 66 

Holt. Robyn I 78. 36. 144. 66 

Holzhaueser. Karen 66. 159. 145 

Hooper. Ricki 201 

Hoover. Andrea 66. 156. 157, 1 76 

Hopson, Allen 189 

Horan, Diane 6 7 

Horan, Linda 189, I 76, 149 

Horner. Pamela 201. 169 

Horvattc. A nne 201 

Hostman. Sharon 189 

Hougliam. Terry 213 

Houp. Scott 93. 201 

Howe. Deborah 144 

Howell. Melunie 201 

Howie. Leslie 189 

Hudson. Debra 178. 144. 143. 189 

Hueber. Dale 213. 148 

Huflman. Hollv 109, 189. I 72 

Huffman. Ivy 220. 223. 1 72 

Hughes. Darlene 28. 6 7, 179, 169 

Hughes, Karen 196, 154, 177, 1 72, 201, 169 

Hughes. Robert 223. 118 

Hughes. Robert 6 7 

Hughes. William 147. 213 

Hundley. William 67 

Hunter. Daniel 189 

Hurd. Deborah 110. III. 201. 1 72. 149 

Hurd, Melissa 213 

Hurd, Phillip 47, 97. 141, 67, 138, 180, 54, 177, 161, 130, 133 

Hurdis, Kari 153, 213. 1 76 

Hurdis, Lori 1 4 1 , 1 53, 47, 67, 72, 73, 1 76 

Hutson, Donald 201 

Ingram. Joelle 178. 147. 201 
Ingram. Rosalinda 178. 147. 213 
Ingram. Serce 6 7 
Ireland. Jeanne 189. 1 70 
Ireland. Pamela 189 
Ireland. Stephen 223 
Irvin. Robert 213 
Irwin. Donna 189 

Jackson. ,\'ancy 213 
Jacobs. Donald 213 
Jacobs. Joseph 92. 201 
Jalbert. Llewellyn 93. 201. 120 
James. Laura 175. 214 
James. Susan 42. 67. 145 
James. Vanessa 153. 147. 181 
Janik. Cheryl 214, 169 
Jennings, Denise 214 
Jennings, Patricia 145, 223 
Jillson, Linda 223 
Johansen, Elvind 223 
Johnson. Bruce 101. 189 
Johnson. Cynthia 153. 147. 201 
Johnson. James B. 6 7, 93 
Johnson. James P 189 
Johnson. Joann 214 
Johnson. Joseph 189 
Johnson. Joyce 67. 167. 157 
Johnson. Karen 165. 68. 155. 159 
Johnson. Melmda 109. 189. 172 
Johnson. Meredith 201 

Johnson. Sharon 178. 140. 165, 68. 159, 1 76, 136. 137 

Johnson, Steven 223 

Johnson, William 92. 201 

Johnston. Heidi 148 

Johnston. Michael 92. 189 

Johnston. Robert 189 

Joiner. Maxme 68 

Jones. Alex 68. I 70 

Jones. Brvan 223 

Jones. Carol 201. 149 

Jones. Deborah E. 201 

Jones. Deborah L. 201 

Jones. Debra 190 

Jones. Denise 29. 68 

Jones. Elizabeth 201 

Jones. Emma 68. 29, 1 72 

Jones, Glenes 207, 201 

Jones, James 201 , 92 

Jones. John 214 

Jones. Joyce 29. 160 

Jones. Kenneth 223 

Jones. Linda 1 1 0. 1 1 1 . 1 4 1 . 1 09. 201 . 1 72 
Jones. Marcia 144. 214 
Jones. Mark 214 

Jones. Michael 101. 112. 117. 190 
Jones. i\'anc v 20 1 
Jones. Phihp 214. 148 

Jones. Robert 101. 104. 105. 190. 180. 124 

Jones. Steven 214 

Jones. Susan 223 

Jones. Theta 190 

Jones. Valerie 145. 202 

Jones. Wayne 21 4 

Jordan. Kerry 223 

Joyce, Deborah 166, 16 7. 190 

Joyce. Sharon 1 90 

Joyce. Steven 202 

Justice. Jackie 214 

Kaluzny. Diborah 69 

Kanter. Robert 1 18. 214 

Kappers. Hon 223 

Karch. Paul 202 

Kary. Rebecca 202. 152. 161 

Kaspar. Phillip 214 

Kee. Steven 223 

Keech. Connie 223 

Keef. Barbara 69. 162 

Keef. Richard 214. 1 58 

Kehm. Roxanne 69 

Keith. Marjorie 190 

Kelk. Edward 171, 190, ISO, 120 

Keller, John 101, 69, 81, 180 

Keller, Sharon 214 

Kelley. Dana 190 

Kelly, Christopher 202 

Kelly. Konald 92 

Kellv. Jean 214 

Kclh'. Joanne 21 4 

Kelly. Kay 196. 153. 147. 202. 137 

Kellv. Martin 202 

Kelly. Patrick 70. 1 70 

Kelly Rosemary 70 

Kelsay. John 141 . 202 

Kemper. Alfreda 70. 1 59 

Kennedy. Gary 223. 148 

Kennedy. Otis 190 

Kennedy. Thomas 202 

Kennedy. William 214 

Kersey. Kaihy 214 

Ketchmark. Debra 190. 1 72 


Ketchmark. Karen 202 
Kiddy. Russell 214 
King, Caron 214 
King. Cathryn 223 
King, Cynthia 1 90, I 73 
King, Erica 214 
King. John 93. I 90 
Kingsbury. David 70 
Kingsbury. Renelle 1 S3, 214 
Kirby. Mary 223 
Kirby. Robert 214 
Klein. Carney 223 
Kleinrock. Steven I 79 
Knapp, David 92 
Knott Brenda 153, 70 
Knott. Stephen 202. 124 
Koenig. Alan 214 
Koiiler, Deborah I 78, 147. 214 
Kowalske. Donna 190 
Kretz. Kathleen 214 
Kroll. Jo Ann 190. 1 70 
Kroll. Kevin 223. 148 
Krone. Mary 223 
Kruskop. Debra 214 
Kruskop. Stephen 223 
Kupfer. Barbara 190 
Kupfer. Kathleen 214 
Kurs, Marsha 36 
Kyzer, Susan 214 

Lambdin. Sanda 1 90 
Lamberty. Thereas 214 
Land. Virginia 1 90 
Landreth. James 202 
Lane. Daryl 190 
Lane. Cordon 92. 190 
Lane. Stephanie 145 
Lanteigne. Paul 190 
Lanteigne. Robert 202 
Lassiter. Linda 202. 160 
Lauderdale. Jeffery 214 
Lauderdale . Karen 202 
Laughton. Darcy 70. 1 79 
Laughton. Todd 104 
Lavoie. Paul 223 

Lavoie. Roseinarie 175, 71, 177. 149 

Lawrence, Debra 214, 169 

Lawson, Bruce 190 

Lawton. Robert 214 

Lazar, Dale 202, 168, 164 

Lazar. Daniel 140. 71. 168. 167 

Lebrecht. Colette 190. 149 

Ledew, John 224 

Ledew, Richard 202 

Lee, Robert 190. 93 

Lee. Roland 224 

Leedom. Sheila 202 

Legue, Anita 144, 202 

Lehr, Brenda 71. 149 

l.ehr. Susan 1 90. 149 

Leiderman. Bernard 146. 214 

Leitman, Andrew 1 78. 224 

Lemaster. Mary 202 

Lemon. Richard 1 70 

Lemons. Jennifer 167. 190 

Lentz. Charlene 144. 202. 42 

I.entz. Christine 1 78. 202. 42 

Leonard, Ralph 190. 164, 162 

Letoutneau. Adam 92, 190 

Levitt, George 190 

Levitt. Joan 202 

Lewallen. Peggy 71, 169. 149 

Lewis. Brett I 78, 224 

Lewis. Edith 202. 149 

Lindgren. Joseph 144. 202 

Lindstrom. David 191 

Lindsay. Julie 71 

Link. Robert 214 

Ltnscotl, Donna 207. 202 

Lionberger, Ann 71, 172 

Lionberger, Ruth 147, 202 

l.iskovec, Rudolf 91, 71. 167 

Ltskey. Candice 224 

Liskey, Cynthia 191 

Liskey. Victoria 1 10, 111, 202. 172 

Little. Delslie 42, 71 

Liverman. Herbert 72. 93 

Lively. David 146. 214 

Lingslon. Susan 145. 224 

Lober. Marian 224 

Lockie. Brian 202 

Logan, Cheryl 140, 72, 167, 155, 137 
Lombard. Laurie 214 
Long. Lynn 202 

Longanecher, Terry 72. 145. I 72, 161 

Lowe, Greggory 202 

l.ubiinov, Helena 165. 191. 176 

Lue, Deborah 224. 148 

Lunsford. Sue Ellen 220. 224 

Luton. Doremus 214 

Luton. William 202 

Lyman. Mildred 145, 72. 77. 160 

Mac Donald. James 224. 148 
MacDonald, Monica 224 
Mackie. Robert 214 
Macon. Brockie 214 
Magger, Jeff 224 
Magger. Pamela 72. 29. I 73 

Maggard, Richard 215 

Majors. Emory 178, 91, 147, 72 

Makley, Carl 244 

Makley, Jerome 215 

Malone, Deborah 215 

Maloney, Mary 191, 170 

Malone, Gregory 93, 202 

Manby, Brenda 207. 202. 153, 149 

Mandeville. Chatherine 224 

Mango. Debra 202. 160 

Manley. Kelly 191 

Manley. Kristina 42, 215 

Mann, William 191 

Manos, Janette 224 

Mansfield. Cheryl 202. 149 

Marchant. Billy 72. 147 

Marchant. Richard 191 

Maratea. Karne 224 

Marchione, Gina 224. 137 

Marchione. Joseph 202 

Marino. Nora 191 

Marino. Patricia 72. 149 

Marinelli. Debra 215. 149 

Marinelli. Linda 72. 57. 1 77. 149 

Marinelli. Robin 215 

Marking. Sylvia 215 

Marshall. Claude 215 

Marshall. David 202 

Marshburn. Christine 1 74 

Marson. Robert 1 70 

Martin. Barbara 215 

Martin. Brent 203 

Martin. Cindy 147. 203 

Marin. Lynne 203 

Marint. Mark 73, 138. 140 

Martin. Neil 167. 203. 179 

Martin. Richard 215 

Martin. Sandra 215 

Martin. Timothy 224 

Martin. William 73, 1 70 

Marz, Martha 145. 224 

Maskall. Walter 73, 78. 80. 112. 116. 117. 127. 139. 96. 98 

Massey. Sheila 175. 73. 149 

Mastrangeli, Tone 1 74 

Mathena. Thomas 215 

Mauldin. Sandra 191. 137 

Maxwell. Charlene 203 

Maxwell. Dale 191. 170 

Maxwell. David 101. 103. 105. 73. 170 

May, Giselle S. 191 

May, Sandra 1 10, 1 1 1, 159, 203 

May, Susan 1 91 

Mazzei, Rosanne 203 

McBride, Kevin 224 

McBride. Lance 203 

McClain, Paul 215 

McClenny, Debbora 215. 148 

McCoy. Margaret 175. 144. 191. 181. 149 

McCullough. Rebecca 73 

McCullough. Thomas 203. 123 

McColly. Mike 130. 131 

Mc Daniel. Daniel 215 

McDaniel, James V. 74 

McDaniet, Patricia 203 

McDaniel, Lucille 215 

McDonald. Deborah 203 

McDonald. Tone 224 

McDonald. Wilbur 140. 74. 180 

McFarlane. Forrest 92, 203 

McFatter, Terry 215 

McGanty. Barbara 191 

McCanty, Ernest 215 

McGee. Carol 145. 203. 160 

McGrath. Jerald 101. 102. 103. 191. ISO, 124, 125 

McGrath. Karen 203 

McGuire, Malcolm 144 

McHenry. Ronald 203 

McJunkin, Linda 144, 74 

McKee, Richard 215 

McKee, Therese 215 

McKenzie. Dorothy 141. 157. 191. 176 

McKinney. Joseph 203 

McLaughlin. Linda 74 

McNeil. Alexander 101. 105, 74, 180 

McNulty, Stephen 112, 115. 191 

Meade. Dennis 203. 121. 120 

Meekins. A I Jena 1 78 

Meeks, Gerri 224 

Meitzler, Diane 191 

Melton. Wiley 74 

Mendoza, Karen 75 

Mendoza, Teresa 215, 162 

MerritI, Catherine 165, 191, ISO, 151, 176. 137 

Merritt. Terry 75. I 70 
Messinger, George 75, 14 7, 1 70 
Metcatf. Donna 215 
Michaelson. Randy 224. 148 

Michaelson. Ricky 36. 75. 112. 115. 117. 113. 127 
Middleton. John 224 

Middleton. Patricia 75. 167. 140. 176, 179. 149 

Midgeti. Debbra 215 

Milburn. Deborah 144. 159 

Milburn. Mary I 91 

Miles. Lin wood 203 

Mites. Paul 215 

Miley. Sandra 75 

Miller. Debra 76 

Miller. Frank 92 

Miller. Gait 203 

Miller. Geraldine 76 

Miller. Giorgia 191 

Miller. Isaac 215 


Miller. Jacob 203 

Miller, Joel 76. 167. 91. 149. 176 

Miller. John 215 

Miller. Kenneth 76, 146. 147 

Miller. Linda 215 

Miller. Linda D. 215 

Miller. Martha 76. 140. 165. 167 

Miller. Melanie 203 

Miller. Michelle 203 

Miller, Renotta 215 

Miller. Roxann 76 

Miller, Wanetta 191 

Milligan. Margaret 76 

Milliken. Charles 215 

Millirons. Eva 166. 176, 191 

Mills. Dolores 203. 167. 174 

Milner. Richard 76. 101. 124 

Milner. Robert 224 

Miner, Michael 224 

Mincieli. Tina 191 

Mintz, Patricia 167. 191 

Mirman, Fay 148 

Mirman. Marc 1 70 

Mishofski. Stephen 215. 106. 107 

Mitchell. Leslie 159, 215 

Molodovitch. Linda 77 

Moncrief. Nina 215 

Montgomery. Kaye 42. 224 

Moody. Gary 224 

Moody. Jennifer 1 70 

Moon. Sandra 215 

Moore. Deborah 215 

Moore, Deborah 203 

Moore. Deborah L. 215 

Moore. Kathy 175. 77, 167. 161 

Moore. Linda 191. 137 

Moore. Patricia 145. 224. 161 

Moore. Richard 215 

Moore. Samuel 77, 157. 90. 93. 124 

Moore. Vickey 77. 109 

Moorehead. Donald 101. 146. 191. 181 

Mooris, Neda 77 

Moran, Cathleen 215 

Moran. Patricia 1 74 

Moran. Robert 92. 90. 191 

Moran. Timothy 163. 215 

Moreau. Cindy 215 

Morgan. Patrick 163. 138. 167. 203 

Morrisette. Deborah 167. 191 

Morrison. Cheryl 216 

Morrison. Russell 146 

Morrison. Susan 191. 157 

Mosher. Lue 216 

Mosher. Michaelle 77, I 79 

Mosher. Patrice 192 

Moss. John 163. 203 

Moyer. Charles N. I 92 

Moyer. Charles W 144. I 70 

Mulcare. Donald 92. 90 

Munden, Annette 216 

Munden, Patricia 203 

Murphy, Mitchell 203 

Murray, Elaine 192 

Murrell, Diana 141, 192, 176 

Mustin, Judy 203 

Neal, Wesley 203 
Nelson. Johnny 203 
Ness. Andrea 216 
Ness. Constance 1 92 
Nicholau. John 39 
Nicholau. Michael 216 
Nichols. Beatrice 216 
Nichols. Inez 77. 145 
Nickerson. Karen 42 
Nickerson. Patsy 192 
Nicklas, Dora 157. 192. 181 
Nicklas. Ginger 145. 224 
Nicklas. Judy 145, 109. 216. 172 
Nix. Deborah 1 92 
Nix, Gail 203 
Nixon, Sherry 216 
Nixon, Steven 101, 192 
Nobile, Michael 216 
Notes, Lisa 203 

Northcraft, Pamela 147. 203. 153 
Northcraft, Toyia 203 
Norton. Gary 1 70 

Norton. Timothy 163. 1 78. 144. 216 
Nowlin. Kenneth 224 

Oakes. Jessie 1 92 

Oakley. Guy 203 

O'Brien, Patricia 203, 162 

O'Connell, Diane 155. 167. 192. 153 

Oenbrink. Christine 1 67. 192 

Ogert, Jerrold I 92 

O'Hara, David 192 

O Hara, Nicholas 224 

Ohier, Karia 224 

Olson, Kathryn 204 

Olson, Gregory 101. 74, 75, 77, 165, 138, 139, 177, 96, 5 3, 90, 180 169 

O'Neal. Gayle 216 

O'Neill. Patricia 166. 167. 192 

Ordonio. Alfedo 204 

Ore. Robin 195. 224. 160 

O'Rourke. James 192. 141, 164 

O'Rourke, Joanne 204 

Oshel, Rodney 192 
Owens, Herman 216 
Owens, Jane 204. 153 

Oxx. George 101. 105. 167. 180. 192. 154 124 

Paden. John 224 

Page. Catherine 204, 1 72 

Painter, Irma 216 

Painter, Marcia 204 

Painter, Michael 204 

Painter, Patricia 216 

Pair, Robin 145, 204. 149 

Pallette. Caren 216 

Papuchis. George 216, 123 

Papuchis. Stella 216 

Parker, Pamela 216 

Parks. Brenda 175. 204 

Parks. Patricia 224 

Parks. Stephen 224 

Parrish. Stephanie 216, 148 

Parsons, Donald 78, 140 

Parsons, Elizabeth 42. 216 

Parsons. William 224. 148 

Paschang. Debbie 138. 1 71. 192. 172. 161 

Paschang. Gary 224 

Pate, Nancy 216, 149 

Pate, Suzanne 144, 192. 160 

Patterson. Claudia 145. 216. 174 

Patterson. Robert 78 . 41. 62. 90, 91. 140. 167. ISO 165 101 1 77 88 

Patton. Joanne 192 ... 

Paul, Harry 78 

Paulhus, Janet 42, 192 

Pearce, Earl 204 

Pearson, Karen 189, 192 

Pearson, Thomas 216 

Peccia, John 216 

Peedin, Christine 78, 169. 170 

Peele. Malcolm 204 

Perkins. Cynthia 216 

Perkins. Sheldon 224 

Perkins. Richard 90, 93 

Peril, David 216 

Peters. Kathleen 204 

Pfitzer. Barbara 204 

Pfitzer. David 193. 170 

Phillippi. Scott 21 7 

Phillips. Judy 144, 78 

Pickens, Jennifer 145 

Piggot, Claire 21 7 

Pilley, Douglas 178. 141. 146. 139. 138, 171, 193 1 80 

Pillow, Anne 196. 165. 141. 154, 155, 204, 172. 176 

Pinney. Barbara 21 7 

Plaster. Marc 21 7 

Plisco. Loren 147. 21 7 

Pthemus. Lee 21 7 

Pollie, Julia 204 

Pollock. Debra 21 7, 153 

Pollock, Penny 1 93 

Pollock, Vicki 78 

Passage, David 193 

Possage, Gary 21 7 

Potts. Dorothy 1 93 

Potts. Leslie 224 

Potts. Karl 144. 143, 204. 106. 107 

Powell. Lenora 79. 159. 167 

Poyner. Deborah 193 

Poyner. Rosa 204 

Prentiss. Pamela 204 

Prentiss. Patricia 204 

Price, Joni 193, 161 

Price. Mary 144. 149 

Priest. Hardy 92. 193. 168 

Priest. Gloria 204 

Proctor. Philip 193 

Prytulak, Victoria 42, 21 7 

Pugh, Douglas 21 7 

Pulley, Carolyn 21 7 

Pulley, Denise 21 7 

Pulley, Donald 124 

Pulley, Joseph 101, 104, 105, 193, 180 
Purdin, Delbert 224 
Purdin, Debra 16 7, 204, 153 
Pyatt, Linda 79. 155 
Pyait, Robert 204, 93 

Racine, Michael 79 
Racine. Ridhard 204 
Rancka. Michael 1 78. 146. 204 
Ransone. Patricia 204 
Ransone, Naomi 80 
Ransone. Sandra 80 
Raunswinter. Kathy 21 7, 1 74 
Rea, Terri 21 7 
Reames, John 217, 146 
Reece, David 144, 193 
Reeves, Jeffrey 21 7 
Reid, Jane 21 7 
Reitz, Steven 21 7 

Retzke. Melanie 165. 79. 81, 109, 172. 161 

Retzke. Miriam 204. 141. 161 

Reynolds. Jacqueline I 93. 1 73 

Rhodes, Patricia 145. 224, 169 

Rice, Merle 1 93 

Rice, Robert 26, 204 

Richardson. Dennis 204 

Richison. Vicki 204 

Riggs, David 193 

Riggs, Starr 144,81, 159, 170 


Ritey. John 127. 124 
Riley. Kevin 204 
Riley. Stephen I 93 
Ritchie. Donald 92. 204 
Roberts. Andrew 224 
Roberts. Catherine 224 
Roberts. Mary 81 , 145 

Roberts. Nancy 208. 216. 1 10. 152. 111. 172 

Robinson. Bryant 101. 204. 120, 123 

Robinson. Christine 193. 172, 161 

Robinson, Daniel 21 7 

Robinson, Ora 137 

Robinson, Patricia 81, 109. 170 

Robusto, Donna 224 

Rodger s, Teresa 217 

Roenker, Joe 167, 204 

Roenker, Raymond 80, 81, 101, 165, 167, 130 

Rogers, Donald 101. 103. 35. 180. 164. 121. 120 

Rogers. Kyle 1 93 

Rogers. Larry 204. 93 

Rogers. Renee 204. 160 

Roper. David 217 

Roper, William 1 93 

Rosamond, Deborah 224 

Rose, Floyd 81, I 70 

Rose, Larry 92, 1 93, I 70 

Ross. Bonny 224 

Roth. Christine 21 7 

Rourke. Mary 21 7. 1 74 

Roundtree. Cynthia 224, 148 

Roundtree. John 21 7 

Rowe. Richard 81 

Rowe, Cathy 204 

Rowe. Janet 224 

Rowley. Linda 204 

Rowley. Lynne 204 

Roxburgh. Kenneth 205 

Royall. Patrice 224 

Rucka. Carol 21 7 

Rucka. Edward 1 93 

Rudd. Cheryl 193. 181 

Rudy, Cynthia 205 

Rudy, Donald 205, 106, 107 

Rudy, Paula 144 

Ruminski, Carl 205. 93 

Ruminski, Steve 21 7 

Rump, Sylvia 217. 149 

Rushing. Vicki 81 

Russo, Lee Ann 1 71, 21 7, 161 

Russo. Mary 189, 138, 184. 193, 161 

Ryder, Linda 205, 149 

Sabin. Carol 224. 1 74 
Sabin, Susan 21 7. 174 
Sager, Randolph 21 7 
Sakis, Deborah 96, 97, 82. 161 
Salch. Thomas 1 93. 1 70 
Sallwasser. Mary Beth 21 7. 149 
Salsbury. Beverly 145. 21 7 
Sanders. Bruce 205 
Sanders. Curtis 29. 82 

Sanderson. Richard 57. 80, 112. 97, 82. 130. 133 

Sands. Rosa 76. 82 

Santoni, Edward 82 

Sapp. Patricia 96. 97. 82. 1 70 

Saurey. Dawn 145. 224 

Savage. Donna 21 7 

Sawyer. Joyce 217 

Sawyer, Timothy 224 

Schachtner. Louis 82 

Schachtner. Daniel 21 7 

Schaible. Lorraine 21 7 

Schaible. Robert 205 

Schatz. Vina 82 

Schimmel. Aida 21 7 

Schimmel. Jill 224. 1 74 

Schimmel. Michael 191 

Schmalz. Cabrielle 83 

Schmalz. Timothy 83 

Schmidt. David E. 191 

Schmidt. David 193 

Schmidt. Donald 224 

Schmidt. Karen 1 78. 205 

Schmidt. William 144, 217 

Schnetzler. Michael 21 7 

Schriefer. Martin 83 

Schriefer. Walter 21 7 

Schrum. Rosa 21 7 

Schuller, Patricia 83 

Schultz. Donna 29, 83 

Scott. Deborah 193 

Scott, George 224 

Scolt, Gerald 193, 124 

Scott, Michael 21 7 

Scott. Patrick 193, 170 

Scott, Sandra 218 

Sears, Cheri 205 

Sears, Elizabeth 83, I 70 

Sears, Patricia 145, 218 

Sears. Sandra 205 

Sears, Terry 218 

Self, Betty 218 

Self. Brenda 145. 205. 152 

Seller. Marian 42, 141, 156, 205, 149 

Shackelford, Patricia 1 93 

Shafer. John 224 

Shafer. Richard 163, 193 

Shaffer, Stephen 205, 93 

Shallow, Patricia 1 93 

Shallow. Thomas 83 

Shanley. Kathleen 205 

Sharp. Sherwood 205 

Shears. Deborah 205 

Shelby, Laura 144, 83 

Shelton, Sherry 83 

Sherrod, Donald 218 

Shirey, Donald 146, 205, 92 

Shirey, Maureen 218 

Shoemaker, Charles 1 94 

Shoemaker, Carry 218 

Shorts, Constance 84 

Shorts, Robert 218 

Shuey, Gwendolyn 194 

Shuler, James 96, 180, 101, 84, 124 

Shuler, Richard 146, 205, 106, 107 

Sifen, Michael 224 

Sigmund, Gail 28 

Silvia, William 1 94 

Simkins, Margaret 21 8 

Simmons, Beth 218 

Simmons. Glinn 42, 84, 1 73 

Simmons, Marie 205, 1 94 

Simmons, Lillian 218 

Simms, Mary Jane 42, 144, 167, 1 75 

Skinner, Beverly 1 94 

Skinner, Raymond 84 

Slaughter, Cynthia 218, 149 

Smiley, Michael 218 

Smiley, William 32, 119, 118, 205 

Smith, Barbara 1 94 

Smith, Carolyn 38. 149 

Smith, Charles 205 

Smith, Cynthia 205, 42 

Smith, Deborah K. 218. 147 

Smith. Deborah L. 205 

Smith, Dennis 194. 164 

Smith. Edward 218 

Smith. Eileen 155. 194. 192 

Smith, George 205 

Smith. Jo Ellen 84. 160 

Smith. Linda 84 

Smith, Lloyd 218. 146 

Smith. Robin 218 

Smith, Ronald 118. 205 

Smith. Stephen 84 

Smith. Susan 224 

Smith. Scott 224. 141. 164, 161. 124, 126 

Smith, Walter 205. 146 

Smith. Whitney 205 

Snow. Earl 194 

Snyder. Cynthia 84. 160 

Snyder. Linda 145. 160. 137 

Snyder. Wendy 66, 165. 109. 47, 85, 172, 161 

Snyder, Charles 1 94 

Snyder, Gerald 155, 154 

Snyder, James 205, 93, 146 

Snyder, Kathryn 205 

Snyder, Mark 205 

Snyder, Jeffery 218 

Sokol, Tina 109, 155, 175, 159 

Somers, Elizabeth 205 

Sorey, Patricia 145, 85 

Sousa, Gail 205 

Southerland, Susan 218 

Spangenberg, Mary 145, 205 

Spagnuolo, Cynthia 165, 194, 150 

Spargos, Richard 205 

Spence, Nancy 194, 150, 1 70, 1 72, 160 

Spry, Burt 218, 121, 120 

Stack, Richard 1 94 

Stacy, Joseph 205 

Stadler, Joy 218 

Stallard. Teresa 225 

Stanch, Linda 155, 167, 194 

Stanley, Russell 205 

Stanley, Stephen 205 

Starnes, Pamela 167, 205, 176 

Steele. Rodney 92. 206, 106, 107 

Steffe, John 218 

Steketee. Susan 225. 148 

Stephens. Brian 206. 93 

Stephenson. Joyce 85 

Stephenson. Mary 206 

Stephenson. Carol 218 

Stern. Jules 225 

Steward. George 85. 1 70 

Stewart. Phillip 218 

Stier. Steven 225 

Stier. William 85, 93 

St John. Nancy 225 

Stokley. Lynne 206. 169 

Stroman, Elizabeth 194 

Stone, Pamela 225 

Stone, Vicki 206, 159 

Stone, Sharon 218 

Stout, Karen 175, 206, 149 

Stowe, Lucy 225 

Strange. Allan 98, 180, 101, 102, 103, 218, 128 

Strange, Curtis 119. 1 18, 218. 128 

Stroman. Rose 218. 1 74 

Strom. Debra 206 

Strom, Lawrence 106. 107 

Stroud. William 164 

Strout. Deborah 144. 96. 97. 85, I 72. 161 

Strout. Melissa 145, 225 

Stroud, Robert 225, 162 

Stuart. Richard 206. 93 

Stuart, David 225 

Sutton. Anne 165. 16 7, 85 

Sutherland. Linda 218 

Sutphin. Valerie 194. 170, 160 

Si'agdys. Susan 194 


Svagdys, Patricia 206 
Swajger, Scott 218 
Swajger, Sherry 206 
Swan, Ronald 206 
Swaney, Vincie 206 
Swartz. Carolyn 218 
Sweczy. Mike 130, 131 
Sweitzer, Louis 85. 1 70 
Swindell, Michael 206 
Swindell. Sharon 1 94 
Swindoll. Michael 206, 1 64 
Swortz, Karen 225 
Sykes, Debra 218 

Taft, Michael 206 

Taft. Zack 106. 107 

Talbert, Jack 92. 1 94 

Talley. Ladelle 86 

Tanner, James 194, 181 

Tate, Dorothy 218, 148 

Taylor, Bruce 92, 206 

Taylor, Charles C 206, 93 

Taylor, Judith 194, 179, 149 

Taylor, Karen 166, 16 7, 206 

Taylor, Michael 92, 166. 16 7, 171, 194. 120 

Taylor. Patricia 218. 153 

Taylor. Robert 86 

Taylor. William 92 

Tedder, James 206 

Teets, Vicki 218 

Terry, Barbara 218, 149 

Terry, David 92, 194 

Thomas, Jennie 86, 170 

Thomas, Mary 145, 225 

Thomson, Elizabeth 218 

Thomas, Susan 146, 206 

Thomashefski, Barbara 218 

Thomashefski. Robert 92. I 94 

Thompson, Elizabeth 146, 99, 152 

Thompson, Nancy 172, 110. 111. 150. 151. 89. 109 

Thorndike. Lauren 206 

Throckmorton, Will 106, 107 

Thron, Timothy 92 

Throckmorton, David 225 

Thutin. Steven 194 

Tice, Gary 206 

Tietjen, Jane 86. 169, 170 

Tietien, John 1 94 

Tignor, Richard 1 94 

Tignor. Donna 218. 149 

Timmerman, Suzanne 147 

Titus, Pamela 206 

Todd, Karen 225 

Treakle, Gary 86 

Tucker, Rudolph 141. 171. 194. 112. 113. 117, 127, 128, 192 

Tuell. Gary 206 

Tuetl. Jeffrey 225 

Tulley, Virginia 218 

Tunstall, Thomas 146, 101, 194 

Turner, William 86 

Turner, Terence 167, 97, 56, 86, 164, 161. 1 77 

Turner, Timothy 225 

Tuttle, Richard 225 

Tyrell, Edward 206. 106, 107 

Tyrrell, Patricia I 73 

Uhl, Charles 91, 90, 86 
Underwood, Dean 218 

Vandenburg, Cheryl 42, 145 

Vanderberry, Donna 206, 149 

VanPetien, David 104. 206, 106, 107 

Van Petien, Karen 218, 149 

Van Scoten, Diane 21 9 

Van Scoten. William 219 

Vaughan. Deborah 206 

Vaughan. Sharon 1 95 

Verner. Ellen 145. 195 

Vest. Deborah 214. 152 

Vidallon. Ricardo 21 9 

Viet. Susan 141. 166. 167. 206 

Viet. John 225 

Villaneuva. Monica 219 

Villaneuva. Rose 195 

Vincent, Conne 225 

Vogel, William 195 

Voight. Paula 225 

Vosler. Kirk 91.87. 130 

Waddicar, Victoria 42, 206 
Waldorf Debra 147. 206, 162 
Waldorf, Jean 1 79, I 78, 8 7, 143, 162 
Waike, Warnell 92. 144. 195 
Walker. Kalhy 206. 149 
Walker. Robert 225. 161 
Wallace. Debra 173. 87 
Wallace. Brian 225. 148 
Wallace. John 219 
Wallace. Leslie 206 

Walls. Ronnie I 71 . 1 01 . 1 02. 1 95. 1 1 2. 1 1 4. 1 30 
Wallers. Linda 219 

Ward. Dennis 141. 167, 53, 87, 138, 139, 164 

Ward, Eileen 219, 149 

Ward, Kathleen 219 

Ward, Keith 206 

Ward. Marsha I 78. 206 

Ward. Valerie 225 

Warder. William 206 

Warner. Jerry 223. 225 

Warrell. Joyce 1 95 

Watford. Paul 8 7 

Watford. Joyce 219 

Waters. Anthony 225. 148 

Watson. Loretta 87 

Watson. Nancy A. 144. 178. 184. 195 

Watson. Nancy E. 219. 149 

Watson. Patricia 206 

Ways. Martha 225. 148 

Wear. Robin 219. 155 

Weaver. Denise 195. 172. 174. 161 

Weaver. Frederick 180. 101. 103. 105. 206 

Weaver. Jeff 219 

Weber. Jeffrey 207. I IS 

Weber. Jacquelynn 145. 88. 170 

Weber. Gerald 167. 101. 207. 118 

Weber. Janet 207, 149 

Weidrick, Patricia 219, 149 

Weiner, Beth 225 

Welch, Lewis 101. 102. 103. 105, 88, 164 

Welch, Johnny 92 

Wells, Barbara 1 65. 86. 88 

Wells. William 207, 106. 107 

West. Anthony 92. 88. 180. 159. 164. 170 

Whaff Catherine 160. 207 

Wheeler. Craig 219 

Wheeley. Robert 195 

Whelchel. Henry 88 

Wheelis. Ben 219 

Wheelis. Carmen 219 

White. Joseph 1 95 

White. Marcia 165. 96. 97. 150. 157. 98. 88. 139 

White. Nancy 21 9 

White. Carol 225 

While. Thomas 92 

Whited. Marvin 92. 144. 195. 170 

Whitehead. Kelly 1 75. 20 7 

Whiteley. Mary 1 95 

Whilten. Candace 165. 171. 195. 138. 161 

Wieting. Jacqueline 88. 1 62 

Wiggins, Roger 88 

Wiggleton. Mark 144. 107 

Wigington. Paul 1 95 

Wilcox. Mark 219. 118 

Wild. Susan 1 73. 145. 89 

Wild. Kalherine 219 

Wilkins. Karen 225. 152. 161 

Wilkinson, Patricia 172 

Williams, Brenda 195 

Williams. Barbara 21 9 

Williams, Carolyn 1 95 

Williams, Charles 207. 118. 138. 128. 180 

Williams. Debra 21 9 

Williams. Jeryl 20 7 

Williams. John 219 

Williams, Karen 195. 147 

Williams. Kalherine 219. 109 

Williams. Linda 219 

Williams. Mary 89. 28 

Williams. Richard 219 

Williams. Tchernavin 171. 89. 109. 137 

Williams, Wayne 207 

Wills. Gary 144, 167, 178, 195 

Wilmouth, Robert I 95 

Wilmouth, Susan 219, 174, 149 

Wilson, Aubrey 146, 170 

Wilson, Constance 207, 110, 155, 149 

Wilson. Candace 89 

Williard. Daniel 164 

Wilson. Evelene 219 

Wilson. Vernon 195 

Wilson. Jo 207. 1 70 

Wilson. Janice 89 

Wilson. Kenneth 1 70 

Wilson. Paul 207 

Wilson. Thomas 207. 93 

Wimbrow. Beverly 145. 89 

Winneti. Wanda 89 

Wise. Robin 219. 169 

Wizeman. Cynthia 207 

Wolf Charles 92. 207 

Womack, David 219. 148 

Wood. Brian 21 9 

Wood. Douglas 207 

Wood. Jeannie 195 

Wood. Sandra 219. 169 

Wood. Valerie 195 

Woodard. Gwendolyn 89. 170 

Woodall. Jere 21 9 

Wright. David 219 

Wright. Wayne 172. 141. 89, 164 

Wulf. Rhonda 225 

Wulf, Michael 207, 118, 106, 107 

Yates. Christy 207 
Yober. Jan 207 
Yonkelowitz, Wayne 207 
Young, Carey 225, 148 

Ziegelbein. Donald 207 

Ziegler, Patricia 78. 1 76. 165. 140. 89 

Ziegler. Carol 165. 207. 1 72 

Zimmerman. Suzanne 28, 89 

Zimmerman, William 147 

Zimmer, Elizabeth 207 

Zinno, Robert 225